Jets’ Mt. Rushmore won’t include Fireman Ed

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Jets.  Four letters.  Four heads on Mt. Rushmore.

None will be wearing the headgear of a firefighter.

But 12 finalists other than Fireman Ed have been identified.  Vote for up to four from the list of finalists appearing below.

The winners will be announced on Thursday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, the same day the Patriots’ Mt. Rushmore will be announced.

Coincidentally, the butt fumble happened on a Thursday.

50 responses to “Jets’ Mt. Rushmore won’t include Fireman Ed

  1. Why should the Jets Mt. Rushmore include the one fan that taught the entire fans base how to spell?

    J….E….T…S…. (spells) Jets Jets Jets !!!!!

  2. What a pathetic list. This makes me start to feel bad for Jets fans and I’m a bills fan.

    Only took the media 20 years to stop perpetually overrating the Jets. Hopefully this will better prepare Jets fans for the impending crap parade they are going to see each year and dull the pain.

    Again, coming from a freaking Bills fan.

  3. Leon Hess made the list. hahaha.

    Dude made great toy Hess trucks I send to my nephews every xmas. But Leon Hess wouldn’t know a football it it hit him in the face.

    I don’t want to rag on a dead guy but…Jets fans know. Anyone from New York area knows if they are over 40 years old.

    Honestly, I think Leon Hess was a worse owner than Woody Johnson is. Leon Hess hired Joe Walton. And Rich Kotite…

    The NFL should have been drug testing Leon Hess.

  4. No Freeman McNeil? 44th all-time in rushing yards with a healthy 4.5 yards per carry. In his prime just as productive as Curtis Martin was.

  5. Why the hell should he be? The guy got up and left his team in the middle of a game, never attended another game, and deleted everything. I’m not a Jets fan, but I will always cheer for my team even if they go 0-16….

  6. Namath
    …Gastineau was the face of the team in the 80’s…Martin is the only sure fire Hall of Famer in team history…Maynard and Namath are both hall of famers who brought only SB…
    Shoutout to Toooooon and Freeman McNeil, 2 if my personal favorites along with Gastineau

  7. Namath does not belong in the Hall of Fame. He threw 47 more int’s than td’s. Had to go with Gastineau, Klecko, Martin and Maynard. People have been making fun of the Jags and Panthers, but the Jets have the poorest pool of players to choose from.

  8. I don’t want to sound like a hater but real talk, joe Namath was a mediocre player that promised a Super Bowl win (which a lot of players do). check his stats…they’re TERRIBLE!

  9. “Why should the Jets Mt. Rushmore include the one fan that taught the entire fans base how to spell?”

    Oooooh that almost would have been funny if you hadn’t written “fans base.”

    Proofread, friends.

  10. Namath – crappy stats, hilariously funny drunken ESPN Monday Night Football appearance, but a superstar of his day and one of the most famous players of all time.
    Klecko – quite possibly the most underrated defender of all time, plus I loved his cameo as a dump truck driver in Smokey and the Bandit.
    Maynard- How many team receiving records did he hold when he retired? I’m pretty sure it was all of them.
    Curtis Martin – One of the best backs in history. Easy call.

  11. I could do without these “super fans” that think everyone is there to see them. Fireman Ed, the transvestite pigs in Washington, and half of the stadium in Oakland. I don’t know when a football game became Halloween, but being desperately starved for attention and hoping to get on TV doesn’t equate to being a better fan than anyone else.

  12. Gastineau. Biggest self promoter of all time. The only reason he got all those sacks was because teams were double teaming Klecko.

  13. Aaron Glenn
    Wayne Chrebet
    Curtis Martin
    Don Maynard

    For those bashing Namath’s stats you need to compare them to the other QB’s of HIS era not todays!

  14. No one hated fireman Ed when the Jets were winning. He said he quit going to games late in the seasons due to the constant confrontations he had with dumb troll fans as the losing progressed and he would wear Sanchez jerseys. Probably trying to make a name for themselves at his expense.

  15. Most long time season ticket holders, such as myself, can not stand Fireman Ed. The sorry bastard looks like he has a chromosome mutation.

    He ripped off the J-E-T chant. It took the imbecile years to learn that you do not chant while the Jets are on offense.

  16. Eight years ago when Herm Edwards coached the team, I along with others attended a game at the old Giants Stadium. The Ravens won in OT but after the game the fans were really cordial. They respected us for coming up to support our team. To tell you the truth, I was shocked. I say this because I saw Fireman Ed that day and he really got the house going and shaking. Every stadium has a Fireman Ed. I hope he comes back. The NFL needs him. He and others like him are part of the game. There are other good fans in the league (not in Washington)-for example Nashville, Carolina, Yes even in Philly (that town gets a bad rap) that I have met that are part of the gameday experience.

  17. I got a story about the power and fame of being a football player. I remember wayne chrebet and keith elias (you’ll have to look him up, he had a very brief nfl career with the giants) both walked into a club in NJ during their heyday (a club later made famous by the jersey shore) and the place went nuts. almost every girl in the club rushed to where the “football players” were. and this was wayne chrebet and keith elias. not exactly jerry rice and marcus allen.

  18. lagg1 says: Jun 24, 2013 4:09 PM

    There are other good fans in the league (not in Washington)-for example Nashville, Carolina, Yes even in Philly (that town gets a bad rap) that I have met that are part of the gameday experience.

    you are an idiot.

    1. eagles fans do NOT get a bad rap. They are as advertised. the fans there (I live 15 minutes from their stadium) enjoy the reputation and continue to try and live up to it. u cant paint an entire fan base with one brush stroke but generally speaking, they are people who are VERY MUCH AWARE of their national reputation and they wear it like a badge of honor and try to keep it up if only just to continue to have that national perspective. ive got several sickening individual stories I could tell you about.

    2. Washington fans are actually very nice. yes, there is one single idiot on here named logicalvoice but he’s just a piece of garbage and doesn’t even count. there are a lot of families at redskin games, a bit of an older crowd, they’ve had their season tickets for generations. their are a TON of 20 something guys at eagles games who are there looking to start fights (or gang up and tip a packers’ fan car over in the parking lot – yeah, I watched that one happen.)

    3. and jet fans…don’t get me started. while we’ve all heard the stories of a couple of fans taking a leak on Gastineau’s girlfriend at the time in the stadium, there’s many more garbage stories. no, the nfl doesn’t NEED the fireman. why? they don’t need him. every fan (CUSTOMER) is replaceable.

  19. mo lewis has to be. the guy sealed their fate as pathetic losers and changed the patriots from pathetic losers to one of the great franchises in sports history.

  20. These are the guys that represent the true history of my team.

    Johnny “Lam” Jones
    Rich Kotite
    Blair Thomas
    Vernon Gholston

    Leon Hess may not have been a great owner but he was good to the STHs. Woody Johnson has been a disaster, unless you have a 7+ digit bank account.

    That said, I voted

    Joe Namath
    Don Maynard (neither of which I saw play)
    Joe Klecko
    Curtis Martin

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