Chargers Mt. Rushmore likely needs at least one beard


We’ll wrap up the week on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk with the team that wears lightning bolts and powder blue.

And, yes, since Erik Kuselias put Bucco Bruce on the Tampa Mt. Rushmore, chances are he’ll try to put San Diego’s uniforms of yesteryear on this one.

I’ll stick with, you know, actual people.  (I’d make a Manti Te’o joke here, but just like the topic I’m “old and tired.”)

You’ll stick with actual people, too.  Because there’s no way to add any candidates to the 12 finalists listed below.

One had a pretty thick beard.  He’ll also have a pretty thick stack of votes.  We’ll unveil the winners on Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

36 responses to “Chargers Mt. Rushmore likely needs at least one beard

  1. Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow, Charlie Joiner, Wes Chandler. Sorry no room for Jr. although he was a great one, this team is about the offense.

  2. This one’s easy:


    I don’t see how it could end up any other way.

  3. Alworth, Fouts, Seau, Tomlinson…couldn’t find room for Coryell (but the HoF needs to find some room for him)

  4. Paul Lowe
    Russ Washington
    John Hadl
    Gary “Big Hands” Johnson
    Chuck Muncie

    ……just to add a few

  5. This had to be the hardest Mt Rushmore vote I’ve had to do. Alworth/ Joiner? Gates /Winslow? Of course Fouts, Ladanian, and Seau. Very tough choices. I personally wanted to see Chuck Muncie on here.

  6. God that was one of the hardest decisions to make. I ended up with Fouts, Seau, Alworth and Coryell, but it was tremendously difficult to leave off Winslow and Tomlinson.

  7. First of all if you’re not a Chargers fan…back off. I could care less what a Colt fan thinks…….and it should be: Alworth, Fouts, Seau, Tomlinson. One each from a different era, and the most important player from each one. Hard to leave off KW, but without Fouts(or Coryell again very tough) he isn’t as dynamic. JMO

  8. Yikes, this one is stacked, and a lot harder than most so far…

    I’m surprised than Lance Alworth seems to be getting so little love (please don’t say the selection is “easy” if you’re leaving Alworth, Winslow, or Seau off…they were all fantastic, and it should not be easy to leave any behind).

    Also, why are so many people going with Coryell? He obviously made his stamp on the team, but it was with Fouts, Joiner, and Winslow around…meanwhile, he only coached the team for 8.5 years, and didn’t even get to a SB. With so many good player options, I don’t think you should vote for a head coach who wasn’t one of the all-time greats (69-56 with the team, 3-4 in the playoffs).

  9. LT, Seau, Fouts, Alworth. Alworth was the first charger number retired. I would take Gates over Winslow (I think). I leave Coryell off because I view this a players kinda thing.

  10. As a long time fan who watched Paul Lowe
    take the opening kickoff all the way on the
    very first play in Charger history I think I am
    qualified to vote in this poll. Number one
    without a doubt would be Lance Alworth
    followed by Dan Fouts , Kellen Winslow,
    Jr Seau .

  11. This got to be the hardest to pick. An old team (NFL-AFL) with so many great players not mentioned Lincoln, Ladd , Lowe, Kelcher and Johnson to name a very few.

  12. I’m 28 years old, I wasn’t around for Gillman or Coryell, though I know they deserve to be on this list… However, my selections are;

    Alworth, Fouts, Seau and Tomlinson.

  13. A lot tougher than some other teams…..
    Alworth, Fouts, Seau and LT… Anyone who leaves the first AFL player ever inducted into the HOF has no sense of the history of the game and no business voting.

  14. Dan Fouts
    Charlie Joiner
    Junior Seau
    LaDainian Tomlinson

    Jr. was the epitome of a great defensive player for the bolts. You definitely don’t leave off a guy that played through the pain and payed for it years later from suicide caused by pouring his heart out on that field.

  15. Lance Alworth – AFL MVP / first AFL player to be elected to the HOF / Caught at least one pass in every AFL game he played

    Ron Mix – AFL All-Star 9 straight years / HOF / Two holding penalties in 10 years

    Dan Fouts – HOF / The Beard / Kept the Chargers competitive without having a Defense

    LaDainian Tomlinson – Pro Bowls / MVP / NFL Records, etc… / NFL Man of the Year (w/Brees) / Soon to be HOF

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