Lions say trick-shot kicker “passed all those tests”

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Amazingly enough, the guy called Kickalicious is more than just a gimmick.

Norwegian kicker Havard Rugland, who surprised even himself when his Youtube video of trick shots earned him a shot at Lions camp, has impressed coaches there.

“He’s obviously got a strong leg,” Lions coach Jim Schwartz said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “Every step you try to temper, ‘Well, let’s see what happens when there’s a snapper or holder out there. Let’s see what happens when he’s got a defense that’s rushing. . . . Let’s see what happens when it’s in the middle of practice rather than on their own on the side.’

He’s passed all those tests. Every step along the way, he’s done a good job with that. So the next thing is when the game’s live and guys are really bearing down on him and there’s pressure involved in the kick. But that’s something that won’t come for a while now. He’s done a nice job working through all the different things that are new to him. That’s encouraging to see.”

Of course, the Lions signed veteran David Akers to be their kicker this offseason, so his chance at making the 53-man roster still aren’t great. But Akers sat out most of the spring workouts with to rest a hip injury (the same one that made him uncharacteristically inaccurate last year with the 49ers), and that opened the door.

Maybe kicking a field goal through that small crack will be on the sequel video.

9 responses to “Lions say trick-shot kicker “passed all those tests”

  1. I would love to see him make the team as long as they put kickalicious on the back of his jersey

  2. I emailed the guy after he got signed to congratulate him as his email was on his youtube video. He emailed me back within a couple hours. Seems like a real nice humble person.

  3. I’m hoping Rugland makes the team. He can kick the ball a mile, in weather, with incredible accuracy. If he can do that under game pressure … then trade or dump Akers.

    Regardless, Akers is a short-term solution. I think Rugland has potential to settle in as kicker for a long, long time.

  4. I appluad this guy! The only reason I pay attention to the Lions are because their two best players are either from or went to school in my home state. Stafford and Johnson Stafford of course having gone to the school where my DAWGS play at and Johnson being from Georgia, played for the lame and bitter rival Georgia Tech, is probably their beat player. The only other team I root for besides the Falcons is the Detroit Lions because of thosebtwo. But even that may change now because of Reggie Bush. I can not stand this guy. He can’t stay with a team longer than 3 or 4 years. He’s a cheater and thinks being honest wipes the slate clean. I mean look what he had to do with the Heisman he “won”. Then look what happened in New Orleans, granted that was with their defense mostly but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was in on a lot of it too. I mean the only reason he probably sucked it up in Miami was because he wasn’t cheating or apart of a team that was cheating. You know I like the Lions besides Stafford and Johnson one of my favorite players of all time, a ton of other peoples favorite too, Barry Sanders played there. I like Barry a lot more than Walter Payton. Because mainly after reading Walter Payton’s biography, “Sweetness” I was disgusted at the type of man he was. An adultery and a cry baby when he didn’t score. Like because he didn’t score a TD in Superbowl 19 or 20 ,I forget which one it was, he balled like a baby and tried to lock himself away from everyone so he could cry because his team just won the biggest game of his life and all cared about was scoring! Barry on the other hand, I don’t know about the adultery part although I don’t think he would’ve, was more of a team player. That’s what I’m trying to get at is that Detroit players have always had class to them whether or not its not winning a single game or anything the lions players have just seemed to me to have always shown class and that’s what makes me a fan, after being a Falcons die hard fan first and foremost ( if the falcons and.lions play

  5. I always root for the falcons) but please dontnlet Reggie bush screw that which has made me a fan of Detroit football please! Limit his playing time so the little man doesn’t get hurt either playing with big guys like such and having to play tough defenses in green bay and Chicago and Jared Allen too!

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