Jake Locker says all the pressure comes from within


Earlier this week, Titans offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said that his biggest goal for quarterback Jake Locker this season is for Locker to “take over the team.”

It’s the latest instance of someone pointing out that Year Three is shaping up as a big one for Locker. The Titans have built a receiving corps long on potential and they’ve addressed the gaping holes that were the guard spots last season, which many people feel has set Locker up to succeed if his play is up to snuff. If it isn’t, the Titans are set up for another losing season that could lead to sweeping changes in the organization that include a switch at the quarterback position.

If that seems like a lot of pressure being placed upon your shoulders, then you aren’t Locker. It’s all internal, according to the Titans quarterback.

“For me, the pressure that anyone else wants to put on me, I don’t pay attention to it,” Locker said during an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon. “I’ve always felt that no one wants me to have success more than me. I’m going to push myself harder than anyone can ever push me to get everything out of what I was given.”

Loggains thinks Locker has taken steps to make the team his own and there’s been nothing but positivity around the team when it comes to Locker, who had plenty of exterior factors to point to for his rough play in 2012. There should be fewer of them in Tennessee this season, which means that the level of pressure Locker’s feeling won’t be the only thing determined by the quarterback this time around.

8 responses to “Jake Locker says all the pressure comes from within

  1. From everything I’ve seen he’s always been his own worst critic – that means he’s going to make damned sure he gets better. That’s always a positive.

  2. This kid has so much up-side it’s ridiculous. If his accuracy and decision-making improves like Steve McNair’s did when he was young, this is going to be quite a ride.

  3. Too bad Andy Luck will spend the next 10 years scorching his defense and making him play from behind.

    In Locker, here’s a guy that made Cassius Vaughn look like Revis.

  4. Good thing we only play Indy twice a year (possibly 3 times if we meet in the playoffs). So even if we only lost the games in the regular season we play against the Indianapolis Lucks….Colts, sorry. We can still go 14-2! As long as we don’t have to play the greatest QB to ever step foot on a football field in the history of professional football in the playoffs we’ll be ok!!! Whew, that’s a relief.

    This will sound like a rip but it’s not I promise. I wish the Titans sucked so bad we got the #1 overall pick the year a top notch QB talent enters the draft. We’re just constantly mediocre with the occasional good or god awful season. BUT, Peyton was also a great QB and we beat the Colts with him under center many times. We’ll beat the colts too I’m sure…..eventually haha.

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