Griese, Taylor square off for last spot on Dolphins Mt. Rushmore

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The Dolphins got their Mt. Rushmore today, and three of them were easy:  Shula, Marino, Csonka.

The only discrepancy between Pro Football Talk and PFT Planet came on the question of whether Bob Griese or Jason Taylor should get the fourth spot.

Watch the video, hear the debate, check out the voting results, and chime in below.

Along the way, feel free to argue for or against our decision to omit team founder Joe Robbie from the list of finalists.

33 responses to “Griese, Taylor square off for last spot on Dolphins Mt. Rushmore

  1. I have to go with Taylor here but it’s far closer than I think a lot of folks will assume. Griese played the majority of his career during the “dead ball” era so his career numbers don’t appear all that impressive compared to post-1978 numbers, but he was the epitome of the surgical, field general leader, he was fairly mobile, tough and made all the throws he needed to make to win.

    Taylor, though, is arguably the best defensive player in team history, so he gets the nod.

  2. Both were great Dolphins however only Griese won a super bowl and Taylor played for the Jets, so it doesn’t matter how great he was he should have never been considered for this honor.

  3. Well, you Dolphin fans can say what you want, but to me it should be Griese…. Not even a question…17-0, 3 Super Bowl appearances, Hall of Fame… Taylor’s a great player, but not an All-Time Great.

  4. Wtf ? Jason Taylor shouldn’t even beat out Zach Thomas. Was never a team leader. He ran to the jets to piss the franchise and fans off. Not going to match up to Hof Qb Bob Griese, no way. There are 50 other players including some of the best ever to play their position that deserved to be mentioned ahead of JT.

  5. Taylor.

    4From the time marion retired until Taylor retired Taylor was the face of the franchise.
    Even while he played for the Jets one year he was the most famous Dolphin.

  6. It probably has something to do with my sixy-one years, however, I believe the spot goes to Bob Griese. I imagine younger folks would vote for Jason Taylor. I wonder if the Dolphins should keep them both and send Larry Csonka to the bench? This is a difficult call all the way around.

  7. I am all for Csonka being included but do not understand your logic for different teams. You left Boselli off of Jacksonville’s list for not being with the team for at least 10 years, so why is Csonka’s case different?

  8. I became a Dolphin fan in 81. I saw JT from beginning to end… and I STILL go with Griese. 2x Super Bowl champ..3 straight Super Bowls. HOF. and yes hurt most of the 72 season but did QB the only undefeated team to that Super Bowl win. I don’t care what era or how the game was played then. to me Mr. Griese no question.

  9. Can’t believe this discussion. Griese was a great qb with 2 Superbowls. Taylor was a fine defensive player and possible hall of famer. Griese with out a doubt. Not a fin fan, but come on.

  10. I cannot even begin to understand how any true Dolphins fan can leave a 3-time Super Bowl QB, a 2-time Champion and a Hall of Famer of this Mt. Rushmore over Jason Taylor. And Jason Taylor has never been the face of the franchise in my opinion.

  11. Griese without a doubt. Griese never wanted to be traded to a contender or played for the jets.

  12. This argument is a joke…..

    The real Bob Griese argument would be with Earl Morrall.

    Earl was the one that stepped in when Griese went down, I believe in game 5. I think that Morrall also has a ring with the Colts from Super Bowl 5, that was the original “the Kicker won it” game… I could be wrong….

    Either way, Taylor does not hold a candle to the Griese tornado of a vote….

  13. I’m going to say Griese , but only because he was the QB on those three Superbowl teams. I think nowadays , especially , we can get a little bit too caught up in “This guy won a Superbowl and that guy didn’t . . .” Based on that line of thinking , Mark Rypien is more deserving of being in the Hall Of Fame than Dan Marino , because Rypien won a Superbowl. Pull up Jason Taylor’s career stats and you’ll see that he is , indeed , one of the all time greats. He also had numerous game changing plays. It’s easy to say: “Well , he’s just got a lot of sacks because he played a long time.” However , many of his big plays helped the Fins win a lot of games they might otherwise not have won.

  14. Joe robbie was the ow

    Founder and owner for 24 years until the day he died. Additionally florio you should love the fact that he financed and built a stadium with private funds.

  15. Don’t criticize Taylor for going to the Jets — it’s a business, so get over it. But Griese was the QB on the only undefeated, Super Bowl-winning team. Enough said.

  16. dartwick says: Jun 19, 2013 10:26 PM


    4From the time marion retired until Taylor retired Taylor was the face of the franchise.
    Yeah, you’re well qualified for this opinion; you can’t even get the name of the greatest Dolphins quarterback ever right.

    It’s MARINO, not Marion.

    Your vote goes automatically into the trash can.

  17. Griese is a two-time Super Bowl Champion and their QB during the brief period of time when the Dolphins dominated the NFL.

    End of story.

  18. Come on now, Taylor played for the hated Jets rivals. Griese has got to be the pick. More kudos to players who spent their entire career with one team. Not to mention Griese lead his teams to multiple SB championships!

  19. This should be a no-brainer. Griese is a Champion winning several SB rings. Taylor, no so much.

    Plus, you lose points for defecting to the jests. I would put Zach in before Jason “dancing shoes” Taylor.

  20. Lobbying for or against Griese or Taylor is time wasted compared to trying to understand how Joe Robbie is not on this list. All of the statistics amassed by any player over the team’s history were only made possible by Robbie. Ask Griese, a man with greater perspective on team history than Taylor or Florio, if he or Robbie should be considered more deserving.

  21. Too bad the Fins tampered to get Shula and tainted their undefeated season by cheating to get the coach that lec them to that achievement

  22. Not too many people are old enough to remember when Griese played, and it’s easy for fans to remember the most recent player. But in his time, Griese was the player that put the Dolphins on the map. From the moment he stepped on the field for the first time, everyone knew he was going to be a great quarterback. My vote is for Griese.

  23. Is this really a debate?

    Griese led the team to three straight Super Bowl appearances

    Taylor was a leader of an under performing defense that never stepped up when the team needed it the most.

  24. @Harrisonhits2

    Shula’s hiring wasn’t really tampering. The Dolphins began negotiating with Shula before the merger. They were not affiliated. The NFL merged during talks and then when the Fins bagged Shula. I’m not saying it’s not technically tampering. I’m just saying its not the whole story. Just wanted to make a forgotten point.

  25. I don’t like bringing Super Bowls into discussion, especially between a quarterback and defensive end. One player does not make or break a team. When Griese was going to SB’s, he had a world class defense with him.

    When Taylor was playing, the offense wasn’t all that great. If Taylor had an offense like Griese had a defense, than maybe Taylor might have some rings. Not to mention Griese was being coached by, at the very least, one of the top 3 coaches of ALL TIME. Add up all the coaches that coached Taylor and they don’t even come up to half the coach Shula was.

    To me, I would have both Griese and Taylor and kick Csonka out. Since I can’t do that, I’m going to slightly lean toward Taylor.

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