Three more Pilot Flying J officials plead guilty


Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has insisted throughout that he knew nothing about the fraud being committed at his chain of truck stops.

But the list of his employees who admit to it continues to grow.

According to Michael Sangiacomo of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, three more employees of Pilot Flying J pleaded guilty to federal charges Tuesday of cheating trucking compannies out of fuel discounts.

One of the Tuesday pleas, from regional sales manager Kevin Clark, includes an agreement to cooperate with the investigation. Two other employees pleaded guilty last month to conspiracy charges, and promised to cooperate as well.

A spokesman for Haslam continued to portray it as an isolated problem.

“We are disappointed in the actions of these employees towards our customers,” spokesman Tom Ingram said. “We assure our customers that our five-step plan to correct any wrongdoing and to make certain these actions do not happen again is ongoing, and that our customers’ confidence in the vast majority of our 23,000 team members nationwide remains well-placed.”

The investigation continues, and with more employees (of sufficiently high positions) offering information to prosecutors, it seems inevitable that that majority will continue to shrink.

19 responses to “Three more Pilot Flying J officials plead guilty

  1. They are still 3 levels below Haslam in the chain of command. The name to look out for is Hazelwood.

  2. Every time an employee pleads guilty and promises to cooperate, that means there is someone higher up the food chain (than said employee) who the feds are convinced is guilty.

  3. I’ve said it before. This turd doesn’t even have a season under his belt and I’m already embarrassed to have him as the owner of my team.

  4. It always starts at the top. I’m sure Flying J’s customers have as much confidence in these “team members” as Americans have in the IRS which is pretty much zero.

  5. Police have confirmed that Aaron Hernandez has been uncooperative, but is not a suspect in this investigation.

  6. Wow, the Browns could make a huge lead in the overall turd standings. If Haslam gets thrown in jail, I might have to give them the full 4 points.

  7. Just an isolated incident and an unfortunate series of events carried out by a few bad apples…that’s all it ever was…
    ummm yeah

    Boy I hope the take this guy down.

  8. At least Gantt does not paint guilt with as broad a brush as Florio. I have written before and will state again, that each person deserves his or her day in court and IF Haslam is innocent he will want every stinkin bit of the truth to come out so he can move on. IF he is guilty, he will be found out. The deals that have been cut with the prosecutor will surely have included a polygraph test. This investigation is not rocket science. I can see how a group of people within a very large organization can think they can get away with something and not everyone in the company at the top or at the bottom is going to know that they are pulling a caper.

  9. It’d get really interesting if the investigation somehow winded its way to his brother the Tennessee Governor.

  10. It doesn’t put Haslam in a positive light that so many crooks were put in top management positions in his company. How would a chief of a company even find that many crooks to hire? There is an obvious pattern of hiring really dumb schlubs who were easily manipulated to take a walk on a trail of crookedness.

  11. wisewoo says: Jun 19, 2013 1:00 PM

    I don’t think people in the media realize how little most NFL-readers care about this storyline.


    NFL readers will care when all these distractions cause the Browns to have a losing season. Oh, wait…..

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