Dr. Robert Watkins releases statement on Gronkowski back surgery


Tight end Rob Gronkowski underwent yet another surgery Tuesday as part of an offseason filled with procedures aimed at patching the New England Patriots star back together.

This surgery was to address a problematic back. The surgery was said to have gone well and now the surgeon who performed the procedure, Dr. Robert Watkins, has released a statement on the procedure.

New England Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski underwent a microscopic lumbar discectomy surgery performed by Dr. Robert Watkins at Marina Del Rey Hospital in Los Angeles,” the statement said, via Christopher Price of WEEI.com. “The surgery went well. The timing of his return to football will depend on his progression through the rehabilitation program.”

A lumbar discectomy is geared toward addressing issues with a herniated disc in a person’s back.

Watkins performed the same surgery on New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul earlier this month. Pierre-Paul’s recovery time was pegged at 12 weeks. If the same time table holds for Gronkowski it will be very close whether he’ll be available to start the season. Twelve weeks from the day of the surgery would be two days after the Patriots season opener against the Buffalo Bills.

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  1. Tread with caution New England. Gronk is a legit difference-maker on many levels – don’t rush him out there like some teams do with promising talent.

    My Steelers foolishly pushed Defensive ROTY Kendrell Bell out – and poof, career over.

  2. in a 24 hour period the NE tight end depth has been crushed, at least they’ll get a top 10 pick. Book it!

  3. Well, the Pats got a couple of tight ends in 2010 at bargain draft prices. Hernandez due to character concerns and Gronkowksi due to health concerns. Guess what?

  4. It would be a shame if Gronk couldn’t play Week One because he’s from Buffalo, said no Bills fan ever.

  5. Lots of heat on Gronk right now because of his partying and injuries. He’s always been a nice kid and he’s a genetic freak.

    He’ll be back and have a monster year. Pats haters, go ahead and hit the thumbs down……Jealousy is an ugly thing.

  6. Not a Patriots fan, but Gronkowski is from my town and I’ve enjoyed following his career. Sadly, I fear he will never be the same guy again.

  7. I think they should make a reality TV show called “The Docs” starring Dr. James Andrews and Dr Robert Watkins.

    Anyone is free to steal this idea.

  8. LOL…As I recall the Cards whooped the Patriots last year without an offense or a QB! Back surgery is a MAJOR deal and to rush his return would be selfish and short sighted. Better to have him strong towards the end of the season when things are down to the wire, than to risk it all over one silly rivalry with a team nobody else pays any attention to. Belicheck will find a way to work around him until he is 100%, have some faith!

  9. What is the obsession with having him back for week 1? This team is stacked at the TE position and the Patriots can definitely survive against the Bills and the Jets if it comes down to that.

    Last month the consensus amongst the amateur physicians/NFL fans was that Gronk’s entire season was in jeopardy. Now he might miss a week or two. I’ll happily take that as an alternative, and I’ll happily sacrifice Gronk for a couple of games if it means the best for his career.

    And if JPP had the same surgery done why isn’t everyone fussing and cringing over his future?

  10. Long time Pats fan here….. I don’t want to see him on the field at all this season. I want him to TOTALLY heal from all that has been done and happened. He is a great player when 100% and that is what I want him to be. Not 70%, 80% or any other number less than 100%. I don’t want to see him rushed back into the mix nor do I want him to push them to allowing him to play either. Sit out the season. Heal, rehab and get back into proper shape to play. If he does that it will only be a matter of time for him to break and set new records for the position.

    Good luck Gronk. Hope all goes well.

  11. It’s the tough guy way he plays that makes him successful & popular, sadly it’s the way he plays that may cut his career short. On a side note I don’t think Dancing with the Stars is in his future.

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