Matt Ryan contract talks are expected to pick up after July 4


The Falcons surely hope to avoid being called “dumb” by Matt Ryan’s agents next year.  Of course, if being dumb means winning the Super Bowl, the Falcons would gladly wear the dunce cap.

For now, the posture between Ryan and the team that made him the third overall pick in the 2008 draft is identical to last year’s contract standoff between the Ravens and Joe Flacco.  Ryan has a year left on his deal, both sides want to extend the contract, but an agreement has not been reached.

For now, Ryan bears the risk of injury and ineffectiveness.  If Ryan makes it through 2013 unscathed, the Falcons will have to choose between giving him market value, using the non-exclusive franchise tag (which exposes him to being pilfered by another team in exchange for two first-round picks), or the exclusive version of the tag (which could cost nearly $20 million for 2014 and unlock a year-to-year formula that would put the Falcons well north of $70 million for three years).

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, casual talks currently are occurring, with an expectation that things will heat up after the July 4 holiday.

Ryan has a $12 million cap number for 2013.  A long-term deal often drops a player’s cap number, but if Ryan is going to be paid at or near the top of the market (i.e., somewhere between $16 million and $20 million per year), it’s unlikely that the cap number will be any lower than $12 million in 2013.  Which means that a long-term deal for Ryan likely won’t create additional cap space for a potential contract with Richard Seymour.

The real question is whether Ryan (a CAA client) wants to be paid like Drew Brees (a CAA client) or Tony Romo (a CAA client) or somewhere in between.  Brees is getting $20 million per year.  Romo’s deal, as a practical matter, is worth $16.375 million over four years or $15.9 million over five.

Looming in the background is Matthew Stafford (another CAA client), whose cap number already is above $20 million.

As more and more franchise quarterbacks become the highest-paid player on their respective franchises, the questions constantly will be:  (1) how much is enough?; and (2) how much needs to be left behind to have a competitive team?

That’s why Ryan needs to ask himself, along with whether he’s willing to roll the dice and walk away from whatever the Falcons put on the table now, in the hopes of getting them over a barrel later.

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  1. I hope he doesn’t CHOKE when he sees how much they are going to pay him…barump bump

  2. I don’t get why Ryan takes heat. He led Atlanta to 13 wins last year and a playoff win over Seattle. And did it with virtually no running game. And then threw for over 400 yds against the vaunted 49ers D. Sure they lost the game but my gosh I don’t get the “choke” thing at all.

  3. The reason he “takes heat” is because he chokes in the playoffs. He almost lost to Russell Wilson and probably should have. The playoffs are a time where everyone gets to see Matt Ryan cry. Unfortunately, Tony Gonzalez decided to come back instead of going out with a playoff win.

  4. 2 things for certain: QB’s will always get paid more than any position & what they get paid doesn’t always reflect team production.

    Its too hard to find a good solid QB; that’s why there are only maybe 6 or 7 out 32 teams. If you don’t have a good one……. you don’t win. Brady, Brees, both Mannings, Flacco, Rodgers, Big Ben. That’s off th etop of my head the past 10 or so years of SB winners. All very good to great…..

    Ryan should be among that group even without a SB win. Any team other than the ones represented by those above would give anything for a QB like Ryan.

  5. Makes no sense for Atl to extend him if he’s going to make $20M anyway. Might as well just pay him year to year under the 3 yr 70M exclusive franchise arrangement. If he ever blows out a knee, they can cut bait.

  6. I don’t get the choke thing either. Also, no need to compare him to Flacco. Ryan is a franchise QB, and will be paid like one. Brees, Brady, Romo, Flacco, Rodgers, all are paid like franchise QBs. Ryan may not be the best, yet. But, he can be.

  7. The “Guilters” are running wild already. Look at the stats lemmings. He has already had two better years than Mcnabb had in his whole career. And talk about chokers? Mcnabb melted down in every big game except the one NFC championship against the patsy dog killer…. Oh you know…your other hero… Little Michael Vick. Ryan deserves a big payday.

  8. Falcons haters are funny. Here are some facts.

    -ACC Player of the Year

    -NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

    -Ryan has the most 4th quarter comebacks in the NFL over the past five seasons.

    -Ryan has the most regular season wins in the NFL over the past five seasons. (56)

    -First rookie quarterback to start all 16 regular-season games and make the playoffs.

    -Doesn’t fight dogs.

    -Made the playoffs 4 out of his 5 seasons in the NFL. The season he did not make it he missed 3 games with injury and still went 9-7. His backups lost 3 games.

    -Every team that defeated Ryan in the playoffs made the Super Bowl. Green Bay and NYG won it. Arizona was beaten on the 21st century catch by Plaxico in the end zone and we all remember last season.

    -San Fran held teams to 222 yards a game in 2012. Ryan tossed 396 and 3TDs against them in the playoffs.

    -2012 SF Defense Rank 4th in NFL
    -2012 Falcons Defense Rank 24th in the NFL

    -2011 NYG defense rank 9th in the NFL
    -2011 Falcons defense rank 19th in the NFL

    -2010 GB Defense rank 2nd in the NFL
    -2010 Falcons defense rank 21st in the NFL

    You get the idea.

  9. smartstickhotness says: Jun 18, 2013 4:48 PM

    The reason he “takes heat” is because he chokes in the playoffs. He almost lost to Russell Wilson and probably should have. The playoffs are a time where everyone gets to see Matt Ryan cry. Unfortunately, Tony Gonzalez decided to come back instead of going out with a playoff win.
    But Atlanta beat Seattle. He threw 3 TDs. Russell Wilson’s team lost that game.

    And if you want to play that game, Ryan threw for 400 yds and 3 TDs against SF and almost won. He played a huge game.

    His QB rating in the playoffs last year was 105.2. Again I just don’t get the criticism.

  10. He hasn’t even earned that OVERPAID rookie contract of 72 million. I mean Flacco only received 30 million with all of those playoff wins and superbowl plus superbowl mvp.

  11. @dumbguyonthecouch – only stat that matters is SB wins. He’s got ZERO cause he’s only won 1 playoff game…he is a joke like the Falclowns…

  12. Isn’t it always funny how a teams fan base don’t get the negative criticism and why everybody calls their QB a choker. Hrmmm…. negative comment about the teams QB…. Yes as a fan your loyalty kills your perception! Sorry! Call Eli a crybaby and see how many Giants fans don’t understand why, call IRG3 a injury plagued QB and the redskins fans don’t understand why. He’s a McNabb 2.0… Choke Choke

  13. If he were Black the “Guilters” would say that yes he is one of the greatest QB’s of all time. But we need Warren Moon to sober up a bit, and then we need a couple of years to see if if Bob Griffen can still walk, only then we could proclaim him the greatest QB since Tarvaris Jackson.

  14. Bucnblood- The funniest thing in your post are the first four words “AS A BUCKS FAN”BAH HAHA!!!!
    I guess the only thing the losers in Tampa have to do is try to put down the teams that stomp mud holes in their backsides. You have got to believe that if given the chance anyone in Tampa including the coaching staff and ownership would trade Freeman for Ryan in a hot second!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now lie and say they wouldn’t.

  15. Matt Ryan is a beast. Never misses games you can’t be serious to say he choked last year. Our defense got beat flat out. We lost to a better team but to put it all on Matt Ryan is being a dumbass

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