Report: Niners extend Greg Roman through 2015


Wednesday appears to be the day that the 49ers are taking care of all family business.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that the team has extended the contract of offensive coordinator Greg Roman for two years, which means he’s locked up through the 2015 season. The news comes on the heels of word that the 49ers have agreed to a two-year contract extension for defensive end Justin Smith as well.

Roman came to the 49ers from Stanford with head coach Jim Harbaugh before the 2011 season. He helped quarterback Alex Smith to his best pro season as the team advanced to the NFC Championship Game in 2011 and then managed the move from Smith to Colin Kaepernick last season on the way to the Super Bowl. Harbaugh isn’t going anywhere, so it makes sense that the Niners would act to keep Roman around as well.

Another year of success may make that difficult, however. Roman was passed over this year, even with college roommate David Caldwell doing the hiring for the Jaguars, but his name will likely start popping up in head coaching searches if the 49ers continue to play well offensively.

There are worse problems to have, of course, but Roman would seem to have a good shot at coaching somewhere else before this extension runs its course.

6 responses to “Report: Niners extend Greg Roman through 2015

  1. Baalke once again, proving his wise beyond his years. Although I dont expect Roman to be with us too long, this is a QB driving league and he’s proven he can develop productive QB’s quickly.

  2. Excellent football coach. I was hoping that’s who Reggie Mckenzie would have hired last year. His mentors Ron Wolf and Ted Thompson both hired 49er offensive coordinators as their 1st head coaches and won superbowls. Why didnt Reggie Mac follow their lead….Roman might be better than both of them.

  3. Part of the reason he was passed over is teams don’t want to wait until mid February and still have the possibility of missing out. Pretty much leaves you making a desperation hire

  4. The next move is to extend Michael Crabtree
    Let’s get THAT done !!
    Go Niners

    Oh, sorry SeaHoggs

  5. Mike Brown,

    If Marv falters and we know he can do that…Call the guy for an interview.. I like Hue and Zimmer but look at this guy I think he is special…In the past 3 years the dude coached Luck and Colin 2 of the hottest QB’s in the NFL right now…Thats saying something..

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