Bills’ Mt. Rushmore sparks Smith vs. Reed debate

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For three of the spots on the Bills’ Mt. Rushmore, the process was easy: Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and O.J. Simpson.

For the last spot, things got slightly more complex.

I gave it to receiver Andre Reed, and PFT Planet awarded it to defensive end Bruce Smith.

Check out the video of the segment from the Pro Football Talk on NBCSN discussion, featuring Frank Wycheck, Ross Tucker, Erik Kuselias, and yours truly.

61 responses to “Bills’ Mt. Rushmore sparks Smith vs. Reed debate

  1. It has to be Bruce Smith. Not only is he a first ballot Hall of Famer, he’s a 11x Pro Bowl, 9x All-Pro, 2x AP defensive player of the year, Pro Bowl MVP, and All-Time leader in sacks with 200. It really shouldn’t be close. Andre Reed is one of my most favorite players of all-time, but it shouldn’t be a question that Bruce Smith is one of the 4 most influential players in Bills history.

  2. Not even close. Bruce Smith is a much more deserving candidate than Andre Reed. Judge for yourself.

    Bruce Smith is considered one of the top three players of all time at his position (Reggie White and Deacon Jones). His stats are: 200 career sacks, 11 time pro bowler, 9 time All Pro first team, 2 time defensive MVP, first ballot HOF, all decade team 1980’s and 1990’s.

    Andre Reed is a seven time pro bowler, 2 time All Pro second team, 9th in career recptions, and 10th in career yards.

  3. Bruce Smith is definitely one of the top 4 Bills of all time. He should be ranked higher than Reed and Thurman Thomas

  4. No way. I grew up watching O.J and the controversy surrounding him around town came to fruition in later years. He has no business representing the fine people of Buffalo.

    Reed over Smith. Really? And how can you not have Ralph Wilson and Joe D on the rock. I’ll give you Kelly over Kemp but you obviously have a modern day bias.

    Strikes against:
    Kelly – Never won the SB and his treatment of the franchise when he was drafted was classless.
    Thurman – Hard to argue with this one but going to play for the Dolphins was meh.
    Reed – There is a reason he isn’t in the Hall yet. Am I the only one who remembers the divorce?

  5. Sorry, no one who costs his team a crucial first down in the Super Bowl because he had a temper tantrum and threw his helmet deserves to be either on Mt. Rushmore, or in the HOF. Bruce Smith all the way.

  6. So let me get this straight. In a tiebreaker scenario, you didn’t pick the dude in the hall of fame?

  7. It has never been more obvious that Buffalo requires 5 faces on “Mt. Rushmore” to celebrate the greatness of this untarnished franchise. We lost 4 in a row and won none with a video assist. #billsmafia

  8. How the hell does Bruce Smith not make it? C’mon B’lo fan, you’ve got to do better than that.

    Dolphins fan

  9. Bruce Smith could arguably be considered the best Buffalo Bill of all time. So the fact hes not on this list is laughable.

  10. Frankly counselor, there is no case in which Bruce Smith is not one of the top four Bills of all time. Leaving him off makes you look silly.

  11. what a joke.. first your arguing two players that it’s no question who should be on and who should not, and second how the heck is Thurman Thomas on it?

    Here is the real Bill’s Mt. Rushmore:

    Ralph Wilson
    Jim Kelly
    Bruce Smith
    OJ Simpson/Marv Leevy depending if u wanna DQ OJ for his criminal history..

  12. Sorry, I had both Reed and Smith. OJ should be disallowed from any discussion for his post-football career. Aside from that, his two good seasons don’t amount to nearly what either of those guys accomplished. The guy isn’t even the best RB in the history of the Bills! Heck, if post-season is a measure, he only played in one game in his life. And he averaged just over 3 yards per carry in that loss.

    If he wasn’t a murderer, I’d understand the conversation, but both Reed and Smith did more for this team than he ever did. Of course, they didn’t have an acting career after the game was over, so the fact they led the team to four straight Super Bowls is irrelevant! Even if his acting was horrible too.

  13. There is absolutely positively no way Ralph Wilson should be left off. He is one of the founding fathers of the AFL. At one point he owned the Buffalo Bills and was part owner of the startup Miami Dolphins. Such an important figure in NFL history should not be disrespected that way. SMH

  14. I will never forgive Reed for going alligator arms and dropping the ball over the middle against the Giants. We would have ran away with that game. You can’t choke a moment like that and be on Rushmore.

  15. Buffalonians deserve better than OJ’s face decorating their mt. Rushmore.

    And Bruce Smith’s career is a masterpiece.

    But what about Marv Levy? Four Supes is nothing to sneeze at.

    Smith, levy, Kelly, and Thomas.

  16. Imagining the families of the deceased having to look at the face of the murderer of their children superimposed into the side a mountain in the same reverence as the founding fathers of this country is beyond despicable.

    Shame on you PFT.

  17. Bruce is more deserving than Thurman, and you could argue that he’s just as deserving as Kelly.

    Personally I leave OJ off because of post-career “transgressions”, which allows room for Thurman to make it, but he should be the one fighting Reed for a spot, not the NFL career sacks leader and one of the top 3 most dominant pass rushers of all time.

  18. @vbbills- not only did kelly never win a SB but he was below avg. at best in ALL of them! that being said,he is w/o question top 4 of all time a matter of fact i put him at #1 followed by bruce thurman o.j.

  19. How is that even a debate? Bruce smith holds the all time sack lead and played a lot of his career as a 3-4 end.

    Thats a MAJOR misstep putting reed ahead of smith.

  20. The problem here is OJ Simpson, not Reed or Smith. I am so sick of the “homer” Bills fan who refuse to realize what garbage this guy is. Ive been as big a Bills fan as anyone my entire life, and this guy’s disgusting face representing our franchise is an embarrassment. Total lack of class for one of the classiest franchises in league history.

  21. I love Andre, but there is no way he makes the rock over Bruce.

    Like someone else said, Bruce is one of the top 3 players at his position of all time. Andre was a great receiver, but he’s not on the same level as Bruce.

  22. OJ has no business being anywhere except in PRISON. The Bills had plenty of other great players to choose for this honor. Players who aren’t sociopaths. Period.

  23. To select Reed over Smith is disgraceful. You clearly are not as accomplished in your knowledge of this game as you purport to be. For shame.

  24. Lets assume the somewhat corny premise of the “Mount Rushmore” debate were being taken literally…

    OJ, really?

  25. Did they legalize marijuana in West Virginia while I wasn’t paying attention? How in the hell could anyone put Thurman and Reed (great players) over Bruce Smith (one of the best ever)?

    I’ve seen some baffling decisions during the Rushmore promotion but this one looks like someone is trolling for page hits.

  26. I actually got to see OJ play..drop him…one great year and nothing else..average RB at the best. His “after career” defines his life. Bruce Smith is about a thousand times better choice.

  27. You can’t put Reed in there instead of Bruce Smith. You just can’t.
    I agree that Reed should be in the HOF, but Bruce Smith is one of the best football players of all time.

  28. OJ Simpson should not be one of the faces that represents the Buffalo Bills. I don’t care how great of a football player you are. If you’re a piece of dirt human being, it doesn’t mean crap.

    A son turns to his father, “Dad who is that?” Father replies, “Oh, that’s OJ Simpson, possibly the best RB in Buffalo Bill’s franchise. Who also got away with murdering his wife and her boy friend.” Yeah, that would go well….

  29. How do you honestly give Reed the nod over Smith? Seriously? Even the HOF disagrees.

  30. I think even Andre would put Bruce up there over himself. The man was a beast, a truly dominant player that had to be accounted for at all times by opponents. Much love to 83, but there is no comparison to BRUUUUUUUCE!!!!

  31. As big a scum bag as he is, OJ was perhaps the best RB that I ever watched. I understand people wanting to leave him off, but I voted him on.

    Also, leaving Bruce Smith off is ridiculous…

  32. OJ was an incredible athlete and his contributions to the Bills and the NFL were established prior to his poor life choices.

    I would definately praise his accomplishments on the field and for that I like him being among the four.

    What he’s done since is awful. But this is not about what players have done after football so he needs to be recognized here.

    To choose just four is difficult. Reed is underappreciated for sure, but let’s be honest Bruce Smith had a greater impact on the Bills and should be there.

  33. That’s right everyone, leave the all-time sack leader and 8 time first-team (!) All-Pro in question to make this Rushmore…

    I guess people just love offense. To me, Smith was the easiest choice of all.

  34. I put Smith, Kelly, Levy, and Thomas. After listening on NFL network to Dolphins players talk about the Bills tanking their games together in 1973 – never throwing to even try to win the game, just to make sure Simpson got his 2,000 yard season – I can easily justify leaving the murderer off, even based on what he did ON the field.

  35. Must be you never watched any Bills games Mike, because Reed over Bruce Smith is just plain stupid….Reed was a great receiver, but Bruce Smith is one of the best defensive players to ever play in the NFL….he was a game changer…..Reed wasn’t. Bruce was a first ballet HOFer. Your choice is just plain wrong and you need to fix it.

  36. Come on, I’m sorry, but you can’t have OJ on the list. This is the Mt. Rushmore of the franchise! When you have people look up at it you can’t have fans thinking, “Oh, the knife wielding murderer played here.” Oh what the heck, put him up there. But whatever you do, don’t let Pete Rose ever back into baseball. (That’s sarcasm)

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