Cowboys cut Anthony Hargrove

Before defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove signed with the Cowboys in May, it looked like his career might be over.

Hargrove did not play at all in 2012, in part because he was initially suspended by the NFL for his alleged involvement in the Saints’ bounty program and no team signed him as a free agent, and he joined a lawsuit against the league because of concussions he sustained during his playing career. The job offer from the Cowboys contradicted those signs that Hargrove was at the end of the line, but now we’re again wondering if Hargrove’s finished.

Nick Eatman of the Cowboys website reports that the team has released Hargrove a little more than a month after signing him. While you normally can’t tell all that much from unpadded offseason workouts, the Cowboys obviously felt they saw enough to know that Hargrove wouldn’t be able to help them in the 2013 season.

That’s not going to be a big help for Hargrove when it comes to finding other work, although one never knows what injuries may open up jobs around the league as the summer unfolds.