Report: Police believe Hernandez destroyed cell phone, surveillance system


Tom Curran was on to something.

The CSN New England Patriots reporter hinted on Wednesday at the possibility tight end Aaron Hernandez or other witnesses destroyed their cell phones.  According to a new report from ABC, police contend Hernandez did.

Specifically, Hernandez according to ABC gave his cellular phone to the authorities “in pieces.”

Per ABC, Hernandez also allegedly destroyed the surveillance system at his home.  The system included video captured by cameras.  (Not to be confused with video captured by something other than a camera.  Which would be very impressive.)

Police also are curious as to why a team of house cleaners (possibly led by Harvey Keitel) were hired to “scrub” the mansion where Hernandez lives on Monday.

The ABC report contains a sliver of good news for Hernandez.  Despite a report from that Hernandez is “likely” to be arrested, ABC characterizes Hernandez as somewhat farther from doing a perp walk.  For now.

“He [Hernandez] has not been ruled out,” a police official told ABC.  “We are not calling him a suspect, but he is definitely not in the clear.”

Still, none of it looks good for Hernandez, especially since there are multiple crimes with which he could be charged short of being accused of pulling the trigger.  And the alleged destruction of cell phone and video evidence suggests that he believes he had something to hide.

217 responses to “Report: Police believe Hernandez destroyed cell phone, surveillance system

  1. Sounds like an obstruction of justice charge at the very least.

    But holy hell, he obviously knows what happened that night.

  2. Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish tight ends. Farewell and adieu, you tight ends of Spain. For we’ve received orders for to sail back to Boston. And so nevermore shall we see you again.

  3. I know how this crap goes, if they want you to look guilty they’ll do exactly that when nobody will know facts til court is over

  4. What you don’t regularly destroy your cell phone, surveillance system and have your house scrubbed? You’re just asking for the government to walk all over you.

    /tinfoil hat off.

  5. There is a stink about this that that cleaning crew wont get rid of.

    From a football perspective. Brady looses welker, gronk is always hurt and now hernandez may be out. safety blanket is gone and no QB likes that.

  6. Hernandez’s first mistake was forgetting to remove the “Dead guy storage” sign from in front of his house.

  7. Aaron Hernandez is done….go directly to jail do not pass go do not collect $200….he is going to jail for something if it is not murder….Hernandez will never play another down of football ever again

  8. Wow, he’s smart enough to smash his phone? Its a good thing your cell provider doesnt log your messages/calls in case theres an investigation! Oh wait, they do….

    I think hernandez may be done in the NFL…

  9. If he handed over the cell phone in pieces it is far from “destroyed”. I seriously doubt this meathead microwaved it, owned it with an electromagnetic or performed anything remotely close to actually “destroying” its contents.

  10. Being tried for destroying evidence beats being tried for murder based on said evidence.

    Ask Belicheck, he learned to destroy the evidence after the spygate scandal.

  11. I cannot believe the light thats been shed on this guy is revealing soooo much we never knew about him. PS.. You can shot someone in the face and not even a slap on the wrist??? Hope he gets what he deserves. I hated that “make it rain” endzone BS anyways. Exposed for the dirtbag that he really is.

  12. Has he had plastic surgery and attempted to burn his fingerprints off with acid yet? I only ask, because his above-mentioned attempts to expunge evidence and clues to his involvement are equally fruitless and REALLY stupid, not to mention INCRIMINATING!! I wonder what his Wonderlic was?!

  13. The Pats need to cut him. Immediately. No matter how valiantly some might try to twist this growing mountain of evidence, even the best case scenario here is pretty alarming.

  14. At this point you start to wonder why Hernandez had not boarded a plane to Venezuela by now.

  15. Yikes. Talk about throwing your career, life down the drain. I thinking it’s pretty safe to say his patriot, and nfl career for that matter, may be over. The info keeps getting worse concerning the events leading up to this. No Gronk, Welker, or Hernandez….Brady might be throwing to Tebow

  16. Hernandez is pretty much screwed any way you look at it at this point.

    His best case scenario is to somehow not get convicted of anything in a court of law. But in the court of public opinion, as well as the NFL, he’s not coming back from this one.

  17. All good faith and benefit of the doubt is rapidly disappearing.

    At first I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Even if 1 person smashed their cell phone, that might be understandable if you were drunk and found out one of your friends was killed. But EVERYONE smashing their phones? No way.

    And there is NO rationale for destroying your surveillance cameras. And it’s certainly very suspicious to hire a cleaning crew so quickly right when you know you are under investigation for murder and are under the spotlight.

    As more comes out, I’m no longer willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Too many coincidences here for him to be 100% clean.

  18. Likely outcome:

    Hernandez found guilty of murder.
    Goodell, to send the league a message suspends Hernandez one game takes away all 2014 draft picks from Saints and Dallas. Gives Kraft a hard finger wag.Gives Giants 2 extra first round picks.

  19. Good move Aaron, except all that stuff is logged somewhere else. They only need to contact the companies to obtain ALL that information.

    Good luck in CB4. Remember to iron your celly’s drawers on Tuesday’s.

  20. So, what an offseason for New England:

    Welker leaves, they dramatically overpay for a glass receiver, reach for a wide receiver in the drafft (we know how stellar New England is when it comes to WR drafting), incur serious concerns about Gronkowski’s health, bring back the walking felony known as Talib, sign up for media excoriation by inking Tebow, and now this with Hernandez.

    People say the circus is in New York. I’d say the incestuous nonsense between Craft and Belichick has finally reached a boiling point, especially with Brady aging.

    New England is withering away as a competitive, ethical football franchise. At least the AFC East sucks, so this year they still have a shot.

  21. Oh snap. Well it’s nice to know if I forget to draft for my league again, that I won’t get his injury-prone butt on my roster.

  22. Wow. Brazen.

    Looks like A. H. is positioning himself to use the Bart Simpson defense:

    “I didn’t do it. You can’t prove it.”

  23. If this is true, at very least he’s likely looking at obstruction of justice. At very least.

  24. This is all circumstantial evidence, but it’s very suspicious behavior for a supposedly innocent person. I know, I know… Innocent until proven guilty. But you have to admit these are the actions of someone with something to hide.

  25. At the very least Hernandez would be arrested for tampering with an investigation.The FBI had ordered a freeze on the cellphones and the cellphone companies involved and told the potential suspects it would be illegal to destroy them.

  26. This is unbelievable. A guy with that much youth, money, and talent throwing it all away. I really bought his “changed man” act, this is a slap in the face to all the NFL good guys and entire Patriots organization.

    Has the Pats website reduced the price of his Jerseys yet?

  27. Man, do the Patriots know what they’re doing. Broncos? Tebow media circus. Jets? Tebow media circus. Patriots? Just one instance of accusing the leader of a world superpower of theft and a simple murder and Tebow is successfully swept under the rug. 3rd string quarterback who?

  28. It’s still going to be interesting to find out what kind of “association” there was between Hernandez and Lloyd. It could have been a business relationship (of some sort) for Hernandez to have rented a car for him. Otherwise, why didn’t Lloyd rent the car himself if he needed one?

  29. Did he not watch a single episode of CSI – either one? Cell signatures, the fact that witnesses place you at a club together and leaving together. Cell signatures place you in the car together. The team of house cleaners (The Wolf, Jules, & Vincent Vega). All of that AND dumping the body down the street?


    But watch it when it all comes out it is going to be for something dumb. People these days kill for the worst reasons. It would have hurt the guy worse to cut him off from your “crew” no more eating off of you and getting into clubs for free. Now you kill him/have him killed/know who killed him and you lose your NFL career. #smh

  30. Funny, he will be in and out of court in time for Week 1 (not guilty of course) before the wacko in Colorodo, major douche in Ohio and the jackass Russian who is the “suspect” of the marathon bombs.

  31. JESUS CHRIST. I swear I feel as though I’m living this nightmare right along with Aaron. It’s scary how everything continues to get worse by the minute. I would not be the least bit surprised to hear of either a suicide by this young man, or the death of at least one of the other people with him that night. Most likely, whichever one of the dopes who where stupid enough to take the murder weapon.

  32. You can only give someone an opportunity to better himself, it’s up for him to make the best of it. Hernandez should have skipped college and stayed in Bristol. Seems he’s going to end up in the same place anyways. Hope keeping those friends around was worth it. Pretty sure they won’t be there for you when you have nothing and in sitting in a jail cell. Better up your hand skills, you can’t pull guns on dudes in jail homie… Now your daughter’s going to be growing up without a father, with the stigma of having a murderer as a father and won’t have that 41 million dollars to assure she has the things she needs in life. Way to go loser…

  33. I’d like to see how this ‘splaining would go. Has Hernandez been interrogated? I guess if you have an attorney, you don’t have to answer any questions.

    What prompted you to dispose of your cell phone? Why did you destroy your video surveillance system? Why did you bring in a cleaning crew immediately after this man was found dead? Why did you rent a car that night? Why was the rental car found in the vicinity of the body? How is it you knew the suspect again? What happened between the time you and he left the bar together and his body being found dumped a mile from your home?

    I don’t see how he gets past all of this unless Perry Mason is his attorney.

  34. Really makes you wonder how things would have been different if texting/surveillance had been so prevalent back in OJ and even Ray Lewis’ case. If, and i mean only IF, he did it, this looks really sloppy and suspicious. What was he thinking???

  35. Destroying video evidence, cell phone evidence, etc. where did Hernandez learn this stuff ? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it Ampats. We Patriot fans desperately need your guidance on how to respond to these scurrilous accusations. What say you Mr.Ampats?

  36. Ruh roh Raggy, something tells me Hernandez is in this up to his neck.

    Before this I was thinking it was obstruction, now you have to wonder if Hernandez was the actual shooter.

  37. I have to believe that he isnt really guilty in this situation and is acting as smart as he can.
    I dont know much about him, but from his days in Connecticut, he was involved with gang members to a degree.

    I think that along with his experiences in Florida have taught him to stay away from police and destroy any evidence whatsoever.

    Even if a friend of his was marginally associated with something and he is clear, the police will still find a way to tie him to this if his house, car, phone were in ANY way involved. Even if was a text from someone else telling him about what happened.

    You dont ever take chances with police.
    I would do the same thing to my property if I was contacted by police for any reason.

  38. Imagine how much weed this guy could buy pawning a superbowl ring. He should shoot Eli in the face and maybe he could have one

  39. @duneroad says:
    Jun 20, 2013 2:27 PM
    Patriots are apparently talented at destroying video evidence
    That’s good. I wish I had thought of that 🙂

  40. Can we stop with the Ray Lewis White Suit jokes. The Tebow jokes. I mean let’s see some originality here folks.

    Best one goes to ” I’m looking forward to the chase tonight during Game 7 of the Finals”

  41. He deserves jail time. Someone murdered and he’s an obvious accomplice. Send that scumbag to the clink.

  42. “I know how this crap goes, if they want you to look guilty they’ll do exactly that when nobody will know facts til court is over”

    This is exactly true. Especially with an NFL player involved, they are chomping at the bit to get their hands on a ‘high profile’ case or person like this.

    Hernandez knows (although I know he was friends with gang members in Connecticut). especially from his days at florida that you dont mess with police EVER, dont talk to them, dont deal with them.

    Hes protecting his reputation beyond a civilian but as a celebrity and NFL player. You dont know what you could be related or correlated to with your friends or peripherally, destroy everything, dont ‘assume’ innocent. Dont give them ANY leeway or they will take it and spin these stories for MONTHS endlessly.

  43. afterthecrowdedstreets is an idiot.

    1 – The Patriots did NOT pay for a “glass” receiver – they paid for a receiver who has a more diverse skill set than Welker, a one-trick pony with huge numbers who could never become the focal point of the offense.

    2 – Everything else he says is garbage – they didn’t “reach” for anything, Tebowmania has been crushed in Foxboro, Talib is not a problem, Gronk is recovering just fine, and there is NO evidence the Patriots are withering away as a competitive franchise. None.

  44. Not saying he is guilty of anything. That is to be determined. But why is everyone so sure he is done with the NFL even if he is only convicted in the court of public opinion? Pretty much everyone other then Ravens homers and his mother thought RayRay was guilty. And that was a double murder at the Super Bowl. How did that turn out for him. He retired as the grand old man of the NFL. If after all is said and done Hernandez can help some NFL team win some games that teams fans will rationalize his behaviour and welcome him in.

  45. His actions give credence to the notion that football players aren’t that smart. “Dumb Jock”, indeed.

  46. JC says:
    Jun 20, 2013 2:25 PM
    What a moron. He’s played his last down for the Patriots.


    Don’t rule-out the Bengals or Raiders. This is a resume-enhancement for those organizations.

  47. Why so clueless? Evidently the commenters have no idea what happens when you are rich and smart and get into a dicey situation. Something went down, Hernandez did the smart thing and called his agent. His agent then places a call to a criminal attorney and what’s known as a fixer. The fixer shows up at Hernandez’s house, gets the lay of the land, then takes action to mitigate as much of what happened as possible. Hernandez will never do any jail time. His biggest problem will come from a possible suspension from the NFL, and the civil lawsuit that he will certainly get tagged with from the family of the dead man.

  48. Gee, this doesn’t look suspicious. Memo to criminals… It’s not the hardware that keeps the data, it’s that computer far far away from your hammer.

  49. I hope he doesn’t tell the warden hes being obtuse. That’ll get him 30 in the hole.

  50. Seriously?? A lot of you find this as an opportunity to knock the patriots and patriot fans?? Grow up everybody!!! As a diehard patriots fan I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that nobody in the patriot nation supports a person that could commit a crime like this. Now it might all be circumstantial right now but if he gets arrested and convicted, I as well as I’m sure any other patriots fan want him to get what he rightly has coming to him. Nobody has the right to take a life from anybody else, no athlete or anyone else for that matter. Take the shots at all the rest of us though I guess if that’s what needs be, the Patriots will still find a way to be up top.

  51. A law enforcement official tells FOX 25 Hernandez appears to be directly tied to the homicide which is why authorities executed a search warrant at his home Tuesday night. According to the same source, Hernandez, Lloyd, and two other men were at a bar in Boston the night of the homicide, and at some point, the four men left together in a car driven by Hernandez which was confirmed by a text Lloyd sent another friend, the source says.

    It is unclear where the car went or what happened during the ride, but according to the source only three men returned to Hernandez’s home at the end of the night and Lloyd was not one of them.


  52. Guess that Florida education has finally paid off for him guess that A he got in tv class helped him with common sense cell records kept on file for 2 yrs at least

  53. The Human Side of me says: I believe in Innocent until proven guilty, but Hernandez is not doing himself any favors. Another immense talent being wasted by falling back into your old habits and surrounding yourself with people who do more harm to your reputation than good.

    The Jets Fan in me says: Destroying of video evidence? why didnt Billy Boy Belichick think of that years ago?

  54. blahblahblah1313 says:
    Jun 20, 2013 2:54 PM
    Not saying he is guilty of anything. That is to be determined. But why is everyone so sure he is done with the NFL even if he is only convicted in the court of public opinion? Pretty much everyone other then Ravens homers and his mother thought RayRay was guilty. And that was a double murder at the Super Bowl. How did that turn out for him. He retired as the grand old man of the NFL. If after all is said and done Hernandez can help some NFL team win some games that teams fans will rationalize his behaviour and welcome him in.


    The only people who thought Ray Lewis was guilty of actually committing a murder (even the DA said that he knew Ray was not involved in the murder, but GA statute allows the charge for being in the vicinity….great law!) were those who willingly disregarded the facts (Which is most of the population) and wanted to see him as a murderer.

    Anyone who paid attention the facts of the case, watched the actual trial, understood how it started (dead guys w/champagne bottles hitting large guys over the head in a botched robbery attempt), and heard the post-trial comments of the actual killers (not gonna call them murderers b/c a jury acquitted them b/c of self-defense) & isn’t biased would have to see that Ray was clearly in the wrong place w/the wrong people & did the wrong thing (telling police he didn’t know anything & cleaning up the limo & clothing, to protect his friends & his career) & paid a high price for that. But they’d also have to agree that murder was an outrageous charge in his case and he was in no way involved in the violence (committed by both sides!) of that horrible evening.

  55. These comments are very entertaining, they are really very, very funny. My favorite is the Grudenlikesme comment. Very funny.

  56. Does this tarnish the “mystique” of the so called “evil empire”? HA get tebow and its all O were gonna keep it low key . No circus over here Bill Bellupchuck got things on lock. Hmmm I see a storm on the herizon.

  57. I’m not saying he’s innocent nor guilty, BUT a question.
    Without a warrant for the cellphone or videotapes, aren’t they still his? Aren’t they HIS to destroy is he see fit? I can’t destroy my own cell phone?

  58. if you’re friends with people dumb enough to shoot someone in cold blood, don’t go down with the ship trying to protect them. sticking up for your friends is one thing, but this is in another realm altogether.

  59. Sad, I was a big fan of his. And a big fan of “innocent until proven guilty”

    But even if he’s cleared of murder and all the other stuff. There is enough in these reports about the people he’s been hanging with (assuming 1/3 of it true), that I don’t want him wearing a Flying Elvis no more.

    Good bye Aaron, you made some seriously bad decisions.

  60. He was taught during his first week as a rookie, destroy all video evidence. Its the Patriot way.

  61. tsuscrumhalf says:

    I may have not made my point clearly. It was not that RayRay was or was not guilty of murder but rather that just this stink of being involved with a murder will end Hernandez career as so many are assuming. The stink of the Atlanta murders was all over RayRay but it had no effect on his NFL career. But if you think RayRay was a totally “wrong place at the wrong time” participant in those murders I believe you are terribly naive…

  62. I hypothesize that be dropped his cellphone onto his security system, badly damaging both and the ensuing mess required the cleaning service. Or maybe not…

  63. I don’t intend this as a flippant comment, but won’t it be ironic/interesting to see new ESPN analyst Ray Lewis commenting on these events?

  64. $20 says one of those perps took pictures of the body with their cell phones and later realized how bad that was. Hernandez was never the sharpest tool in the shed. It’s not like had to go to class or anything at Florida under Urban Meyer.

  65. Looks like Aaron Hernanndez may make the final four for the Turd Mt. Rushmore. Other finalists are Ray Carruth, Ryan Leaf, OJ, Titus Young, Pac Man Jones, Plaxico Burriss, Rolando McLain and Ray Lewis.

  66. sanitytrek | Jun 20, 2013, 3:47 PM EDT
    He should have asked Belicheat how to destroy evidence!!

    Nah Bill is an amateur…now Ray Lewis he is the expert at obstructing and saving his sorry butt.

  67. Not only are these three guys stupid, they’re also lazy. They actually hired a cleaning team to come clean out the house? Come on guys, if you’re going to murder your buddy, at least take the time to wipe down the crime scene yourselves.

  68. Aaron better hope Uncle Conrad and Aunt Ginny are millionaires. I don’t think they have oak in the big house.

  69. @ tsuscrumhalf

    Great break down of the Ray Lewis case. Way to take it to these people who watch a news clip and claim to know all that happened including calling the man a murderer every time he appears on this site.

    Nice to see some intelligence on here combating the “crime” (we all wish) of ignorance. Good job, bro.

  70. Just because he destroyed his cell phone doesn’t mean they can’t get info from it. The police can subpoena phone records and texting records from phone companies that will give all the info they need.

  71. godofwine330 says

    Perhaps you should read the post rather than defending RayRay. Never said he was guilty of murder just that the stink of murder will not necessarily end Hernandez career just as it did not end RayRay’s

  72. If he is arrested, the good news is we won’t have to see that silly make it rain TD celebration dance Hernandez performs ad nauseum!

  73. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to remove the battery and throw it in the trash somewhere? Breaking it then handing it over to the cops is a little obvious, right? Just say it’s missing.

  74. I knew from the beginning he was guilty but he is a new england patriot he will only get a slap on the wrist just like when he shot that man in florida in the face he walked but if It was any of us we would get the death penelty

  75. If I’ve learned anything from our overlords its that he should just call all his detractors conspiracy theorists.

    Part of the story doesn’t add up…. conspiracy theory!

    He should edit the videos from his home and call a press conference and show 3 frames from a video that doesn’t show anything. Claim all other videos cannot be show because of national security.

    Its key to call those that know the story is a lie either kooks or conspiracy theorists.

  76. I have a legal question about the 5th Amendment.

    No person shall be…compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself…

    Can his lawyer defend Hernandez’s destruction of his home security video as being protected under the 5th?

  77. This story is very shocking to me. Aaron Hernandez your NFL career is over. The New England Patriots will release Aaron Hernandez by the end of the week I believe. It is surprising that he has not been arrested at this point. It will be even more shocking to me if somehow Hernandez is able to have all charges against him dropped. If the justice system works as it should, Aaron Hernandez will be convicted of charges related to this murder. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Lloyd family.

  78. keylimelight says:
    “Can his lawyer defend Hernandez’s destruction of his home security video as being protected under the 5th?”

    Nope. Straight up obstruction of justice. You can keep your mouth shut but you can’t destroy evidence.

  79. This guy appears to be a bit on the slow side. Maybe he photographed or videotaped the murder and destroyed the cell phone to get rid of the photo/video evidence on his phone.

  80. This one’s easy, 1) plead out to obstruction of justice 2) always talk about god
    3) pretend to be involved in the community
    4) praise god all the time
    5)Go to 3rd world countries and provide soccer balls
    6) Always thank God, even when God has nothing to do with it
    7) then you’re home free

    – Ray Lewis

  81. Guilty. I expect to see a White Bronco during the middle of the game, as they cut away while Dan Crawford and the boys swing the game for Miami with no witnesses.

  82. Hernandez better have received some advice in destroying digital images and files because simply smashing the phones and the surveillance system will mean very little to digital forensic investigators. He also better hope none of those phones or the security system had cloud based backups.

    It’s obvious those media had something else that would be of interest to police. Everyone knows that wireless companies have phone records they will share with police.

  83. Reminds me of when Ray Lewis destroyed and discarded the white suit he was wearing when he was involved in murder.

    Innocent people don’t destroy evidence.

  84. What is WRONG with this guy?

    Why doesn’t he understand Bellichek instructions…

    Step 1. Admit having the cellphone tapes, but say that there is nothing on them

    Step 2. Don’t destroy the cellphone tapes, rather give them to Goodell so he can destroy the evidence to make it all look clean

    Step 3. Slap on the wrist because there are different rules for Patriots

  85. Hernandez doesn’t need advice from Ray Lewis. Ray never injured anybody, nor did anybody every say he injured anybody.

    Instead KEEP this all in the AFC L east…
    He should get advice from O.J.
    You know..just killer to killer

    Ever since those Patriots fans put up that Ray Lewis countdown billboard bad things have happened. My PRAYERS have been answered.

  86. Ray Lewis’s car was shot up with 18 bullet holes in Atlanta. And the Atlanta DA admitted political pressure to avoid labeling Atlanta as dangerous was the only reason to hold Ray Lewis – Ray was a scapegoat.

    Yet Aaron Hernandez is supposedly Ray Lewis???

    Only the Patriot Fans and CBX would make that connection.

  87. OJ Simpson: I did not do it, find real killer
    Rae Caruth: I did not do it, I cared about her
    PacMan: Blah, blah, blah
    Jovan Belcher: I loved her
    Anthony Smith: I would never do that
    Donte Stallworth: glug, glug, glug
    Michael Vick/Ron Mexico: Just was a dog, love dogs
    Tom Kane: Beat/stab ouch. Says insane, ha!!!
    Hubert Thompson: I am insane!!!!!!
    Ray Lewis: I am not going down this way

    Welcome to our little club Aaron. Now you have to say something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. Goodell, you have bigger problems than your PR crap you promote

  88. I suppose the Patriots are assuming that different rules apply to them. They hired Tebow to clean up their image. Isn’t that always the case?

    Stab somebody in the back, then have the PRIEST over for dinner. That is so New England.

  89. Aaron,

    You can always pretend you don’t know anything at all like Fast n Furious, like Benghazi, like the IRS, like your college records, like your passport that you went to Pakistan, like Bill Ayers friendship. Just keep saying “I was not made aware of this, but it is troubling”

  90. Hernandez: Coach, there’s this really incriminating video tape…what do I do?

    Belichik: Get rid of it, son, pronto. Trust me on this one.

  91. Comments about tapes, cheating and Belichick lack whatever humor (or contempt) aren’t at all humorous if people stop to consider one thing.

    Someone is dead. Nothing humorous about that.

  92. Lets see: A civil suit filed in Florida wherein it is alleged that Hernandez was in a vehicle and accidentally shot a guys eye out. Then, Hernandez is in a vehicle wherein a fellow passenger ends up shot and dumped (like the florida case). In criminal law its called an “Other Bad Acts Notice” which may allow the prosecutor in Mass. to use the similarities in Florida to Prosecute Hernandez in Massachusetts. If he is charged for this crime because it appears he got a huge pass from prosecution for the poor guy in Florida.

    I know…..”allegedly.”

    Go Lions!

  93. vincentbojackson says: Jun 20, 2013 5:04 PM

    Reminds me of when Ray Lewis destroyed and discarded the white suit he was wearing when he was involved in murder.

    Innocent people don’t destroy evidence.

    Tell that to Roethlisberger.


    nothing happened.

    Well played, Nancy Grace, convict him in the court of public opinion, but if any of these REPORTS: were true, Hernandez would have been in handcuffs by now.

  95. Has anyone else gotten no work done today from following this story online?

    Oh, and reading the comments……my side hurts from laughing!

  96. bowmanj35 says: Bellichek say this won’t be a distraction.

    Do you happen to know what Belichick said?

  97. Possible sleazy defenses:

    1: The concussions made me do it

    2: I’m gay and the pressure against gay players by their teammates, the fans, and the league made me snap when the victim called me something that rhymes with flag. Oh if only a courageous player would just come out!

  98. If he is the actual trigger man?wow,I dont think so and I hope not..Not a Pats fan at all but just hoping he is not that loco.

    I hope he is not that stupid to think by destroying the phone he has actually destroyed the history.Im gonna give him the BOTD on this one.

    Obviously he knows that the LEOs have connected him to the Vic.Otherwise CSI would not be in Casa da 81. So detroying the Surveillance system will do what exactly?

    Buy some time for someone else to get out of dodge maybe? familia?

    Was the Vic seen leaving his place in that particular car with that someone? time stamp? “time of death connection”?

    Maybe he had the cash to go buy the get high.
    Deal gone bad! or just a straight Jack, are you rattin out the gangsta Weed connect?

    confused? you wont be,after this episode of….

    I’ll take the obstruction to justice charge behind door # 2…

  99. Let’s look at the destruction of the cellphone – he knows that the call records are retrievable at the company, but what’s IN the cellphone is photos and videos, that can be recovered even if deleted. Odds that the genius shot pics or video of the body?

  100. 98.5, the Sports Hub in Boston, is reporting that the police recovered the surveillance video from the destroyed video surveillance devices. According to the report, it showed Hernandez and the victim leaving the house, then the neighbors heard gun shots, and the video showed Hernandez returning alone. This is sounding pretty bad for him.

  101. What do you have to do to become a suspect in Boston? Not saying he did it but it is painfully obvious he should be considered an unsub as they say in “Criminal Minds”.
    Un – named suspect.

  102. Destroyed security cameras
    Destroyed cell phone
    House cleaning crew

    He could only look more guilty if he was wearing the dead guy’s head like a Davey Crockett hat.

  103. I just heard Bill Belichick is going to put Hernandez on waivers where he will be immediately claimed by Jacksonville, and this whole thing will move back down to Florida.

    Dang! He’s always one step ahead… does he do it?


  104. @afterthesecrowdedstreets
    You might have mentioned that they added Tebow to their circus tent and the owner is trying to recover a SB ring from Putin which may result in more putrification of US/Russia relations.

  105. Returning home alone in what? on foot? why leave the rental near the body?

    Man I want to hear all the facts on this one because the more “unofficial reports” that come out the less sense it makes.

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