Jaguars announce stadium enhancements

In the never ending quest to make the in-stadium experience more desirable than staying at home (except for the “clear plastic bags only” thing), teams are looking for ways to upgrade their NFL venues.

The Jaguars announced today that they’re joining the battle to have the biggest and best video systems.

The team unveiled today an agreement with Jacksonville to make roughly “$63 million in major enhancements” to EverBank Field.  The enhancements will include new video boards in each end zone, measuring 55 by 301 feet each.

That’s 301 feet.  As in one foot longer than the length of the field.

A new platform area will be added to the north end of the stadium, which will result in the removal of 7,000 seats.

The Jags will kick in roughly $20 million, with the City of Jacksonville picking up the rest.  The Jags will be responsible for any cost overruns.

Jaguars fans already are declaring that this means the team will never move.  And while it makes the abandonment of Jacksonville less likely, it’s still too early to rule out a split schedule between Jacksonville and England.

After all, it’s only $63 million in enhancements.  It’s not like they’re building a new stadium.

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  1. Now watch Jacksonville get a Super Bowl before Miami cuz of this.

    On a side note, don’t be surprised to see a Super Bowl get awarded to London in the coming years as part of the league’s never ending quest for world dominance.

  2. I have the feeling that the tarps will be removed to replace those seats. And they are also to be able to put them back in for games like the FL v GA game, etc…..

  3. No, Jacksonville will not get another Super Bowl.
    From all accounts, the last one there was the most miserable experience most people ever had.

  4. Laying off police and they commit $43 million to stadium enhancements. Fiscal irresponsibility by city leaders.

  5. Bigger than Houstons “biggest video screens in the world”? Poor Texan fans can’t catch a break.

  6. Can’t get anyone to show up for games? What do you do? Set up the world’s biggest video screens. Y’know, because fans would rather watch their 2-14 team on something bigger than the 52-inch plasma at home. And make Jax pay for $43M of it. One way or another, they make you pay whether you go or not.

  7. This is good news. They needed another party zone to replace the Cage of Rage.

    Funny how these other teams have long, drawn-out fights about stadium funding for new construction & enhancements while the Jags & Jacksonville hammer it out behind closed doors and the entire debate lasts as long as a press statement.

    And everyone things the Jags are going to move? New locker rooms? Enhancements to the stadium? Khan kicking in millions?

  8. For those of you not familiar with The Bank, the capacity is roughly 73,000. It was designed that way for the Fla/Ga game, which is huge. With the tarps on, capacity is reduced to around 62,000, comparable to many other stadiums at full capacity. We haven’t had a local blackout in well over 2.5 years, and were 19th in overall ticket sales last year. Not every team got to watch all their home games on TV last year. I don’t know why people keep talking about the non-existent attendance problems.

  9. Jacksonville got the Super Bowl way too early. I live there now and everyone I’ve talked to said Jax wasn’t adequately prepared to host at all.

    Today, they’d be able to handle a Super Bowl without a problem and if Khan is given the opportunity to redevelop the abandoned shipyards around Everbank, the chances of them hosting another Super Bowl will rise dramatically.

    Love the renovations. Happy for the city and all my coworkers and friends who are diehard Jag fans.

  10. Gee Mike…. more reasons you hate North Florida… This is big news… London is a big city but doubt it will host more than a couple of games…. British fans eventually will know they are getting taken advantage of anyway…. And stop coming… Great for us Jag fans who go to games regardless…

  11. You idiots who talk about Jacksonville and their attendance issues have know idea what you are talking about! We haven’t had a blackout in over 2 seasons. On top of the fact that our stadium has one of the largest capacities (73,000) in the league. So know your facts before you try and talk crap about something you have no clue about.

  12. two reasons that the NFL will not have a permanent team in England. Stadiums in England are privately financed or they’re not built. Please see the struggles of Tottenham Hotspur and their stadium push for over 2 decades. Wembley is their National stadium, so even if an NFL team played there a few times or more per year, the current owner would have no financial interest in parking, concessions etc. And what NFL owner would exist if they had no stadium lease to dangle over a cities head?

  13. Envious! . And that are adding pools! Baddest stadium in the states and soon the world! Khan is a world class guy.

  14. mackcarrington says:
    Jun 19, 2013 6:10 PM
    No, Jacksonville will not get another Super Bowl.
    From all accounts, the last one there was the most miserable experience most people ever had.
    The truth isn’t very popular in Jacksonville, but it IS the truth.

    The Super Bowl there was a complete disaster and a major mistake by the league, the kind of mistake they’ll never live down.

    No way no how they even THINK about going back.

  15. Better attendance than Miami or Tampa. No blackouts. All with a team that was trending down with a 2-14 record last year. I guess it’s just irresistibly fashionable to hate on Jacksonville; logic be damned.

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