Duane Brown says he’ll be fine for camp

Getty Images

From the start, Texans left tackle Duane Brown’s ankle surgery earlier this month was termed minor.

But he told Tania Ganguli of the Houston Chronicle that he’s feeling better after getting a bone spur removed, and should be fine well before the start of training camp.

“From what they told me, I’ve had a couple ankle sprains in my career in the last four or five years,” Brown said. “I guess my ankle just had an extra growth. My bone just had an extra growth that it built to protect itself. It was just an extra ball that was right on my joint. Every time I would bend where the joint usually goes smoothly, it was hitting that knot that was on my bone and it was really painful.” 

Brown said he was never on crutches, and only had to wear a boot for a few days.

So other than the procedure cutting into his vacation time, it was more of an inconvenience, and low on the list of things the Texans have to worry about.