Manziel was miffed over parking ticket


Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, recently suggested in a tweet that he’s anxious to leave college.  Specifically, College Station.

The tweet quickly was deleted, and Manziel replaced it with a “walk in my shoes” message aimed at making the point that it’s hard for a guy in his early 20s to be the focal point of so much local attention.

We now know what prompted Manziel’s initial tweet.  Reportedly.  According to Brent Zwerneman of the San Antonio Express-News, Manziel was miffed over a parking ticket he received.

Specifically, he was fishing on the Texas coast and learned that an officer had written him a ticket for parking his Mercedes (Mercedes?) the wrong way on the street back in College Station, and for having the windows tinted too dark.

The explanation comes at the same time S.C. Gwynne of Texas Monthly has chronicled the events that nearly resulted in Manziel leaving College Station last year, following a suspension imposed after Manziel was arrested for fighting, failing to properly identify himself, and carrying a false driver’s license.  The school initially was going to suspend him for the 2012 season (which would have resulted in a transfer), but then decided in the middle of August to put him on probation instead.

Apart from whether Manziel’s game translates to the NFL (a question that Mike Freeman of recently explored), coaches and General Managers at the next level will have to ask themselves whether Manziel has the temperament to deal with the pressure, stress, and scrutiny of being an NFL quarterback.

On one hand, he’s a kid.  On the other, there are now a couple of tangible reasons to wonder whether he’ll be able to handle the adversity that comes from being in the center of the biggest stage in American sports.

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  1. His temper and lack of maturity will not translate well to the NFL. He has that blame everybody else mentality that haunts many “entitled” athletes. That is not a quality ANY team wants from their QB. That said, there is always some team that thinks they have the right personnel to change the stripes of players with big talent but little character. Those teams are usually wrong.

  2. Check out the poise and maturity of RG3, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson. They’re not quite as young as Manziel – but they were classy when they were his age.

    Manziel is freaking out over a parking ticket? Does he think the law doesn’t apply to him too? Does he do the “Do you know who I am?” crap.

    Prior to the ’98 Draft, I recall the San Diego Chargers invested something like $2,000,000 to have Ryan Leaf psychologically tested – and the expert’s conclusion was clear and unequivocal: he said Leaf is not wired to play Quarterback in the NFL and he will not succeed because of it. The Chargers ignored the advice they payed so much $ and drafted Leaf with the 1.02 that. And sure enough, Leaf flamed out horribly both on and off the field.

    Manziel has already hoisted more red flags than a Russian military parade before the Kremlin. As an NFL GM, I would stay away from this clown.

    And a 20 year old driving a Mercedes and flashing picks with fat spreads of cash — it’s a bad look. I’ll take RG3, Luck or Wilson any day over him.

  3. If a parking ticket gets him that worked up, you have to wonder if he has what it takes to make it in the NFL between his ears.

  4. I wonder what is going to be more difficult, being such a huge star in college and dealing with all the attention or being a huge flop in the NFL and dealing with all the attention going away.

  5. Yet another talented player with maturity issues who apparently thinks football status entitles him to special treatment.

    Leaving college over a parking ticket? As if we could all pout like that and be released from liability when we get a ticket in the real world. If this report is true, he’s not a kid, he’s a child at age (almost) 21. How many of us have parents who would have tolerated such an attitude at that age?

    I used to think he was fun to watch, but now, he seems like a spoiled brat. Maybe he will show us differently.

  6. The ever declining popularity of Manziel continues.

    If this kid just stays quiet he’s a likable legend. Every time he opens his mouth or expresses something it’s either negative, sketchy, or detrimental to his image.

    You can almost watch his ego grow. An NFL All-Star sized ego for a 1 year College Player whose game might not even translate to the Pro Level when he eventually gets there.

  7. Okay Johnny, you need to slow it down there, turbo. If you’re going to lead the Dallas Cowboys to multiple championships as I know you will, then you need to understand Mr. Jones and Coach Garrett holds their players to a high moral standard.

  8. 1. This kid better plan on being there 2 more years. No team wants some one acting this immature.

    2. A friggin mercedes?! Please please please explain that.

  9. Dear Johnny Football (trademark sign here). Don’t walk away from the meter without putting money in it. The meter doesn’t know you’re Johnny freakin’ Football (trademark sign here).

    I didn’t choose a life in the spotlight, therefore I have zero desire to walk in your shoes.

    Pay the meter, stay off Twitter and just chuck that pigskin like you do baby. Its all we really care about…

  10. Holy cow. I hope I never have to walk in the shoes of a parking offender. That would be terrible. How is he not living in a constant state of depression?


  11. Success went to his head. Now another “Do you know who I am?” feeling entitled brat!
    You break the law you get cited, end of story, DEAL WITH IT! What’s going to happen to him if he turns out to be a flash in the pan, one year wonder. And tanks this season. A good trivia question in a few years. What was the name of the only freshman to win the Heisman trophy in 2012? Um? I don’t know!

  12. He is starting to come off as a egotistical tool. I have indeed walked a mile in your shoes, instead I got over my parking in a fire lane ticket within a few seconds, paid my $25 fine the next week, and went about my life. No tweets about how my life is so difficult etc…

    How is he getting money to pay for a Mercedes, trip to a padres game, VIP parties in Vegas? Mommy and daddy can only have so much money laying around.

  13. Somebody should mention to him, professional athletes get parking tickets too. Everywhere. This phenomenon isn’t exclusive to College station.

  14. He’ll be playing for the Jags soon enough, and then he’ll have something real to pout about, like back to back five pick games.

  15. He’s a kid who got pissed at parking services and got a little emo on social media as kids can sometimes do. Obviously there is room to mature, but that can be said for most 20 year olds.

  16. I thought college students were all poor. Where did he find the money for a mercedes? Hmmmm…..

  17. Down here in Houston, the hot debate is who is smarter: Vince Young or Johnny Football. Six months ago, everyone agreed it was Manziel, but now it is hotly contested . . . .

  18. I don’t know of a place in the country where you don’t get a ticket for parking the wrong way. It’s a safety issue (It’s not possible to pull out safely when you can’t see what’s coming down the street)

    Seems to me, like he is angry because “I’m Johnny Football, how dare you ticket me?”

  19. I don’t follow college football, but this kid sounds like a jerk here. Jason Taylor as usual put it very well on NFL Live the other day when he said that the kid is a Heisman winner, has a gorgeous girl, etc. etc. and that there are a lot of people who would love to “walk in his shoes” as he put it. So basically, the kid should shut it.

    And it sounds even worse now that he was revealed to have been whining about being treated like a regular person and ticketed for legit reasons while having a Mercedes at his age. I lived in TX and had the darkest tint allowed which is illegal where I live now so if it was too dark for TX, that thing was blacked out.

  20. Whaaaaaaaa! I got a parking ticket in Mercedes! Whaaaaaaaa! Walk a mile in my shoes!

    I would love to walk a mile in your shoes, jerk.

    As a local columnist recently wrote, try walking a mile in Steve Gleason’s shoes.

    You’re Justin Bieber in a jockstrap.

  21. @pigskin28 – “Wow…..I’ve seen Black guys crucified and dragged through the mud for much less.”

    I was thinking the exact same thing. This was a pretty soft write up about the kid. I wondered how articles would be written if these things had been done about RGIII.

    I’d like to think that race doesn’t matter anymore but I think the bias is still out there — sometimes in a subtle way, but still out there.

  22. WHAH Johnny… we all feel so bad for you.

    On a side note, it sounds like the NCAA needs to pay a visit to College Station to investigate some improper benefits that Manziel might be receiving…

  23. my first response was the same as many here – what a spoiled tool. but the I thought back to when I was 19 or 20, and how much of a tool I would have been had I been a Heisman winner as a frosh.

    and you can’t compare him to Luck or Wilson – the student body at Stanford doesn’t give 2 craps about FB, nor the local community. I live in P12 country, believe me they put internet geeks way above FB players on the aspiration scale. nor can you compare him to wilson – wilson went to NC State and Wisc – no where near the fevor for FB as the SEC adn A&M.

    the reason johnny is turning into a basket case is the fervor of the fans (and sure he is a bit immature)…those rapid SEC and FB fans in Texas who worship the cleats he walks in are partially to blame. the SEC loves to tell everyone how they care more and are the best fans in CFB, well this is partially your fault. try a little perspective and try to round out your hobbies and your life.

    and I am sure the all thumbs down will pile up, rapid fan guy hates it when you hold a mirror up to his face…

  24. Mick,
    You said “This is pretty tame compared to just people that I knew in college. Parking tickets, fights, fake IDs…standard protocol.”

    Did any of them sign multi-million dollar contracts the next year.

  25. As said above:

    Prior to the ’98 Draft, I recall the San Diego Chargers invested something like $2,000,000 to have Ryan Leaf psychologically tested – and the expert’s conclusion was clear and unequivocal: he said Leaf is not wired to play Quarterback in the NFL and he will not succeed because of it.

    How did it ever take $2 mil to reach this conclusion?

  26. pigskin28 says:
    Jun 20, 2013 9:59 AM
    Wow…..I’ve seen Black guys crucified and dragged through the mud for much less.

    Can this racial BS stop? The kid is a baby & everyone here has admitted that. He’s an entitled little brat, no one is disputing what he is.

    This “waaaah, if he was black, green, red, blue…” has to stop, to make a statement referencing that is RACISM. Manziel is a child that probably will not make it in the NFL due to his attitude.

    Please tell us how many white QB’s spend 18 months in a federal prison & get a job less than 2 weeks back into society. Stop the unnecessary crying about race, its all BS!! And shame on PFT deleting posts that are a lot less offensive & for allowing race bating BS like above.

  27. I think everybody gets miffed when they get a parking ticket. And when they get a speeding ticket, they get a little more than miffed.

  28. I wonder what will happen when the A&M staff doesn’t have his favorite flavor of Gatorade during practice and games…”Valet? My Mercedes please?”

  29. I’m sure the same Alumi that bought the Mercedes will pay the parking ticket so why is he stressing?

  30. A lot of people wondered about Gino Smith’s temper and maturity. Gino seems lightyears ahead of Maniel in those platforms. Hopefully he gets his act in place and can let things blow off of his shoulders. He’s still very young. He could be great.

  31. If I’m Owner/GM/Coach in the NFL and know that our team may be in the running for this kid’s services, I have a PI hired right now tailing him so I get a really good idea of what I may be getting if I draft him. Too much vested nowadays in drafting QB to not start getting a good profile, especially with all the little red flags going up around this kid.

  32. What’s he worried about? The same guy that paid for his Mercedes will spring for the ticket too.

    I just wonder how curious the NCAA will be to look into where he got this mighty fine piece of machinery??!!!

    For those who think the story is racially biased… quit turning over every stone and get a life. Plus RGIII would have had way more class in handling it, so it never would have made the news. I thought it painted JM as the over-hyped punk he is. A flash in the pan.

  33. Can’t wait till this brat gets out in the real grown-up world. The MEN in the NFL locker room will be watching this guy closely. He’s already exhibiting sings of spoiled entitlement. He probably thinks that he’ll just be handed a starting QB job in the league.

  34. This kid is going to be a huge problem!!!! Tell princess jonnie to wise up Thank GOD. My team has a mature person and QB RGIII.

  35. The irony is lost on themonkeyman. pigskin28 made a simple observation about how they perceive the wunderkind being treated in the media and suggests there may be a difference between that and how a Black man would be treated. Simply labeling the contention “BS” is out of hand. First of all my guess would be, any racial bigotry you’ve ever personally experienced was while All in the Family was still being broadcast live. With the dim light of those tragic memories yet burning, anytime someone has the unmitigated gall to infer that racial bigotry still exists, it triggers a mechanism in you to respond exactly like you did. With the self righteous indignation only those with a profound sense entitlement can afford. God bless you if all you know of racial inequality is that some people choose to point it out when they see it and that pisses you off. It’s a hell of a fall from that soap box brother.

  36. This guy has maturity issues? You do realize that he is 20 years old, right? He can’t go into a liquor store and buy a 6 pack, he can’t even rent a car. By definition he can’t be mature, because he’s not yet matured.

    I work on Wall Street and every week see 30-40 year old, rich men, drink excessively, do drugs, get in fights and in general act like wild devils. I also see carpenters, plumbers, electricians, waiters, police men and fire men get out of control. The pervasive view on this website, that NFL players are the only people who let it all hang out, and should be judged so harshly for it is totally laughable and utterly small minded.

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