LeSean McCoy doesn’t care who the quarterback will be


There’s now a third camp in the Eagles’ quarterback controversy controversy.

Some players, like quarterback Mike Vick and receiver DeSean Jackson, want coach Chip Kelly to pick a starter before training camp.  Others, like guard Evan Mathis, want Kelly to take his time.

At least one other player doesn’t care, one way or the other.

Running back LeSean McCoy recently told ESPN Radio’s Atlantic City affiliate that McCoy has no preference between Vick and Nick Foles.

“Nick Foles and Mike Vick, they both look very, very good,” McCoy said, via Dan Graziano of ESPN.com.  “So I don’t really care who’s the quarterback.  I think both of them could start.”

Last week, McCoy told WIP radio in Philly that, if he were Vick, McCoy would want to know whether he’ll be the starter.Kelly has said he’s in no hurry to choose between Vick and Foles.  That’s possibly not good news for Vick, who has been the starter (when healthy) since filling in for an injured Kevin Kolb in early 2010.

21 responses to “LeSean McCoy doesn’t care who the quarterback will be

  1. It doesn’t matter whos under center for the Eagles, the Redskins are winning opening night at least by 6 touchdowns and are winning the division with EASE. #BurgundyandGoldStandard

  2. There is noway in hell Kelly will hitch his wagon to Foles. Vick is the starter and will start or he would not be there.

    It’s off season nonsensical talk, nothing more.

  3. You are crazy if you don’t think Foles gets the start. This is the QB that use to wreak havoc on Kelly’s college team. He has potential where as Vick…. We know enough about him. Could he do very well in this new offense? Of course! But Foles wins the job by intellect alone.

  4. Yep, with Chip Kelly coaching, it doesn’t matter who the QB is, they will fail regardless.

  5. “This is the QB that use to wreak havoc on Kelly’s college team. ”
    if you’re talking about all the garbage yards foles would throw for when they were down by 35, then yeah, i guess you’re right

  6. Whoever starts at QB Barkley will get his chance sooner or later. Look, the Eagles still have a lot of holes and will struggle to win 6 games.

  7. Be advised that Foles had 11 turnovers to only 6 TD’s. He was a gift penalty flag in the final minute in the Tampa game from going 0-6 as a starter. He is wretched. Absolutely brutal. I get it. You hate Vick. You love your dog. You think Vick shoyld have done life in prison. All that is fine. It doesnt mean Foles is good. Every QB on the Eagles roster is dreadful at best, including Barkley. He was terrible in college and USC cheats!!!! What makes you think he can play in the NFL? They need a real quarterback. Chip Kelly is WAY too smart to be sold on any of these bums be it the punch drunk ex-convict, Napoleon Dynamite, or Homeless Man’s Tebow. None will be the 2014 starter.

  8. He better stop worrying about who the QB is going to be and worry about rushing for more than 1,000 and 2 TDs. Also he has to work on getting rid of those man boobs he and big guy Matt j have.

  9. In my opinion not only will Vick not be the starter he won’t be on the Eagle roster when the season opens. I certainly believe there will be a competition for the starting Q.B. but it will be between Foles and Barkley.

  10. Stop pushing this ‘controversy controversy’ nonsense.

    It doesn’t exist. Look at the Philly media, if there was something to worry about they’d be all over it. It’s not even much of a controversy as defined by the word (a public disagreement). No one knows exactly what the offense will look like so who’s to say who should be the quarterback next year besides Chip Kelly and most people in Philadelphia are perfectly fine letting him decide.

    Everyone agrees Chip will pick the better QB for his system. Everyone agrees, no controversy.

    Now will there be a controversy if the Eagles stumble out of the gate …

  11. the Redskins are winning opening night at least by 6 touchdowns and are winning the division with EASE.

    been hearing this for over 20+ years now . . .
    will be hearing it for another 20 + years . . .

    Oh yeah .. Snyder just raised your prices again !
    Never had it / Never will

  12. Who needs a QB when you could have one of the best rushing attacks in the league.

    4 good RBs, in McCoy + Brown + Polk + Jones..

    just run all day.

  13. The Eagles are a terrible franchise. They have never won a superbowl because they hire coaches that have their heads inserted directly up their nether regions. The fact that Ron Jaworski is their best Quarterback ever should tell you all you need to know about this terrible, terrible franchise. I can’t believe I am about to say this, but they are even worse than the jets, minus the circus.

  14. ColtsWinColtsWin!! obviously does not pay attention. The Mt Rushmore had Randall Cunningham and NOT Jaws did it not?

    Jaws was statistically inferior to Randall. TD, INTs, Rating, Yards…none of them better than Randall. Heck, his stats were WAY more inferior to McNabb’s!!

    As far as head coaches with their heads up their rears, can you say Jim Mora? Or better yet…PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFF??

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