Texans’ Mt. Rushmore blends old and new, relatively speaking

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In the league only 11 years, the Texans waited until their 10th season to make it to the postseason.  Which should skew their Mt. Rushmore toward the more recent contributors.

It didn’t.  In large part because the most important player in team history has been there for 10 of the 11 seasons.  And receiver Andre Johnson has shown no signs of slowing down.

Along with Johnson, owner Bob McNair, running back Arian Foster, and defensive end J.J. Watt made it onto the mountain.

PFT Planet agreed with me (which is becoming more common in this process) on all four men.

For the explanation and discussion and whatever else we talked about last night on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk, featuring former Titans tight end Frank Wycheck in studio, click the little triangle thing below.

10 responses to “Texans’ Mt. Rushmore blends old and new, relatively speaking

  1. What have the Texans done, won the AFC South twice, I guess put both of those on their “Mount Rushmore.” Other than that, they are a terrible franchise.

  2. So JJ Watt plays two seasons and gets on the list? Sounds ridiculous to me. A player that young would not even be considered in my mind, no matter who he is.

  3. Yeah, that’s all the Texans have done. Ya know they are doing this for all 32 NFL Teams, they have to choose someone to put on the rushmore. Are you more upset with who they selected, or that they selected anyone at all from such a horrible franchise? Maybe they just should have put a big “N/A” in place of those four. hahahaha No matter, the Texans will win a 3rd AFC South Title in 2013. So next year you can post, What have the Texans done, won the AFC South three times…”

  4. Honestly, Mario Williams should’ve been in over J.J.

    I’m sure in three or four years I’d change my stance, but two seasons is awfully premature to crown a guy as one of the top four iconic members of a franchise,

  5. coltswincoltswin! While I agree that it’s been a bad franchise for most if its existence, they’re doing this for alk franchises, many of whom have been worse that the Texans. Also, there was a long stretch there where your team would have been considered one of them (70s through 90s). Lastly, I think one of the top 10 receivers of all time deserves a spot on a Mt. Rushmore of some kind.

  6. how can you call it a terrible franchise and its only been in existence 11 years. sure theyve made some bad decisions, hindsight is always 20/20. theyve had 2 coaches, drafted fairly well, a few busts along the way, name a team that hits 100%…. Of their first rounders, Andre Johnson, Dunta Robinson, Mario Williams, Duane Brown, Brian Cushing, Kareem Jackson, JJ Watt, have all been successes, theyve hit more than missed. jury is still out on Mercilus and Hopkins.

    Again go 40 years with only 1 or 2 appearances in a championship game and many many years of losing football then call them a terrible franchise. what we have a here is a young franchise that was built from scratch going up against storied franchises just starting to establish themselves.

    The way the franchise is run, the texans are one of the more respected franchises, bob mcnair knows what hes doing. texans top 5 most valuable franchises in the NFL, top 10 in the world. players like playing there, class organization..

    fkn colts fans, you guys had the greatest qb of this era and only won 1 super bowl.. against rex grossman..

  7. I agree with John McClain that you have to have Schaub up there. He IS the greatest QB in Texans history. That’s undeniable. How many other franchises don’t have a QB on their Mt. Everest???

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