Pete Carroll: No end to Earl Thomas’ potential


In Earl Thomas’ first three years as an NFL safety, he has started every game the Seahawks have played and made the All-Pro team.

That’s a pretty good way to open a career, especially when you add in two trips to the Pro Bowl and remind yourself once more that Thomas is just three years into his career. It’s not hard to gaze four or five years into the future and see Thomas occupying the elite safety label that Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu wore when they were named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll isn’t making any specific award predictions for Thomas, but his bullishness about Thomas’ future makes one think that such hardware wouldn’t be a stretch.

“There’s no end to the potential Earl has because he’s so fast and he’s so tough, but more than that, he’s just so driven to be great. He’s just driven to be a great player,” Carroll said, via Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN. “He’s really just kind of hitting it now. He’s just getting going.”

There have been more encouraging pieces of information for opposing offenses to cling to, especially since Thomas is just one part of a secondary that looks to be one of the two or three best in all of football.

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  1. ET is the reason why that secondary is so good. His ability to cover such a large part of the field lets Sherman and Browner play aggressive man coverage. ET cleans up any of their mistakes.

  2. ET is a class act and superb player. Coming out of Texas I thought highly of him. Glad to see his skills translating to the pro game well and more so doing it for the Seahawks. If he continues to work hard he’ll have a chance to be great. Go Hawks!

  3. Second or third best secondary in the nfl? Then who’s the best? With pro-bowlers at every position, and multiple young all pro’s, I think one could easily argue that might be the best secondary ever. I mean, name one better.

  4. The Legion of Boom will have its work cut out for it this season if we are serious about contending for the conference title. The pieces are in place and we’ve got high high quality across the board.
    Now if Jim Hairbugs and the Fruity Whiners will do their part and fold up like a cheap suit, all will be right in the world.

  5. They didn’t beat the Lions, so don’t get too high on that “best secondary” horse. On top of that, every player in the NFL peaks at sometime or another. Get mad and dislike my comment, but it’s the truth.

  6. bsandersislegend20 says:
    Jun 18, 2013 12:19 PM
    They didn’t beat the Lions, so don’t get too high on that “best secondary” horse. On top of that, every player in the NFL peaks at sometime or another. Get mad and dislike my comment, but it’s the truth.


    Oh yeah, because all those undefeated teams last season surely have better secondaries. Like uhm…. uhhhhh…. who?

    Like I said, name a better secondary. Just one. I’d even say you can’t find one better in history. I can’t think of any since the 1970’s, when I started watching football.

    I can remember plenty of single players who were better than anyone on Seattle’s secondary: Ronnie Lott, Deion Sanders, Ty Law, Jake Scott, Darrell Green, Rod Woodson, and Dick LeBeau to name a few. But those guys were standout players on their teams, they weren’t surrounded by other All-Pro’s. They generally were surrounded by average DBs on fairly average secondaries. Those secondaries were not great as a whole unit.

    Like I said, name another secondary in history that had multiple All-Pro’s and perennial Pro-Bowlers at every position. Name one with multiple bruising hitters like Kam Chancellor and Brandon Browner, balanced with excellent shutdown coverage DBs like Thomas and Sherman.

    There weren’t any. The NFL has never seen a secondary like the Legion of Boom.

  7. If ET could learn how to catch the ball he’d lead the league in picks!! It’s so frustrating to watch him constantly be in the right spot and to have the ball bounce off his hands. I guess that’s why he’s a DB and not a WR. Go Hawks!!

  8. This defense is ELITE. No other words to describe it. And when Irvin and Clem are back in the rotation it has the potential to be one of best defenses to step on an NFL field. Have your popcorn ready because the Seattle D will be putting on a show all season long.


  9. Thankfully, Carroll didn’t take his former Trojan Taylor Mays instead of Thomas. ET has become an all-pro and Mays only lasted two years in SF before being traded to Cincy for a 7th round pick.

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