Locker has impressed with his offseason approach


Jake Locker had to come back from shoulder surgery.

And he still has to prove he can stop throwing picks.

But the Titans quarterback has done something more important during OTAs,, taking control of the locker room and making the job his own.

“The thing I wanted him to do, No. 1, was to take over the team,” offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “And this has become his team to the point where he takes over and spreads the message. Watching his interaction with the other players, and how they react to him, he handles himself well and that is his gift.

“Guys respect Jake, and I think the guys know all he cares about is winning.”

He had to display that first in his comeback from surgery on his non-throwing shoulder, and Locker used that as a chance to prove how serious he was.

“Physically he is in the best shape of his life. The dude is a beast,” wide receiver Marc Mariani said. “As a quarterback, he wins every sprint in conditioning drills. He is just an animal.

“And he is a natural-born leader. Jake is a guy people look at as an example, and that is what you look for in your leader, your quarterback.”

For all the moves the Titans have made this offseason, they won’t matter that much if Locker reverts to last year’s form. If he’s truly the kind of quarterback you can build around, they’ll have a chance.

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  1. He had plenty if reasons (excuses?) for poor play last year, most I feel we’re legitimate. I’ve been on his bandwagon since day 1. But in all honesty, he really has no excuses this year. Love his attitude & work ethic but he has to put it all together. They drafted him to be the McNair type. He needs to show something this year.

  2. Here’s hoping the 2011 Locker we saw in limited action was the real deal. … And that the inconsistencies we saw in 2012 were indeed the result of poor playcalling, that terrible pass blocking, and his recurring injury. (Sure, rough spots are to be expected but last year, he looked nothing like he did the year before.)

  3. if his WR’s can stay out of JAIL he could have a really really mediocre season.

    as long as he hands the ball to CJ1K 25 times a game, he should be alright.

  4. Funny how Titans fans forget the first four years of Steve McNair’s career. (In their defense, Mac played in Houston two of those years.) There was so much negativity about McNair coming from Titans fans–even late into the ’99 (Super Bowl) season. And many of those who weren’t harsh in their assessment marginalized McNair as merely capable while crediting the offense’s success to Eddie George’s play and leadership. Making the irony most obvious? Except for the tan Locker lacks, he’s like a clone of the young McNair: Strong but initially inaccurate arm, extremely mobile out of the pocket,”country strong” and unusually tough, strikingly humble, emotionally unflappable, and the list goes on.

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