Brian Schottenheimer: Offense “a thousand years” ahead of last year


Rams quarterback Sam Bradford is doing something new this season.

He’ll work with the same offensive coordinator for two straight seasons for the first time since entering the NFL. Pat Shurmur and Josh McDaniels were one and done in St. Louis, but Brian Schottenheimer is back for another year and Bradford says he has a “much better feel” for what Schottenheimer wants to do on offense than he did in their first year together. Schottenheimer concurs and says that the increased familiarity has led to a quantum leap forward for the offense.

“The day Sam walked back into the building [this offseason] we started making adjustments,” Schottenheimer said, via Mike Sando of “We are a thousand years ahead of where we were last year.”

While an increased comfort level with the offense is significant, it isn’t the only reason why the Rams might feel like they’ve gone from working with stone tools to the Industrial Revolution in a matter of months. Adding wide receivers Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey in the draft after signing tight end Jared Cook and tackle Jake Long has given the Rams offense a very different look than it had last season.

There are still questions to answer for a young Rams offense and there may be growing pains still to come, but the combination of new faces and organizational stability is a promising one for St. Louis.

13 responses to “Brian Schottenheimer: Offense “a thousand years” ahead of last year

  1. Ohhh, he has a “much better feel” for what Schotty wants to do… aka, move the ball forward until it’s in the end zone?

  2. of course, their picks have to stay off probation (either by team or league). They aren’t leaping in front of 49’ers or Seahawks.

  3. If you think you hated The Greatest Show on Earth you are going to hate what Jeff Fisher is putting together. Ready for some football?

  4. Would love to see the Rams make a big leap this year along with the Cardinals. The NFC West could end up being the best division in football

  5. @jjbo811 They may not leap over the Hawks/49ers in the division but they are still going to beat them again.

  6. The Rams will be the top team in their division, except for maybe the SeaHags, I would look for the 49ers to slip to last and the cardinals to come in third. I know you all appreciate how smart I am. Thank you and God Bless!

  7. Unfortunately, the 1000 year period in question was in the Middle Ages, when progress was nearly nonexistent.

  8. same old rams (GET REAL)!! these aren’t same and they aren’t old and while I am a homer I also am a realist the niners may be better as well as the hawks but that is not as clear cut as in years past in 3 years the niners resurrected a bad team it took the hawks 3 years and now the rams prepare to enter year 2. 15-65 for the 5 years prior to fishers arrival. so as a rams fan since 1963 I gotta say 7-8-1 wasn’t too bad the niners couldn’t beat us we split with the hawks and except for going 1-7 against the nfc north and afc east would have made the playoffs at 4-4 this year don’t expect the rams to let teams hang in there and steal their candy this year and while they may not beat up on the niners and hawks my guess is they will know they have been in a war as they sit in their Jacuzzis after the game

  9. Don’t forget that Jeff Fisher’s defense did a better job of shutting down the ‘run option’ game of both Seattle QB Russell Wilson and San Fran QB Kapernick better than any other team in the NFL. Now that Fisher has more film to dissect, I expect that trend to continue and improve for the Rams. With the much-improved offense and a dominant defense, the Rams will contend for a playoff spot this year. Even if they finish 2nd in the division to San Fran, they can grab a Wild Card in 2013. This is the first time in a decade that the Rams have had real speed in their offense, at multiple spots, and a QB who can throw like an NFL QB (sorry, Bulger was mediocre or worse after 2006).

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