Broncos Mt. Rushmore coming Friday

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The Mt. Rushmore process moves to the AFC West on Friday, with the team that has won the division the last two years.

The Broncos, who once won a pair of Super Bowls with John Elway on the field, is now shooting for another one (or more) with Elway running the football operation.

It’s a given that Elway will have one of the spots.  Vote for him and up to three others from the 12 finalists below.

We’ll pull the sheet off the mountain, as we always do, on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk.

31 responses to “Broncos Mt. Rushmore coming Friday

  1. John Elway – because he dumped Tebow and signed Peyton

    Tom Jackson – Pretty sure he’s on ESPN now

    Champ Bailey – because I think I recall one time in college after he played both DB and WR after the game he said “Champ don’t get tired”.

    Shannon Sharpe – gets the edge over Shanahan because I think Shanny should’ve pulled RG3 last year

  2. How about Rich Karlis? Last barefooted kicker in the league! I kid…. This list is actually pretty solid with a few exceptions and omissions. Tough to narrow it down to only four.

  3. Elway

    And recent reports indicate that Champ Bailey asked to be traded from Washington to Denver because he knew he had no chance whatsoever to appear on the Redskins Mt. Rushmore.

  4. My childhood #87 jersey is making me pretty upset to not see Eddie Mac on here, but nevertheless, his other half is a great option as well…


  5. How about a vote for cheating the salary cap…which allowed them to supposedly ‘win*’ back-to-back SuperBowls?

  6. No one remembers what a beast Mecklenberger was? Got to have him. Included with him:
    Chump Bailey

  7. Floyd Little — the “Franchise” is the AFL days

    Randy Gradishar — best player of “Orange Crush” defense

    John Elway — no note neccessary

    Shannon Sharpe — HoFer & all-time great pass-catching TE

    Honorable mention: Champ Bailey — went back and forth whether to include him over Gradishar. Bailey is a no doubt HoFer, but went with “Orange Crush” representative; certainly debatable.

  8. Has to be Elway, Little, Sharpe, and Smith. A lot of great players have suited up for Denver. Here’s my thought process on the four I chose:

    Elway – No brainer…

    Little – He WAS the Denver Broncos in the early years.

    Sharpe – From the practice squad to the HOF, Sharpe (along with Ozzie Newsome) transcended the position and paved the way for he way the TE position is played today.

    Smith – From UDFA to the all time Broncos’ receiving leader, Smith belongs.

    Very hard to keep Gradishar off…same with guys like Billy Thompson, TD, and Tom Jackson. That said, I can’t see the four I selected being out of the top four. Three HOF players and one that should be.

    I’ll tell you this, Denver has a lot of quality players and narrowing them down to a top four is damn near impossible! Great players and great memories from this entire list!

  9. Elway: a top five QB of all time.

    Gradishar: how do you guys not know who this is? Anchor of the Orange Crush D. Maybe the Bronco of all time.

    Little: See “Hall of Fame” and played for a poor team.

    Sharpe: unstoppable and changed the position. “Hall of Fame”

  10. It’s Elway, Davis, Gradishar and Sharpe. Although it was tough for me to omit Atwater– Sharpe was ultimately greater at his position, though. Louis Wright should be there over Bowlen, IMO. And possibly Dennis Smith over Shanahan.

  11. Elway and Gradishar. Then it becomes tough. Little for reasons stated above? Smith or Sharpe? Can Mecklenburg beat out Smith/Sharpe/Little? Not Bailey because he wasn’t always a Bronco. Not Davis, just not enough years (though he was amazing and a HOFer if not for his injury). Tommy J … I like him, but I don’t see how he beats out these others.

    Tough choice.

  12. Luckily, it looks like people have it correct by not going with Terrell Davis, but for those of you who are considering voting for him, please don’t forget: Davis was a solid RB who the the product of an extremely talented offensive line and the Shanahan zone-blocking scheme. He wasn’t the one responsible for the gaudy stats.

  13. GRADISHAR/Elway/Davis/Little

    GRADISHAR: Don’t get me started . . . this guy is the best to ever play the game. As a Chicagoan, growing up with Butkus and Sayers, Gradishar and TD were at least their equals. In addition to scores of accolades: “hardest hit of all time” – Walter Payton, “thought I was dead” – Tony Dorsett, “Best Linebacker I ever coached” – Woody Hayes, “Every bit as good as HOFs Butkus and Bill George” – Stan Jones, etc., etc., Randy Gradishar literally carried the Broncos into the post season for the first time and then time and time again for the rest of his career.

    The reason for Randy having so many tackles is that honestly, our offense was not that great during his career and the defense was on the field quite a bit more than their record would indicate (even in going 12-2 in 1977 and outscoring opponents 274-148, the defense spent 931 plays on the field, compared to the offense’s 886 plays at a less than explosive 4.4 yards/play). In ’77 Morton started all 14 games, threw for 1929 yard and rushed for 125 yards. Our leading rusher was Otis Armstrong with 489 yards and leading receiver was Haven Moses with 539 yards. Combine Morton’s 1977 14 game passing and rushing yards with team leader, Otis Armstrong’s rushing yards and they pale in comparison to Tebow’s passing and rushing yards (yes he rushed for more yards than our quarterback and leading rusher combined in our first Super Bowl run as well as passing for more yards than the legendary Morton) for his total 14 lifetime starts. In the Super Bowl, our offense coughed up the ball 8 times (6 in the first half, alone) and our defense led by Gradishar still kept us in the game, well into the second half. In fact, despite the 8 offensive turnovers, the Broncos gave up the least points 27 of their four losing Super Bowls (27, 39, 42 & 55). This came against a Cowboys team that placed 3 offensive players, 2 defensive players, their coach and their GM/President into the HOF.

    Just watch the 1977 conference championship against the Raiders to see how tough and determined Randy was along with the impact he had on his fellow defenders. Questionable for the game, due to injury, Randy started and on the Raiders’ first play from scrimmage, Randy made a tackle in the backfield for a loss to set the tone for the game. If you watch the defensive huddles (yes back in the day the huddles were televised), Randy commands as much, if not more respect and attention in the huddle than Peyton Manning does in the current offensive huddle.

    Randy Gradishar should have been a first ballot hall of famer. People say that Brian Urlacher is a first ballot hall of famer. Well Urlacher’s highest one season tackle total was 151 in 2002 (16 game season), while Gradishar’s lowest was, you guessed it . . . 151 in the NINE game strike shortened 1982 season. The hall is a complete disgrace without him. Put him in the Washington spot.

    ELWAY: One of the best quarterbacks in history and the 2nd most exciting player to wear Bronco Orange (see above). Earned the Lincoln spot.

    TERRELL DAVIS: For a brief period, he was the greatest running back in NFL history. His post season record (when it mattered most) is unequaled by any back in history.

    FLOYD LITTLE: “The Franchise” For a number of years, he was the only thing to get excited about on the Broncos.

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