Fred Taylor headlines Jaguars’ Mt. Rushmore

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Fantasy football players continue to be fascinated with Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew. But when if comes to figuring out the most important contributors to the franchise, Jones-Drew must yield to his predecessor, Fred Taylor.

It’s Taylor, who retired at No. 15 on the all-time rushing list, who trumps Jones-Drew as the most accomplished running back in franchise history.

Joining Taylor on the team’s Mt. Rushmore are quarterback Mark Brunell, receiver Jimmy Smith, and coach Tom Coughlin.

PFT Planet replaced Coughlin with left tackle Tony Boselli.

See the Boselli-Coughlin debate and the outcome of the voting by watching the segment from Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

15 responses to “Fred Taylor headlines Jaguars’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. Only 1 RB in the game today, from a pure running standpoint, that is better than Fred Taylor (Peterson obviously). Take a look at his career highlights, or ask Jim Brown and Marcus Allen. Seriously underrated.

  2. Only Fred Taylor was ever arguably the best player at his position in the league at any point in his career, and the Taylor argument is a hard one to make.

    Tony Boselli is like the Gale Sayers of offensive linemen. Completely dominant player whose career was much shorter than it should’ve been. I have no doubt that had he not had the shoulder injury, Boselli was on his way to another 6-9 Pro Bowls, multiple All Pro selections, the Hall of Fame, and a place among the top 2 or 3 Left Tackles to ever play the game.

  3. The only way you don’t put Boselli on the list is if you weren’t paying attention. Boselli was absolutely dominant. Not just an outstanding Jaguar, but one of the best players in the league during the late 90s. Watching him against the best rushers around, e.g. Bruce Smith, was like watching a cat play with a mouse.

    Boselli AND Coughlin should both be there. Brunell is the one who doesn’t belong. Not bad, but mostly a product of the talent around him.

  4. As it should be with Fred Taylor…and as for Boselli/Coughlin, I can see it go both ways but the deciding answer to this question is who belongs on this Mt. Rushmore: who had their own McDonald’s burger?

  5. Both Boselli and Taylor were absolute beasts.

    Still hard at fathom that the Jaguars went 15-1 one year!

    They never should have parted ways with Couhlin.

  6. Fred Taylor was good every other year, check the stats. How about James Stewart putting up 5 td’s against the Eagles if I remember correctly. I remember Taylor blew his hammy out and spiked the ball mid-play, priceless.

  7. Donovan Darius was a huge part of 14-2. Too bad he was left off. No defense? Love Jimmy but Freddy, Mark & Coach Coughlin are better for a Mt. Rushmore.

  8. Florio’s argument that Boselli didn’t protect Brunell’s blind side means nothing…the best pass rushers were on the right side of the D-line, meaning even though he didn’t protect Brunell’s blindside, he did go up against the defense’s best pass rusher…He was All-Decade for the 90’s even though he only played 1/2 of that decade. Truly a dominant player!

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