Not surprisingly, Namath headlines Jets’ Mt. Rushmore


To the dismay of many Jets fans, today’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN featured the worst losses in franchise history.  To the delight of many Jets fans, the show also included the team’s Mt. Rushmore.

Once again, PFT and PFT Planet agreed:  Joe Namath, Mark Gastineau, Don Maynard, and Curtis Martin.

Ross Tucker made the case for Joe Klecko over Gastineau, arguing that Klecko was the steak and Gastineau was the sizzle.  And then Ross drooled all over his shirt after he mentioned steak.

See the discussion and the voting results below.

32 responses to “Not surprisingly, Namath headlines Jets’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. Mark Gastineau was a joke with his sack dancing. He wasn’t even the best player on the defensive line at the time. Joe Klecko made the pro bowl at 3 different positions. Gastineau got shoved by Jackie Slater for doing his assinine dance.

    But it’s the Jets, the team is a joke, their Rushmore is a joke. Makes sense, I suppose.

    Suzy Kolber would be a better choice than Gastineau.

  2. Namath puts the Jets on the map..his on the field antics (guarantee) showed he had balls.
    Klecko was a beast and deserves the honor.
    Gastineau did what he did that made him a crowd favorite despite what the NFL thought and he shouldn’t be included.
    Martin and Maynard for sure.
    I hope that the Hall of Fame sees it right and puts Klecko in the hall of fame as he deserves it.
    It is really a shame all of the people hating on the Jets ..seems that they must not have a life instead of focusing on their own team ..spewing their hate here..
    gets tiresome….

  3. Finally… a Jets story!

    Now we’ll really know if Ampats is still alive…

  4. Good to see Curtis Martin gain the recognition he deserves as one of the few bright spots, and bright players in the Jets history.

    It took a $6 million a year poison pill contract to get him away from the Patriots – an unheard of amount for an RB at the time (and still high today) – but for the Jets to get someone of his caliber – as a person and player – they had to overpay.

    It didn’t get them close to a Super Bowl of course, but then again, nothing has since Broadway Joe

  5. The history of pro football shows that Joe Namath saved the AFL. He single handedly gave that league relevance. Many players of that time, who played in the AFL, have said if it wasn’t for Namath the league would have folded and he also had a lot to do with players getting higher salaries. I have read many statements from players of that era who said because of the contracts Namath received, especially early in his career, they were able to be recognized and negotiate better contracts for themselves. A players worth can many times be measured by more than his career stats and such is the case for Joe Willie. He was a superstar in a league that at the time was in sore need of one.

  6. Is there *anybody* in the history of the NFL more over-rated than Namath?

    -A Manning… D Pastorini….who else?….had less team talent and played great games.

  7. Gastineau was such a joke that it took a gimmie slide by Favre to gift wrap the sack record to Strahan that year. Now that was a JOKE.

  8. Namath had more INTs than TDs, a losing record as a starter, a poor completion percentage, and was a non factor in Super Bowl III. Most overrated hall of Famer, right up there with Riggins and Swann.

  9. Yes, Namath did not have HOF statistics, but as previously pointed out, he made the AFL relevant. He was not just an icon in New York but for the whole league. He did save the AFL single handedly. Maybe his playing stats don’t warrant his inclusion, but as a contributor he certainly belongs. Statistics don’t tell the whole story with Namath.

  10. nightofthehipple says:
    Jun 20, 2013 7:41 PM
    How could it not be Gastineau, Klecko, Martin, and Maynard? Namath was awful!
    You know, there is a game #7 in the NBA tonite. My point being, there is something better to do than trolling.

  11. Whatever the naysayers want to say about Joe Wille, here’s the thing…in the seminal moment in the history of the NFL, the stage wasn’t too BIG for him.

  12. Life long Jet fan and 30 year Season Ticket Holder…

    Get Gastineau off that Rock..

    Klecko is the man and if you asked Jets players like Marty Lyons he would agree…

    He is the best Jets defensive player ever.
    The Jets have retired his number…….

    Watch the tape he played hurt a lot also. Read the book nose to nose….

    Gastineau quit the Jets over Bridegette Neilson…

    Please take him down…

    When was the vote for this anyway?

    I follow this site each day and missed it?

    Gastineau is famous for his personal foul against the Browns which cost the Jets a playoff win…….

    Gastineau….. Oh the Pain!!!

    Klecko is mentioned as having hall Hall of fame credentials

    Hall of Fame credentials[edit]

    While Klecko has been nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame several times, he has not yet been enshrined. Hall of Fame center Dwight Stephenson, in describing Klecko as a “great defensive lineman”, considered him one of the two best interior linemen he had ever faced.[6] Hall of Fame tackle Anthony Munoz said about Klecko, “In my 13 seasons, Joe is right there at the top of the defensive ends I had to block, up there with Fred Dean, Lee Roy Selmon and Bruce Smith. Joe was the strongest guy I ever faced. He had perfect technique — hands in tight, great leverage. My second year, 1981, we went to Shea and beat the Jets, 31-30, but he was such an intense, smart player, I knew I was in a battle. He was the leader, the guy who kept that unit together.”[7]

    Hall of Fame guard Joe DeLamielleure added that “You can’t think of his ten year period without him. I had to block Joe Greene and Merlin Olsen when I was playing and, believe me, Joe Klecko was equal to those two guys. If Joe Klecko had played one position for ten years, he’d have been considered one of the top two or three players at that position, whichever one it was. There’s not another player who went to the Pro Bowl at three different positions. You take a defensive end and put him at nose tackle and he’s just as good there, that’s a great player. We need to get Joe Klecko in the Hall of Fame.”[7]

    On December 26, 2004, during a halftime ceremony, the Jets honored Klecko by retiring his #73 jersey. Klecko became just the third New York Jet to have his number retired, joining Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath and Hall of Fame wide receiver Don Maynard. On August 16, 2010, during halftime of the New York Giants-Jets preseason game at the New Meadowlands Stadium, Klecko was inducted as a member of the inaugural class into the Jets’ Ring of Honor.

  13. Gastineau? Are you kidding me? Over Joe Klecko? That alone right there tells me all I need to know about the ridiculousness of this promotion. No self respecting Jets fan would ever place Gastineau in front of Klecko.

  14. Gastineau? Oh, yeah, the guy that Rams Hall of Famer Jackie Slater totally humiliated, and rightfully so, for one of his idiotic sack dances. That Mt. Rushmore fits perfectly with that team. But if Gastineau is the best you can come up with for top four, that sure doesn’t say much for that team, does it? You think he’ll make the HOF? Ummm, no.

  15. Honestly I would love to see Winston Hill on that list, he’s the best left tackle that the Jets have ever had. He was the Jets version of Will Shields with 8 straight all star games. Not to mention he was undrafted.

  16. Solid Rushmore.. I thought glecko should have been over gastineau but I like this

    Let’s hoist another Lombardi and really heat up the convo

  17. Namath has a losing record, completed barely 50% of his passes, has way more interceptions than TD’s and has generally been an annoyance since his retirement.

    And for what its worth, ProFootballFocus says that Larry Grantham is the best player in Jets history.

  18. Klecko should be on over Gastineau. Not even close. Other than that great list, and Wayne Chrebet, Freeman McNeil and Wesley Walker and MANY of the supporting players from SB 3 deserve honorable mention.

  19. great list….only arguement anybody can have is klecko over gastineau…

    anybody who says Namath was over rated really needs a history lesson….go watch the HBO documentary “Namath” and learn something….I can’t believe someone mentioned Jake Plummer’s name in the same breath(or post) as Namath…..laughable

  20. My worthless trivia: Don Maynard helped us move into our new home in 1961. He was an intern in my dad’s department at work and provided strong arms!

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