Hakeem splits hairs over OTA absence


Giants receiver Hakeem Nicks opted to treat the team’s voluntary OTAs as voluntary.  Even though, as a practical matter, they aren’t.

As a result, he’d been called out by coach Tom Coughlin, quarterback Eli Manning (sort of) and, in turn, by fans and media members who think Nicks should have been there.

But Nicks still hasn’t supplied a clear explanation for his decision to stay away from the involuntary voluntary sessions.  Via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, Nicks again denied that the absence was related to his contract during an appearance on NFL Network.

It’s a tomato-tomahto proposition.  While Nicks didn’t stay away in an effort to force the Giants to give him a new contract, he opted to reduce the number of times he’d be exposed to serious injury while he continues to bear the financial risks associated with tearing an ACL or popping an Achilles tendon in the final year of his rookie deal.

Nicks will likely never admit it, and he doesn’t have to.  It’s obvious that Nicks chose protecting himself (and, in turn, his future earnings) over OTAs.  It was the right decision.

And if the Giants wanted Nicks to be at OTAs, they should have worked out a long-term deal that would have shifted the injury risk from the player to the team.

11 responses to “Hakeem splits hairs over OTA absence

  1. One of these days Eli won’t be bailed out by great receivers an it’ll show more than ever he is average at best. Yeah I know two superbowls terry Bradshaw won a few himself and will never be confused with anything more than an average qb. Eli’s stats speak for themselves his turnovers are astronomically high although everyone calls Romo a turnover machine check the stats that’s Eli. I hope nicks and Cruz leave we will see how ELIte is then

  2. When paulsmith107 speaks of these great receivers who “bailed out” Eli, of course he’s referring to David Tyree, Jake Ballard and Mario Manningham.

  3. The only fans who thought nicks should attend those dumb otas are fans of other teams rooting for another broken foot. If it were up to giants fans, we’d bubble wrap him until week 1

  4. Let’s not forget Kevin Boss and Steve Smith (other), who I don’t believe are either in the league any more.

    Nicks made the right decision. We can all agree and move on now. Thanks.

  5. “Yeah I know two superbowls terry Bradshaw won a few himself and will never be confused with anything more than an average qb.”

    We are talking about the same Terry Bradshaw that was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on his first shot in 1989, correct?

  6. PFT posted an article a while back stating the OTA’s are completely voluntary and chided Coughlin for suggesting otherwise….

    Which is it?

  7. Ignore PaulSmith07..

    He trolls Giants posts, and he is clearly on something.

    Plaxico was “great”..
    Steve Smith was “great”.

    Then they both left Eli, and what happened?

    Save your ignorance for another NFC East team, we have 2 rings this decade… You have your tears.

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