Jennings praises Patterson’s ability to get separation


Regarded as a potential deep threat, Vikings first-round receiver Cordarrelle Patterson has something that arguably will be even more valuable over the balance of his career, if he keeps it — the ability to get open at the top of his route.

Veteran Greg Jennings praised Patterson for what Jennings calls “that definitive step,” which creates separation from the defensive back.

“I remember coming out [of college],” Jennings said, via Kevin Seifert of  “I had that definitive step.  That kind of gets washed out because everything they teach you is that they want everything to look the same.  The definitive step starts to kind of fade away, but that’s what creates that separation.  I just told him, do not lose that.  Because the more I see him do that, the more I remember when I used to do that and create so much, even more separation.  I’m starting to creep that back in. . . .

“That’s a gift. You can’t really teach that.  He has it.  And I remember, that was me.  I was coming out and sticking everything.  And the coaches were like, ‘We just want to round it, we just want to round it.’  Slowly but surely, I started rounding everything.  The route still looks good, but it just doesn’t have that crispness about it.”

As for Patterson’s speed, that’s a given.  “If you see the back of his jersey, you might a well stop running, because it’s over,” Jennings said.

The Vikings have been trying to keep expectations low for Patterson as a rookie.  With first-round phenoms like Randy Moss in 1998 and Percy Harvin in 2009, too much pressure to excel could turn Patterson into another Troy Williamson.  Vikings fans would surely settle for something in between, since that would mean the offensive has discovered balance.

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  1. Vikings WR wil be slightly better this year but I still think they are the worst group in the division. I think Greg Jennings has 1 more very good season left in the tank – but Minnesota fans will definitely notice a difference between him and Harvin after the catch. Jennings goes down with a two hand touch, Harvin may be as difficult to tackle as AP.

  2. Cordarelle Patterson has a high potential window, with the size/speed of Julio Jones and the elusiveness and agility of Percy Harvin, he could be a dangerous weapon for the Vikings in the near future

  3. That’s if he can learn the offense. Word is this Patterson guy is about as intelligent as a fairly bright juvenile chimpanzee.

  4. @jhein23 Bears only have one legit WR, Lions have one WR. Packers have 3. Vikings have more potential than the Bears and Lions at WR COMBINED. IMO. It will come down to Vikings and packers again for the division. Assuming everyone stays healthy.

  5. Doesn’t every receiver in college who rounds off his routes get docked by scouts for that characteristic? But Jennings wants us to believe that his routes are sloppy because that is what the Packers coached him to do?

    This is the same guy who the Packers coaching staff had watching from the sidelines during critical possessions at the end of close games. Were it not for Rodgers lobbying for Jennings to be more involved, the guy would have been the #4 WR in Green Bay last season.

  6. It makes me sick to think of Jennings in a Vikings uniform every single time I hear about it. Minnesota got itself a special player, a class act, a consummate professional and a clubhouse leader that will be as valuable to their team as Driver was to Green Bay even long after he slows down.

  7. High expectations are never going to turn Patterson into Troy Williamson. Williamson was a big big raider like reach in the first round and flat out couldn’t catch the ball. Patterson fell (a bit) to the Vikes, and can catch. Now we have to see if Ponder can get it to him.

  8. Guess Ponder had no ability upon which Jennings could praise? Well I suppose that makes his praise here more believable seeing as how he didn’t try to make anything up about Ponder’s “ability”.

  9. Patterson is as athletic and physically gifted as any WR out there today. The only thing that will hamper his development as an NFL receiver is his glaring lack of intelligence. So long as his coaches can keep things simple for him, he’ll be productive.

  10. That’s all well and good. And when Ponder starts looking like Favre or Cunningham, Patterson will look like ’98 Moss and ’09 Harvin. Won’t happen though. Ponder may be the biggest reach of the past 10 years. I feel bad for AP, he’s the new Sanders, and Ponder is playing the part of Scott Mitchell.

  11. The defence doesn’t get any respect this time of year because it is all touch football. Yes Patterson will be explosive and teams will have to respect him down the field which means AP is gonna run like a dingo all day. But I believ the real story of rookies this year is going to come from Sharrif. This team is built to last right now. Solid young team solid coaches and the heals of other teams in the division staying old. Dynasty baby…

  12. If AD can go through that Packer defense like a hot knife through butter, imagine would could happen with Patterson.

    Those Packers better hope Patterson busts, for their sake.

  13. I don’t think “pressure to excel” is going to turn CP84 into Troy Williamson. He’s demonstrated that he can catch the ball, so he already has that on him. He’s also much more than a guy with straight-line speed. I think a combination Julio Jones/Percy Harvin is a pretty apt description.

  14. Here’s the deal. No one can replace Percy’s talent and skills on the field. NO-ONE. But the bottom line was Percy didnt want to wear the purple and gold. It sucks, but you have to deal with that in the greatest game ever, the NFL. Merica. But Jennings brings in a true #1 which Ponder has never had and Patterson is a freak of an athlete-similar to Percy. The Vikes WILL figure out a way to get the ball in his hands and he WILL make special things happen. Skol Vikings! Great draft. Watch out NFC North! We’re cominnnnn

  15. This Patterson talk just feeeeslls like a smoke screen ? we’re looking to catch teams off-guard while Patterson goes deep … The way I see it we traded P.Harvin / D.Aroshamodu / M.Jenkins for G.Jennings / J.Wright / C.Patterson …. As for other statements other then Marshall not sure hope today the bear WR corps are better Megatron is the obvious from the lions not really household names there either which leave GB and there very good at refining an evaluating talent at the WR position as a life long Vikings fan(40yrs) GB has always … As does the Vikings an DL

  16. Keep telling yourself and him that Greg. I know for sure you will never be an NFC North ever again. Thanks for the years in GB, I wish you good health, but may your tem fail.

  17. He might be the least bright player in the league. The commentary of what happened to him late in his college career was interesting. He was wasn’t smart enough to run plays from WR position so they started using him out of the backfield.

    When Greg Jennings starts wanting to emulate a rookie, you know there’s going to be problems. Freestyling Finley probably relates to what Jennings is saying. Sure worked out great for Jermichael.

  18. Looking at last season, ponders best games were without harvin. Wright is going to improve and Patterson is going to be starting outside by week 4, and child’s may come back. All in all, I see a better offense on the field last year and veteran presence at the wr position. No offense to harvin, but he should never mentor anyone. It’ll be interesting to see how we’ll the money was spent for Jennings.

  19. I think the Vikings have a fairly solid defense, a scary DL line and a fairly good group of wide recivers for the first time in years. AP of course is scary in his own right, the best RB in the league based off of last years numbers.

    What about the QB position? The lack of a good QB will likely have them seeing the playoffs from the couch or an early exit if they do make it. Ponder doesn’t seem to be the answer, but whom else do they have that can step up and go to the next level? I was suprised they didn’t make any moves to legitimatly upgrade that position during the draft or thus far in free agency. I’m not a Vikings fan , but they are a legitimate QB away from being a tough team to beat.

  20. I think the Packers have not made improvements to the same degree other teams in the division have. They rely heavily on Rodgers, just like they did with Favre, and they save money “because it’s also a business.”


    This season promises to be a wake-up call alright. The Packers cannot take any team in their division lightly, not anymore.

  21. No one has knocked his intelligence actually. The dings against him are that he’s “green” meaning he doesn’t know how to run proper routes and only played WR for a few months in Tennessee. He was able to excel in a tough division purely based on his physical talent, because he didn’t have the time to learn all the plays and proper technique.

    So in the NFL he won’t be able to make a living purely based on his physical ability. He’s going to need to learn the Vikings offense, all the various WR positions and the plays/terminology, as well as learn how to run proper routes in the NFL and proper WR technique.

    So the negatives against him are that he has A LOT to learn about the NFL yet, NOT that he is incapable of learning it. But he has something a lot of other players don’t, rare physical gifts.

  22. Percy can’t be replaced, but these two guys will help. And that chimpanzee comment above was pretty good — and unfortunately accurate (luckily WRs don’t need to be MENSA members).

  23. packfaninvikeland says:
    Jun 19, 2013 11:17 PM
    @jhein23 Bears only have one legit WR, Lions have one WR. Packers have 3. Vikings have more potential than the Bears and Lions at WR COMBINED. IMO. It will come down to Vikings and packers again for the division. Assuming everyone stays healthy.

    -The Bears have Alshon Jeffery back, and have added Martellus Bennett to the roster. (aside from other draft picks/FA pick ups.)

    I’m not that strong with math, but I am quite sure that is more than 1 “legit” wide receiver.

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