Mike Tice hoping to get another chance to coach in the NFL

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When Mike Tice was fired along with the rest of the Bears’ coaching staff at the end of last season, he hoped to catch on with another NFL team. But Tice, the former Vikings head coach who has spent his entire life around football, couldn’t find any takers.

Tice told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that he “absolutely” wants to keep coaching in the NFL, and that he thought he might get a job as some team’s offensive line coach this year. But that didn’t happen for him, and younger coaches got the jobs he had an eye on.

“When the offensive line jobs dried up, I was sitting there,” Tice said. “There were a few things that came up but those jobs got filled up by other coaches, most notably younger coaches. I joined the Y. I’m trying to look young.”

Since entering the league as a 22-year-old rookie tight end in 1981, Tice has been a player or coach in the NFL every season but one.

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  1. Maybe his buddy Jack Vanessa Del Rio can get him a gig in Denver..because the pair did SO well together in Jax!

  2. Now this is a mystery, usually incompetence is rewarded in the coaching ranks. Hang in there Mike, Oakland, Cleveland, and New York(Jets) may be calling after game 4 of the season. But when you do get another shot remember, Fail Big for Greater Opportunities and More Money.

  3. I sincerely hope he banked that extra cash he got for scalping his Superbowl tickets.

    And who employed him when he did that? Another sad chapter in embarrassing behavior in the annuals of Viking history.

  4. It’s possible other teams noticed the fiasco that was the Bear’s O-line and offense when he was in charge?

  5. While I do not know Mike Tice personally, he has struck me as being a position coach. I would not consider him as a coordinator, let alone a head coaching position.

  6. I heard there are openings at Ticketmaster and Stub-Hub. Perhaps that might be his next move.

  7. Historically, he’s been a very good OL coach. There’s no reason to believe he won’t be again. The Bears didn’t give him much talent to work with.

  8. I didn’t think he did such a bad job coaching the Vikes. Especially considering the talent he had (and the budget he was allowed by a tight-wad owner) at the time.

    He did some bone-headed things at the time (like scalping tickets.. although I think his main problem was getting CAUGHT.. I think a LOT of coaches do the same)

    But mostly I think he took the rap for a lot of idiotic behavior by degenerate/stupid/criminal players that he should not have been held accountable for.

    You can hold a coach accountable for discipline, attitude ON THE FIELD, but you can’t expect a coach to make up for a background/upbringing that lacks intelligence, morality or decency of any kind.

  9. Well Mike, sometimes you have to say WTF and make your move.

    Looks like University of Illinois!

  10. One of his teams kicked the bleep out of GB at Lambeau Field so he is aces in my book. Tough to keep those people quiet without a bratwurst.

  11. He may not be a great strategist but he still belongs on someones coaching staff… Its just all about who you know. How does Greg Knapp keep getting jobs? I mean seriously that guy have failed everywhere, but keeps getting work.

  12. In the military if a CO has a subordinate get a heat stroke he gets court marshaled. In the NFL he gets promoted. Mike Tice should be happy he’s not in prison. RIP Korey Stringer.

  13. PFT really needs to add emoticons. I could really use the smiley that is on it’s side, laughing it’s ass off.

  14. I don’t understand why coaches that fail expect to be hired somewhere else. He is “Not” a good coach.. Time to find a real job..

  15. Some people just don’t get it. He took over a disaster of a situation in Minnesota. The owner was basically running the team like a used car dealership. He would not pay for players, he would not even let Tice hire an Offensive Coordinator. He had coaches doing position coaching and coordinating.

    The owner continually spent well under the cap. He wouldn’t give them air conditioning at the team facility. It was ‘Major League’ in real life.

    This is the toughest, most competitive league in the world and Mike took this team to the playoffs and won a game at Lambeau. He had Michal Bennett and the team lead the league in rushing. He had Dante’ Culpepper perform like an MVP and had one of the greatest QB seasons ever (Until the last few years with new rules).

    Tice has done more with less than so many coaches could dream of in this league. His biggest knock was being too honest with the media and his ticket scandal…which by the way 90% of the players and coaches sell their tickets, otherwise wouldn’t all of them be at the Super Bowl? Have you seen every player and coach there each year? Didn’t think so.

    This guy is an excellent O-line coach and teams would be wise to pick him up. O-coordinator, probably not. Head Coach, in the right situation he could be successful again. Players loved playing for him. How else do you get a bunch of scrubs and Randy Moss with the lowest payroll in the league to compete in this league? 32-33 Career record.

    From Wiki – “In 2002, the Vikings led the NFL in rushing for the first time in team history, and in 2003, they led the league in total offense for the first time. A season later, the Vikings broke team records with 6,339 total yards and 4,754 passing yards and scored 50 touchdowns”

    Yet this guy gets mentioned as some all time NFL failure. People just won’t ever get it.

  16. @saintsamor-saints will probably call him in to coach that so called defense .regardless of the fact he’s not a defensive coach.but anything is better than rob Ryan.good luck with that one buddy !

  17. Hang loose, Mike. Rexie will be done after two weeks! He’ll be home sucking on toes long before the first frost.

  18. richkotitte says: Maybe his buddy Jack Vanessa [?] Del Rio can get him a gig in Denver..because the pair did SO well together in Jax!

  19. There have only been three head coaches in Viking history that knew how to connect with the fanbase and were respected around the league as leaders of their team.

    They are Bud Grant, Mike Tice and Leslie Frazier.

    You rule Tice! Thank you for always getting the most out of your team when play the Packers!

  20. Tice actually did okay in Minnesota for the firstt year or so as a head coach. He took over a VERY bad situation following Dennis Green’s departure, and got more out of the talent than Green was getting during his final year in 2001.

    That said, he was too much of a player’s coach for his own good. Too many times his teams were not prepared against inferior competition, and lost games they should have won. Following the 6-0 start in 2003, the Vikings lost four road games against teams that finished that year 4-12, including the final game against Arizona that knocked them out of the playoffs on the year’s final play.

    After that, Tice’s teams continued to under-perform. He just didn’t get enough consistency out of that team in 2004-2005, and the records proved it.

    As an OL coach, though, Tice was always solid until his time in Chicago. It was Tice (along with Scott Studwell) who went to work out Matt Birk while the rest of the NFL teams ignored him leading up to the 1998 draft. It was Tice who helped build an OL in Minnesota that helped lead the league in rushing, and put up huge numbers in 2003-2004.

    He’ll get a position again soon because he has a track record as an OL coach which, despite Chicago, is impressive.

  21. My Bears O-line has been subpar for years now(until 2013)(thank you Emery) but when Tice ran it 2 years ago, they were gelling and stuff was happening, we just had a crap offensive coordinator in Martz(good coordinator, wrong system) then he got fired and Tice moved up, had Tice stayed he woul’ve had influence on trades and drafting better O-linemen, he got a crap squad to perform well, like he did in Minnesota, people need to look at that and stop pegging him for Chicago’s blunders, it wasn’t Tice’s fault he had crap to work with…he did a good job, he had J’marcus Webb for a LT for crying out loud..the Angelo’s greatest drafts is what doomed Lovie and made it seem like Tice wasnt doing what it takes, but Tice had it all working..until he moved to OC, and yes this guy is old school, thats what some of these players need, is old school toughness, and that Tice does NOT lack. So Tice for O-line? YES absolutely, Tice for OC?…thats another story..

  22. Say what you will-but as a Viking 4life since 1968 this guy (Mike Tice) is an awesome offensive line coach. Without question he will be back in the NFL-it’s just a question of which team!

  23. He has been a good O line coach. Made the most of the extremely week talent on the Bear’s O-line. Just not a coordinator or head coach.

  24. Not the best interview guy.

    He wears a pencil on his ear and chews gum with his mouth open on national television.

    While vikings head coach he painted his house green and gold.

    After signing a pledge not to scalp Super Bowl tickets, he did anyway. So you know is word is good.

    Many of the famous viking scandals happened on his watch as coach, the Criminal Cruise, The Whizzinator, the medical care given Korey Stringer in Training camp, the McKinnie fight, Fran Foley, Reggie Fowler’s attempt to buy the team, the Artic Blast scandal and others.

    Why would a man with his reputation have trouble finding a job?

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