Eagles sending bags for stadium use to season ticket holders


The NFL altered its policy on what kinds of bags fans are allowed to bring into stadiums last week, banning just about everything other than clear bags made of plastic, vinyl, or PVC with dimensions that do not exceed 12 inches by six inches by 12 inches.

There was a wide range of reactions to the change in policy. Some said it was a necessity to minimize the amount of bags to inspect at the gate, others argued that it was an inconvenience that didn’t ensure the safety of crowds and still others noted that NFL teams don’t seem to have any problem selling bags to fans at their stadium stores that they wouldn’t allow inside their own stadiums the next time a purchaser came to a game.

Those debates will rage on, but Eagles season ticket holders won’t have to hunt for a new bag to bring to games next season. The Philadelphia Daily News reports that the team will be sending bags that comply with the league policy along with 2013 tickets to season ticket holders next month.

It’s likely that we’ll see other teams going down a similar route in light of the change in policy and the relative ease involved with getting the approved bags to customers who might have been peeved by the change in the rules.

27 responses to “Eagles sending bags for stadium use to season ticket holders

  1. That’s a great move on behave of the egirls. At least they came in first in something related to football. Put that in your Empty Trophy Case.

  2. I appreciate the effort that the Eagles are going through with this — they sent out the announcement about the policy change before the NFL announced it, and proactively are sending these bags out. Good job Eagles.

    That said, this is the NFL’s fault, not the Eagles’. It’s a stupid policy, and the sample bag I picked up from the team is really pretty crappy. I don’t expect the straps to last a season if you have anything heavy in it. Teams from the northern half of this country, and particularly those in the far north, are going to have some real issues with pissed off and cold fans come November, let alone December and January.

  3. Is there now also a limit on the size and quantity of objects that can be thrown at guys dressed like Santa Claus?

  4. I think it’s creating a greater security risk.

    If a bag was smuggled in ( possibly even prior to game day with a bomb) and left/placed somewhere on game day, the bag looking like thousands of other bags would make it harder to identify as ‘out of place and suspicious.’

  5. Idiotic policy. Women can’t bring in purses. My wife and our friends have decided this was the last straw and will hold game days at each others’ homes instead of our 3-4 game treks to different stadiums. Instead of tailgating at stadiums, we’ll bbq in the backyard while the ladies swim in bikinis in the pool with multiple flat screens.

  6. Maybe management knows something about the team this year… Is this a veiled attempt to avoid cleanup costs? Like the airlines, are they really barf bags?

  7. As a Saints season ticket holder what the hell do we need bags for anyways? It’s not like a NASCAR event where you are allowed to bring your own food and or beer into the track.

  8. I’d venture to say the only people who don’t mind this new rule are the people on season ticket waiting lists.

  9. granadafan says:
    Jun 18, 2013 10:38 AM
    we’ll bbq in the backyard while the ladies swim in bikinis in the pool with multiple flat screens.

    The ladies could be electrocuted. Never let ladies in bikinis take multiple flat screens into the pool.

  10. dgreenfi says:
    Jun 18, 2013 10:03 AM
    At least they aren’t charging to bring in bags like the airlines.
    SHHHH!!! Don’t giv’em any ideas.

  11. Should have been giving out years ago, one of those sheagle fans could held one out for fattie mcnabb to throw up in.

  12. Some people come to 3 hour events like they’re camping out. If you have to take a medication, put it in the bag. If you’re someone that actually believes a football game is an appropriate place for a baby, you’re probably out of luck. Those of us who only have our wallet and keys in their pockets are tired of waiting for ever while they inspect the bags of the people in front of us.

  13. Dear Poor Fans from all other NFL Frachises besides the Eagles,
    The Eagles will be dominant this season and your team will look like high schoolers trying to keep up with this uptempo style of play. Even with inferior players we will beat your team. The reason is a simple one you may or may not grasp. Chip Kelly is going to be the best coach that ever graced the NFL and his Football prowess will soon become known as superior to all other coaches currently or previously employed by the NFL. His schemes and knowing what to call and when to call plays will be mindblowing. The NFL is not ready for his arrival but once Philly starts racking up the wins with 50 burgers then you will all believe. We will all be laughing at your posts of negativity on this board and you will once again be viewed as clueless idiots as your most likely accustomed to.

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