Hard Knocks won’t drop the cut scenes

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If the NFL plans to make the process of cutting players more “humane,” that dose of humanity won’t come from a kinder, gentler Hard Knocks.

The executive producer of the show has told SiriusXM NFL Radio that scenes of players being cut won’t be cut from the upcoming season.

“How we’re going to handle it is show exactly how they handle it,” Ross Ketover told Jim Miller and Alex Marvez.  “If it’s kind, we’re going to show it.  If it’s harsh, we’re going to show that, too.”

This could mean that the league office will suggest that the Bengals use a softer approach.  Softer, say, than the scene from the last time the Bengals were the subject of the series, when former Bengals director of football operations Jim Lippincott dumped fullback J.D. Runnels in a manner that Ketover admits was “pretty harsh.”

Still, there’s only so much that can be done to change the way teams reduce from up to 90 players down to 53.

“There is no easy way to release players,” coach Marvin Lewis told Marvez via text message. “It’s always easier early in the morning so they don’t have to face their peers.  Generally, this is done around the breakfast hour.  Otherwise, it’s more awkward.

“It is the end to a chapter here but hopefully not to their career.”

Though every meeting with every player who is cut includes some sort of encouragement or advice suggesting that the glass is half full, plenty of these guys just don’t have what it takes to make it at the NFL level.  At some point, the most humane approach entails telling them that it’s time to find something else to do.

After the cameras are off, of course.

28 responses to “Hard Knocks won’t drop the cut scenes

  1. I don’t know how I’d handle being fired on camera but my salary isn’t being paid for by viewers like us.

    The show brings in the dough.

  2. Nothing like exploiting the shattered dreams of a fellow human being, who has worked hard to achieve something so few of us get to experience.

    Nothing like HBO, huh ladies and gentlemen?

    And our kids are drowned in this crap.

  3. Watching Chad Johnson get cut last season was brutal.

    That’s part of being an NFL player. Most of the time you don’t leave on your own ters. Vets especially know this too.

  4. As part of the new NFL initiative for a more humane roster cutting process, the Cincinnati Bengals will offer Snuggies, hot cocoa, and grief counseling with Dr. Phil to all players cut during episodes of HBO Hard Knocks.

  5. I honestly feel bad for Def Cord Mike Zimmer. He has paid his dues and honestly does deserve a Head Coach chance.

    Given the new “restrictions” that NFL teams will be placed under, especially when filmed… He is going to look stupid trying get his defense fired up by yelling at them:

    Push Em Back, Shove Em Back, WWWWAAAYYY Back….

  6. People get fired / laid off every day all over the world; no sympathy for someone who plays a game for a living when it happens to them…

  7. Yeah, the Chad Johnson cut was as nice as possible, but it was the most brutal thing i’ve ever seen on television. It’s like what Dexter said to Lumen, “there’s no nice way to do this…”

  8. You know you are toast when your boss calls you into his/her office and someone from personnel is already there.

  9. Yes, people get fired everyday all over the world.

    On Hard Knocks it happens for the pleasure of voyeuristic people all over the world.

  10. Man people are soft. Cut him anyway you want. If he stinks, he needs to know that. You can never be wrong when you’re being honest.

  11. This is like having sporting events where we don’t keep score and not having a valedictorian at graduation; the Pu**ification of America. Hey, lets just all grow a vag and paint our toenails and talk about boys!
    Folks, life is a competitive enterprise. That’s why the NFL has 32 teams that – you know – compete against each other. In training camp, some people make the cut, some don’t. That’s life. If you want a real reality show, showing a player getting cut HAS to be in there. End of story.

  12. Before anybody gets too upset about those ‘poor’ players who get cut and how ‘harsh’ it is…, lets keep in mind that Hard Knocks is no different than any other reality TV show. Just because its the NFL, doesn’t make the experience any different than these crappy singers who aren’t ‘good enough’ to win American Idol or the Voice or whatever other contest that’s out there.

    The players line up and compete for an opportunity to make the team. Some get there, some don’t. Its not like any of them aren’t aware of the circumstances. So save the criticism and stop pretending its more than what it is. Ever since the game was created.., guys have been cut by the truckload because they’re not good enough to make the team. No big deal.

  13. maybe bring in The Donald to wake them up at 4:00 AM and say “you’re fired!!!”

  14. Hey, now you can watch Andy Dalton try to throw an accurate deep ball.

    It’s not every day you get to see the football in a vertical position while in the air, during a pass.

  15. Heres my sympathy for the unfortunate millionaires getting cut from a football team and having to go play for another football team.


  16. they could do something fun like have all 90 players stand in a formation and slowly read off names. then tell the 37 kids not call, sorry but you are the biggest losers.

  17. If you can’t handle watching someone getting cut after they just got a college education for free then you probably need to start watching more of the kids channels. And im sure for them just being there at the camp they made more than I could ever imagine making in two weeks.

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