David Beckham supposedly had an NFL kicking offer

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Soccer star David Beckham reportedly had an opportunity to kick in the NFL. Unsurprisingly, he passed.

The U.K. Daily Mirror reports that an NFL scout contacted Beckham a few years ago to see if he would be interested in trying out as a kicker. The newspaper adds that “Their idea is not as ridiculous as it sounds because Beckham’s skill at bending in long range free kicks can be perfectly adapted to scoring field goals in the NFL.”

Actually, I’m going to go ahead and say that the idea is as ridiculous as it sounds: Why would any NFL team think Beckham would give up the sport he loves, the sport that has made him fabulously wealthy to the tune of an estimated income of $47 million a year, to try American football?

Perhaps if there’s an NFL franchise in London some day, that team would try to convert a popular English soccer player into a kicker as an attempt to drum up some fan support. But a gimmick like that doesn’t seem very likely to create long-lasting interest in American football.

And if there is an English soccer player who’s going to switch to American football, it’s not going to be David Beckham.

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  1. You can have Wayne Rooney if you like, got a strong and accurate leg, plus the helmet will cover up his ugly mug of a face

  2. Why would David Beckham give up soccer?

    Umm, because he already is? He’s retiring. A stint of kicking in training camp for the heck of it isn’t far fetched. Know how many Beckham fans would by the team’s jersey?

    Beckham has used his fame for advertising. Opening himself to a whole new fanbase is not necessarily a dumb move, even if it’s just for a training camp…

  3. It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds if it was recent since he’s retiring from soccer and therefore wouldn’t be giving that sport up for football.

  4. He wouldn’t be giving up the sport that he loves. He retired from soccer after this past season.

    So this really isn’t a gimmick like you are assuming it is.

  5. Beckham wouldn’t have to “give up the sport he loves” seeing as to how he already retired from professional soccer. But I guarantee it was the Jags that inquired.

  6. Beckham was one of the greatest set play kickers of all time, but kicking a football is nothing like kicking a soccer ball. If you try to kick a football for power the same way you do a soccer ball (knee over the ball, toes pointed down) a football hardly gets off the ground and normally just duck hooks. Not saying that Beckham couldn’t adjust, but it’s not as easy as some might think.

  7. Beckham was (is still?) one of the most accurate free -kick takers in the history of the game. He’d probably be able to drill 50+ yard FGs pretty consistently, and would have the leg for 60-yard attempts.

    My only concern would be getting used to kicking with shoulder pads and a helmet. Also, my guess is that he’s not going to tackle many people. By no means was Beckham a wuss on the soccer field, but I don’t see him lowering a shoulder into a 200-lb kick returner. LOL.

  8. Beckham has to be the most overrated soccer player in history.

    He was done years ago and even in his prime, he couldn’t hold a candle to Andrea Pirlo.

  9. Zero credibility to this story. “A few years ago” Beckham would have still been in top form, yet an NFL scout wasted time contacting him about a job in a sport he’s never played that would pay a fraction of what he was making in soccer?

  10. fumbleprone says:
    Jun 18, 2013 11:01 AM
    Do people not read the article? It clearly says a few years ago meaning he was not retired.

    I did, and I skimmed it again to see if it said when this was and still missed it! I deserved every thumbs down I received and now I’m going to stand in the corner for a while.

  11. He’s retiring. An NFL team signing him for one game in London would produce millions of dollars in jersey sales and give that team significant brand awareness in an emerging football market.

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