NFL will address sexual orientation at rookie symposium

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When the annual NFL rookie symposium kicks off on Sunday, sexual orientation will be among the topics addressed.

Robert Gulliver, the NFL’s chief human resource officer, told ESPN that discussing issues of sexual orientation with incoming rookies will be a step toward the NFL’s goal of having a harassment-free work place.

The ESPN report says this will be the first time that sexual orientation has been addressed at the symposium, but that is not correct: At the 2006 symposium, openly gay ex-NFL player Esera Tuaolo spoke. Unfortunately, that speech included an ugly incident in which a player raised his hand and asked Tuaolo, “Is it OK to call you a fa–ot if you are a fa–ot?”

We would hope that there aren’t any morons like that in this year’s rookie crop. And that if there is anyone who has those views, the message at the rookie symposium will be simple: Discrimination and harassment against people based on their sexual orientation will not be tolerated in the NFL.

38 responses to “NFL will address sexual orientation at rookie symposium

  1. Boy, I sure hope Tuaolo answered White the way I would have.

    Bet he didn’t, though.

  2. the only address that should be made is that they keep their damned mouths SHUT! If they want to put the nfl on the fast track to destruction – just keep pushin’ that button! This is the most ridiculous subject since not allowing anyone to hit or get hit!

  3. Ah Lendale White. I would say I never saw your flame-out in the league coming but, we all did.

    Is it ok to tell you that you suck at football and are a POS human being, if you suck at football and are a POS human being?

  4. Couldn’t “addressing” it be considered as ‘sexual harassment’ by anyone that doesn’t wish for it to be ‘addressed’?

  5. I say leave the Viking fans alone and don’t harass them, its their life and they can do what they want with it, not that there is anything wrong with it.

  6. I don’t know how football has survived for so many decades without everyone being informed about everyone’s sexual orientation. Thank God we’ll finally get answers to all those questions we never asked about players personal lives.

  7. Steeler Nation, God’s Nation, has a clear stance against gay marriage. We don’t have to worry about that in our locker room.

  8. as long as the players don’t start wearing cheerleader uniforms I could care less

  9. if you can’t handle the heat stay out of the kitchen

    as in don’t try to force it upon people who aren’t ever going to accept it and expect them not to react.

    I’m more shocked and disgusted with someone who forces their lifestyle on somebody else

  10. @vbe2
    I don’t believe thats true… One can address a subject without emphasis on an individual.

  11. @teambringitstrong

    Either you’re a bigot or not. There is no inbetween. I don’t tolerate intolerance, nor do I suffer idiots.

    As a black person who would have been part of segregation or aparteid or jim crow or slavery just a few seconds ago in human history, I can’t condone anyone hating anyone else, for whatever stupid reasons you have.

    I’m on the right side of history. You and Lendale White are on the wrong side. I can’t see it any other way. This is coming from a Christian who doesn’t force my personal beliefs into the political realm / policy making.

  12. I am a Christian also, but I believe that no one can tell someone who to love. As long as the players do their job and help their teams win, no one should care what sexual orientation they are. The idea off this “seminar” is to sensitise others and educate others on acceptance. In order for the league to continue to be successful, everyone must be accepted. In the words of Ronald Reagan about gays in his administration “who cares what orientation they are, as long as they can do the job, and they do not make a pass at me”. i thought that statement said it the best.

  13. They should also have Antonio Cromartie speak on the importance of wearing a bag. Because even if Antonio Cromartie was gay, scientific pregnancy barriers would’ve been broken by now.

  14. scandiman
    Jun 18, 2013, 4:36 PM MDT
    Is it Sexual Orientation or Indoctrination?
    I just logged out of the app & into the website so I could thumbs up this comment. Very well said.

  15. I feel like if you’re not part of the “new” status quo, you’re not allowed to have a voice or a presense. I’m not against what the NFL is trying to address, but it should be under the guise of public relations for the teams and league. Everyone has a right to their opnion, even if it is filled with misguided information. The point of the Symposium should NOT be to bend players to their will, but just not make the teams and league look bad in a public forum (like social media/league approved interviews).

  16. Whether you agree with it or not.we all have our own opinion but why is anyone’s sexual orientation necessary to b shared in a football locker room,field, or media for that matter. its football not a dating service………WHO CARES.

  17. And by addressing it, the nfl really means telling the rookies to keep their young dumb mouths shut, regardless of their feelings.

  18. I bet it will go something like this “The 1st amendment doesn’t exist in the NFL in regards to gays. now everyone point and laugh at tim Tebow for his religious beliefs.”

  19. “I am a Christian also, but I believe that no one can tell someone who to love.”

    Then you’re not a Christian. You just think you are.

  20. They don’t have to worry about this with the Packers , they are all gay and before you say so and so is married , remember , so was Elton John. Now let the hetrophobes whine and cry.

  21. Tell those guys who feel they have to share what their sexual orientation is that NOBODY asked.

  22. thesteelers says:

    Steeler Nation, God’s Nation, has a clear stance against gay marriage. We don’t have to worry about that in our locker room.

    As does America’s Team, The Dallas Cowboys. The NFL is infringing on the moral and religious beliefs of many players. The vast majority, most likely.

  23. zaggs says:
    Jun 18, 2013 8:41 PM
    I bet it will go something like this “The 1st amendment doesn’t exist in the NFL in regards to gays. now everyone point and laugh at tim Tebow for his religious beliefs.”


    Gay people are born gay. Tebow chooses to believe in fairytales/ignore science.

  24. Even if he doesn’t like gays god won’t punish you people being gay won’t hurt you or anyone in your family gay marriage is not going to destroy society. If you don’t like gay people I don’t care just don’t try to belittle their freedoms it doesn’t effect you at all

  25. Like at all workplaces, your sexuality should be left at home when you clock in to work. Work is work and your personal life is your personal life. I don’t go pushing my sexual orientation on others and I expect the same from my coworkers, gay or straight.

  26. @ Zaggs

    Take a frickin civics class, and understand what your rights actually are.

    Freedom of speech isn’t an abosolute freedom to say whatever you want without consequences. In fact, freedom of speech has very little to do with what is said in the private sphere.

    Freedom of speech is about the public sphere, and the GOVERNMENT not being able to limit your speech. And even that has its limits – you can’t scream fire in a crowded movie theater. There can be consequences to hate speech if it endangers the public safety, etc

    Freedom of speech isn’t some free buffet you get to eat at. Its about protecting us from the government. But if you’re in the private sphere, and paid by your employer to NOT be an idiot . . . yeah they can fire you. And its not a violation of any right.

  27. obamareallysucks says: Jun 18, 2013 8:55 PM

    let them all wither on the vine

    your user name is very offensive and a user name like that should not be allowed on this forum. he is our president and should be respected.

    Like all organisations the NFL should be respectful to diversity and all orientations, as long as no one pushes their lifestyle on anyone else.

  28. Okay Steeler Nation and Dallas Cowboys fans have staked their claim, although I am pretty sure that even inside those groups they are a pretty tiny minority.

    I’d like to stake the claim of the NY Giants nation and say that we don’t care which god you believe in, which of the sexes turns you on, what party you voted for and whether you prefer boxers or briefs. We only care if you can play football.

    Gay, straight, bi, transgender we embrace all of you as fellow humans. Black, white, asian, latino, pacific islander and so on, we embrace you as part of the human race as well. Go Big Blue.

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