Bears hire a director of analytics


The Bears added a layer of technological know-how to their football staff, hiring Mitchell Tanney as the team’s director of analytics.

Tanney, who has been the manager of football products for STATS LLC in recent years, will work with the front office and coaches on “player evaluation concepts and game situation principles,” according to a release sent out by the team.

Tanney, a former college quarterback at Monmouth, played in a variety of minor, indoor and international leagues.

The Bears are one of the league’s most traditional franchises, but have shown an ability to look at different perspectives. Adding a computerized data/scouting eye is another.

While General Manager Phil Emery had the obligatory old school scout background, head coach Marc Trestman was anything but a conventional hire. Adding someone to use numbers to add to the analysis brings a different perspective to the decision-making process, which can only help.

24 responses to “Bears hire a director of analytics

  1. Emery will go down as the best GM in Bear history. He will do his due diligence, and put in all the hard work. No excuses, and then he will tell you how he came to his concussions.

    I like how he follows his own path, let all nfl analysts be da3$ed.

    Bear down soccer fans…

  2. Let’s see. A player has had multiple arrests in college, or flat out just quits his team. No need for statistics to tell me they are red flags.

  3. This isn’t that big a deal, more than half the league uses analytics in some sort of capacity. And spare me the “moneyball is useless” crap, any added knowledge and perspectives can only help.

  4. thom, I can’t make heads or tails with what your saying, maybe I need another beer.
    Can’t say damned?

  5. It may take the analytical director 6 months to compute why only 2 first round draft picks are still with the team from the last 10 years or so.

  6. I could do it for $200.

    “Cutler ALWAYS throws to Marshall.”

    “Offensive Line is horrible.”

    “Defense is old.”

    How did somebody sucker the Bears into paying for that?

    Oh wait, it’s the Bears….

  7. All of these new analytics/metrics employess at various NFL franchises have Brian Burke at to thank for their jobs.

    He brought this analysis into vogue an a manner even coaches and front office types could reasonably understand

  8. Analyze this: A Head Coach produces a ten-win season and is fired. A HC in a weaker division produces a ten win season and his team plays a Wild Card game, and he is lauded for his success. Therefore the coach in the stronger division whose team did not make the playoffs was;

    A: Stupid. For not coaching a team in a weaker division.

    B: Stupid, for not paying a hit man to take out another coach in his division.

    C: Stupid. For believing that winning is the most important aspect of a football team’s activity.

  9. Analytics are incomplete and do not paint you the entire picture, I know this because I watched trouble with the curve. I also know that I watched Moneyball, and while the analytics that Brad Pitt used were somewhat successful, the A’s still struggle to put a consistent champion on the field.

    Once again, you are all so welcome for my brilliant insight and I know by showing my superior knowledge in the cinematic field you all will thank me!

  10. jwcarlson says:
    Jun 19, 2013 4:11 PM
    One day a team will be ran by a computer. It will draft perfectly, pay players opitimally, and let go talent that is overvalued.

    That team is the Green Bay Packers. That computer is Ted Thompson.

  11. Emery is budding into one of the best GMs in the league, he’s turning around the Bears 180° from the dredded Angelo era, but one thing i worry about..will tradition go out the door with it, since that what the Bears stand for..will we still be Da Bears??

  12. As I recall … the first NFL head coach to computerize the analysis of potential draft picks was none other than Dallas Cowboy legend Tom Landry.

    I think this adds an interesting element to the game. The use of the computerized analysis of the down, distance, and personnel on the field could tip off the offense or the defense as to what’s coming. The trick will be getting the info onto the field in time for it to help.

    But on the other hand … if a team stinks and can’t execute, knowing what the opposition is going to do won’t change anything.

  13. Slow news day in the NFL…Bears make a behind-the-scenes hire similar to what many teams are doing, and what happens? The first two posts on here are from the two biggest trolls in Cheeseland. Seems to me tokyo and filthy have a sixth sense that alerts them to any Bears post before it even appears, and allows them to be at their keyboards, poised to strike at a moment’s notice.

    It would be funny, if it weren’t so sad.

  14. Emery has made ALL the right moves and it feels like he’s just getting started. I belive he will take
    the Chicago Bears to the Superbowl.
    and if Trestmen is as good as Gannon and Steve Young say he is… this could happen this season.

  15. Everything Emery has done in Chicago has been the best moves any GM could have made. think O-line Emery. keep Cutler on his feet and he will give you that trophy that you need.

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