Adam Jones: I just want to enlighten the rookies

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Bengals cornerback Adam Jones will be addressing NFL rookies at the league’s rookie symposium again this year as part of the effort to inform rookies about potential trouble and how to avoid it.

It’s a decision that some have questioned in light of Jones’ recent arrest on charges of assaulting a woman outside a bar in Cincinnati. During an interview with Mike Garafolo of USA Today proclaimed his innocence of the charges and defended his presence at the symposium — Why would I not keep talking to the youth and help the youth out like I did last year because of somebody else acting up? — as a speaker who could testify first-hand to how making the wrong decisions can impact one’s football career.

“My goal is to just give back to the community and the league and to let them know you’re accountable for everything you’re doing,” he said. “There’s nobody who’s gotten more chances than me and, when you do, when you’re back in those situations … you’re always going to be judged by your past, regardless of what anybody says. I just want to try to enlighten some of the guys so they don’t have to go through the things I went through.”

The assault charge still needs to work its way through the legal system, so Jones isn’t quite done going through the things he wants to enlighten rookies to avoid in the future. That’s all the more reason for him to give a speech that holds himself up as an example of someone who has made too many of the wrong decisions over the course of his career.

30 responses to “Adam Jones: I just want to enlighten the rookies

  1. “First rule of advice rookies, strippers do not find it amusing when you throw a role of nickels on the dance floor and say you’re making it hail.”

  2. No mention in the interview when he said “I’m not out drinking, initiating things, I’m a good family man and husband AND I help in the community” All things HE NEVER did before coming to Cincy…. How come there hasn’t been an article about her 911 call and how she conveniently left out that she she poured beer in his face??? How come she says she didn’t know him at 1st but a day later we find out that she works at PBS in the suites??? Why would the judge ask both parties NOT to talk to each other and to stay away from each other??? Adam is growing but he has to keep pressing on the growth project is not complete I will admit that. But this case is wreaking with things that doesnt sound right… No charges for the girl for pouring beer in his face??? Florio or Alper, Is that not breaking the law??? IJS

  3. overweightman says:
    Jun 19, 2013 4:05 PM
    “First rule of advice rookies, strippers do not find it amusing when you throw a role of nickels on the dance floor and say you’re making it hail.”

    “Second rule of advice rookies. Shooting people in the face can become a minor inconvenience and possibly lighten your wallet.”

  4. Me Personally I’m proud of PacMan & What he’s doing (Trying To Do) Mistakes are going to be made and I truly feel that he learned his lesson!

    Keep It Up A.Jones!!

  5. the league office has to be saying – “uh – no thanks pac” – if not they SHOULD be – he can only enlighten them on being a lifetime CRIMINAL…

  6. Video’s don’t lie. Why is Pac still acting like he did nothing wrong. How can he tell the rookies to walk away from trouble when he can’t?

  7. He’s not sure what triggers it, but periodically something snaps and mild mannered Adam Jones morphs into the notorious Pacman Jones. Afterwards Adam has no recollection of what transpired.

  8. Take em out to the clubs, show em how to tip the dancers, how to throw the first punch, maybe the art of slapping your woman with out leaving marks…..

  9. keep your head up adam jones! your true, longtime fans at home, here in atlanta are super proud that you are progressing and growing up. i’ve been a fan of yours (basketball and football) since your time at westlake high school.

  10. I don’t have a problem with PacMan Jones talking to rookies about things that will get them in trouble, and the consequences that they may not expect.

    Like it or not, he’s an expert on getting into trouble. I’m sure a lot of what he has brought on himself are things he never expected.

    The issue is whether the rookies who are like him will actually listen to him (or anyone else). It doesn’t sound like he listened to people much until after he was in so much trouble that his playing career almosted ended.

  11. I never thought I would read PM’s name and the word “enlighten” in the same sentence!

  12. What’s worse, this turd talking to rookies and giving advice, after punching a woman in the face, or the Bungals giving him the job in the first place?

    What an awful organization, my God man.


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