Report: Hernandez neighbors heard gunshots early Monday

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It’s been a fluid situation over the past three days for Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.  The problem is that the fluid hasn’t been flowing in a positive direction for the player.

The latest development comes from FOX 25, which reports that neighbors heard gunshots early Monday morning.  Per FOX 25, video shows Hernandez and two other men walking into his house “within minutes” after the shots were heard.

FOX 25 reports that the shots were heard by neighbors between 3:00 and 3:30 a.m. ET on Monday, but that they didn’t report the noise to police at the time.

Also, FOX 25 confirms that the hard drive attached to Hernandez’s video surveillance system was “heavily damaged” when police arrived at the home.  ABC has reported that Hernandez’s cell phone and surveillance system had been damaged.

Earlier today, reported that Hernandez “likely” will be arrested.  It’s unclear what he would be charged with at this point.  Even if he’s not charged with killing 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, whose body was found Monday in an industrial park roughly a mile from Hernandez’s house, Hernandez could face a variety of potential charges, from accessory to obstruction of justice.

197 responses to “Report: Hernandez neighbors heard gunshots early Monday

  1. Those were not gunshots. Hernandez and his buddies were lighting fireworks to celebrate the 14th of June. Duh.

  2. Anybody else keep hearing the “dung-dung” from Law & Order in their head when these stories post?

  3. Jake Ballard, please pick up the white courtesy phone. Jake Ballard, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

  4. It’s pretty obvious this guy’s NFL career is done. Once you start working hard fulltime for several years you come to despise people like this making millions of dollars who probably has a brain the size of a pea but just because he can run routes and catch a ball….

  5. Hernandez wouldn’t want me on his jury. I’m old school, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a freaking duck. If he was innocent he wouldn’t have to destroy his surveillance equip., cell phone, hire a scrub down team for his house, etc. etc. Cameras and video equipment can do one of two things, prove innocence or prove guilt and he chose to destroy both…….and don’t give me this “innocent until proven guilty crap” because we all know how well that worked with Ray Lewis and OJ. The NFL needs to get even tougher and quit letting expensive lawyers play word games. Too many players are actually criminals who get work-released on Sundays to play ball.

  6. This has got to be one of the stupidest people to walk the planet! (Allegedly) shoots a guy in a car with his name attached to it, near his own house and within earshot of his neighbors, gets filmed by his own surveillance equipment leaving with the victim and returning without him. When the cops finally make the arrest it will be an open and shut case against this fool. What a dummy!!

  7. When you destroy your surveillance system I would say things don’t look good. This whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test , “likely arrest” soon to change to arrested

  8. Hernandez is in deep water. It will be interesting to see how this investigation plays out. I’m not going to make any assumptions, but it doesn’t look good for him.

    If it is true that he killed or is an accomplice, then that’s awful. And he should be sent away like any other criminal.

  9. If it wasn’t for the fact that he is a celebrity, he would have been arrested already. How much more probable cause do you need?!!!

  10. I still can’t get past dumping a body in an industrial park a mile from your house. That is what you do with an old mattress. Not a dead body.

  11. Just ask former Nets center Jayson Williams… the cover-up is always worse than the act… Williams’ killing of limo driver Gus Christofi would have been a non-criminal tragic accident without the whitewash attempt.

    Hernandez could probably expedite the resolution of this whole mess by turning himself in and telling police what he knows. Instead, the police and DA will work to deliver more serious indictments against him based on the evidence they’ll now be VERY careful with.

  12. This whole story is crazy and just keeps getting crazier. I was really young when the Ray Lewis thing happened, and obviously even younger when OJ went down, so this is seriously the craziest thing Ive seen in pro sports. Even is hes compleely innocent, its still such a weird story, as well as the other face shooting story. Failed drug tests, gang affiliations, shooting people in the face, and you might have killed a dude.
    Good bye NFL, Hello Day time Soap Opera

  13. I believe that in some states the penalties for obstruction of justice and perjury in a murder case can me equal to murder itself. If he destroyed the hard drive and the phone, its seems he’d go down for at least that. Anyone know what the law in Mass. is?

  14. My guess is that this is all circumstantial. Cell phones and surveillance cameras tend to miraculously become damaged at the kookiest times… I hate when that happens.

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but for god sakes you can’t take the trailer park out of that girl.

    Florida, you make us proud… The U, hanging chad, Milf Hunter, and now the TE from U of F.

  15. Hernandez is done. So who is Brady going to throw the ball to after week 3? Amendola will be on IR and Gronk on the pup list.

  16. A part of me wants to really exercise my critical thinking to see what I do no know and to be open about this. The fact that the media is feeding us evidence of this detrimental nature is sure to make my perspective a heavy weight workout. Hard to see anything but shady street behavior out of this.

  17. Earlier today, reported that Hernandez “likely” will be arrested.


  18. When these NFL stories happen, it amazes me that people bash Tebow. For what reason? Because he isn’t the NFL player superstar that helps your team win as much as a Ray Lewis, Aaron Hernandez, Ben Rothlesberger? I much rather have my boy emulate Tebow than these other guys on the field and off the field. There’s a lot more to life than winning a football championship in life. For starters, how about being a man who is responsible, makes good choices, treats women well, and doesn’t get arrested.

  19. Report: BB is Mad as a Rattlesnake lol. I’m not a Fan of the Pats obviously but there a 1st Class Organization and this looks like it’s not gonna End Well.

  20. see you in 10 to 20 years…. What a dumb a$$. The FCC requires cellphone companies to keep digital records for a period of time text, web searches, call history etc.

  21. I’m trying to picture a scenario where Hernandez did not have anything to do with the murder. I can’t. Jesus. Now the neighbors heard gunfire? And when is the last time you destroyed your phone, alarm system and had your house professionally cleaned in the same 12 hour period. How could he be innocent? This guy is circling the drain rapidly.

  22. OK, start a pool on when he gets arrested.

    I’ll take Saturday morning between 8 and 9.

  23. A pretty specific time frame for the neighbors. I am usually asleep at 3am. But hey, maybe its between 3pm and 3 am?

  24. Hernandez now looks longingly back to the good old days, when he was only dealing with the worries about shooting his buddy’s eye out.

  25. Has Hernadez gotten the phone number for Garland, Samuel and Loeb yet? I hear they do wonders for NFL players facing murder and/or obstruction of justice charges.

  26. Its gonna be awesome when Winslow finishes the season with more catches than Gronk and Hernandez combined this year. J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!

  27. I’ve watched enough First 48 to know that if you are with someone who kills someone, and help them conceal/clean up the mess- you’re getting charged with murder. Like they said in My Cousin Vinnie- aidin’ and abettin’

  28. The truth shall set you free…or not. In this case, the truth may send you to prison for the rest of your life.

  29. “Let’s kill the dude and then bust our cell phones and disable the surveillance system…we’re home free bros, they can’t pin it on us.”

    And they say college football players don’t get an education!

  30. You or I would be in jail two days ago…. This guys ego is so big, he has no clue what’s coming his way.

  31. This guy is starting to look like a scumbag gangsta. Ray Lewis got away with (blank, you know what), this guy probably will too.

    and yes, Mr. censor. I know you are going to delete this because I mentioned your Saint Ray in connection with a murder. You always do.

  32. He would never have been caught if Belichick coached him on how to properly cover up a crime.

  33. The hole just keeps getting deeper, almost by the hour.

    We have a dead guy, who had ties to Hernandez, and who was last seen with Hernandez.

    We have four guys seen in a car driven by Hernandez, but only three make it into the house.

    We have the body found less than a mile from Hernandez’ home.

    We have the body found near a car rented to Hernandez.

    We have Hernandez “lawyering up” and refusing to cooperate with police.

    We have a cell phone turned over to the police, in pieces.

    We have a home security system intentionally damaged.

    We have a cleaning crew called out to Hernandez’ house, in a hurry, before the police arrive.

    We have a sudden release of a story of a previous shooting, a few short months ago, previously kept under wraps until this latest incident.

    And now, we have reports of gunshots at Hernandez’ house, at 3AM.

    Circumstantial, but a lot of it.

  34. Pats not going to Super Bowl unless Teebow can get Jesus to get Hernandez out of this and I think he used that favor at Denver vs. Pitt

  35. Car in his name, body of an associate, was with him the night it happened, friends running from house to be stopped by police, having his house profesionally cleaned monday, cell phone and video footage destroyed , neighbor here’s gunshots. I’f I had to guess I’d like to say hes played his last game in the NFL. Possibly could make a comeback with the bengals, I hear pacmans giving advice , maybe hernandez should sit in.

  36. He needs to go away for a while, he has way to much to do with this not to be put away for a bit.

    I understand justice unfortunately doesn’t always work that way though.

  37. I was just thinking, why doesn’t stuff like this happen with hockey player?

    I like him on the field, but this sounds really bad. Unlike Ravens fans.. I will not look the other way.

  38. Jeez, Bob Kraft, how much would you pay for Welker right about now?

    Maybe it’s time to bring Deion Branch back, so Brady has a receiving corps.

  39. What if…

    Hernandez and company are creating evidence to confound the investigation. For example:

    –firing shots near the house to create the idea that the death happened there,
    –crushing personal phones though they may have bought “burner” phones for that night,
    –having a cleaning company come just because it conspicuously casts suspicion.

    This apparent and brazen obstruction of justice may just be a bunch of red herring stuff to cloud the investigation.

    Just wondering out loud.

  40. I submit to you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that these neighbors heard gunshots because it was these very same neighbors that were pulling the trigger causing the gunshots!!! How else can you explain this activity at 3AM in the morning when most good people are home sleeping as was my client…you know, right after that video was taken…

  41. Hernandez is the Alpha Dog of his crew. Why would he leave the rented car? Because when you put a gun to someone’s head and fire there’s something called blowback. You get covered with blood. If they moved he body( app partly hey did) you get more blood on you. Leaving the car then is preferable to getting initial and covering it with blood. That’s why he hired a cleaning crew to scrub his house, but blood is pesky. It’s a woefully hard to get rid of. He tried to destroy all electronic evidence, but these days he’s always a trail somewhere. Maybe the NSA. It’s better to be thought a murderer than proven one. Unfortunately for AH, these days rental companies have a black box to tell everywhere that car is at all times. It also tells how many people re in he car. By driving profiles, it may even identify the driver. I think he’s screwed one way or the other. I doubt he ever plays football for anyone again. Stupid is as stupid does.

  42. Dang.. This guy seriously needs to be detained as soon as possible. He thinks he can get away with it. The arrogance of destroying his cell phone and surveillance system. Don’t put me on a jury.

  43. ” firing shots near the house to create the idea that the death happened there,
    –crushing personal phones though they may have bought “burner” phones for that night,
    –having a cleaning company come just because it conspicuously casts suspicion.”

    That’s smart. Your buddy is killed and you frame yourself to convince the cops you didn’t do it.

    Crazy? Crazy like a fox.

  44. rexryanjr says:
    Jun 20, 2013 11:09 PM
    Its gonna be awesome when Winslow finishes the season with more catches than Gronk and Hernandez combined this year. J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!

    Looks like your Jets swapped TE’s with the Pats.
    You got last years Patriot TE in Winslow.
    And they got your last years TE in Tebow.
    On paper i’d say you stole belicheks lunch.

  45. wow waste of talent. Sad to see all these millionaire athletes still get in trouble with the law with all the money they have. He definitely played some type of role in the murder in my opinion. But he may dodge a bullet from the law if theres only circumstantial evidence

  46. Sorry Lebron, Hernandez will be front page tomorrow and not just in the Sports section.

  47. quackbury says: Jun 20, 2013 11:58 PM
    “Jeez, Bob Kraft, how much would you pay for Welker right about now?”

    I think quackbury deserves some kind of award for this observation. The Pats’ front office must be grinding their teeth.

  48. Most modern surveillance systems have offsite back-up and it would seem unlikely that AH would buy the $39.99 ‘do it yourself’ surveillance system from Radio Shack. My guess is that AH had a major “oh crap” moment when he was informed of this fact.

  49. Man people are salty at Ray Lewis. Ray didn’t kill anybody, he did however ride in a limo from a crime scene with the person who stabbed and killed someone, who was later exonerated of the charges due to self defense. If they find out hernandez didn’t but went thru all that trouble covering it up I assume he’ll do plenty of time. Keeping your mouth shut is one thing but actively destroying evidence directly tied to a homicide is a little passed obstruction.

  50. As a Patriots fan, I really hope that Hernandez wasn’t involved, but the more that comes out the more it looks like he is guilty. I think the Patriots know it too. Today, Hernandez went to work out at Gillette Stadium and the staff told him to leave the facility. Its not looking good for Hernandez.

  51. Anyone with that much ink is bad news. NFL should ban Tattoos. Kaepernick is next I think… punk

  52. Put two n two together. Aaron shot a guy in the face a week ago. His money almost got let him get away with it until the guy brought the case back up. Ever since he pulled that trigger he felt so powerful he couldn’t resist to pull it again and this time it resulted in a death. The power holding and pulling the trigger will make u feel unstoppable. Most of you laugh but the nfl fame wasn’t enough for him. He’s most likely not right In the head. He lost it all. In one night. Drinking and guns are dangerous. Takes one argument.

  53. I’m surprised no one has cut a deal yet. Only a matter of time, of course. I say a week.

    The problem for Hernandez is, the guy with the most to lose is the most reluctant to admit guilt. See Vick, Michael.

  54. There are no comparisons to this and Ray Lewis’s case. Ray Lewis was at the scene of the altercation however witness testimonies all claimed that he had no interaction in it, his group didn’t start the fight, and after testifying one of the two guys said that he should of stabbed Lewis too.

    While I’m not going to pass judgement on this, the reports thus far are giving the suggestion that Aaron is much more involved than Lewis, who has compelling evidence that suggests he didn’t stab anybody..white suit is irrelevant.

  55. Well, I guess they don’t have to worry about the Tebow signing being a distraction…

  56. Before everyone says he is screwed all the evidence is circumstantial. So unless they have solid evidence of him at the crime, even if there is evidence of him in the car it can easily be attributed to the fact that he rented the car and then loaned it to his ” associate” , or they find the weapon they might not even be able to indict him.

  57. The neighbors are dolphin fans. So both TE are out of the equation. Big whole for NE. I guess the wind change direction. Now its blowing South. Juaaaaaa..

  58. It could be another Casey Anthony type thing…they know the conclusion but not so much what led to that conclusion.

  59. patriotenvy says: Jun 20, 2013 11:32 PM

    I was just thinking, why doesn’t stuff like this happen with hockey player?


    c’mon, you know the answer to that question.

  60. Sure seems like he’s got something to do with it…

    Word of him being a “tight end” is going to get around the prison he ends up in pretty quickly.

  61. Sad thing is, if this was me or any other ordinary citizen, we would have already been booked on murder charges. Hell, I was arrested last year for tampering with a motor vehicle and I had never seen the car before in my life.

  62. its a lot of information, but most of it seems to lead to three individuals, not just hernandez.

    if I had to make a guess, one of the two friends he was with, will try and take the fall. hernandez has a LOT of money on the line here, money that could easily be placed in the bank account of a fall guy, as aaron gives testimony stating it was an accident, that likely gives his friend a lesser sentence

    just a guess, but it sort of seems to be headed that way

  63. Arron , The Raiders on line 1. And line 2. and line 3. Line four is F. Lee Bailey, Johnny Cochrane, and Kardashian. All dead. guess you out of lawyers. Chumpass

  64. His thought process was destroy all evidence of the incident and hoped nobody heard the gun fire and so it would be difficult to prove what ever happened in the house. But all they done was create even more clues. Its what you do when panicked you dont think straight. Shooting somebody in the face proves this guy is not thinking like a normal person in general. And now this.

  65. You leave the house with this guy Odin. Go to the bar and drink with this guy Odin. Leave the bar with this guy Odin.

    This guy Odin gets shot and killed.

    You return home without Odin. You destroy your surveillance camera and break your phone. Hire a cleaning crew to scrub your house.

    You don’t call police.

    You lawyer up, and refuse to talk.

    Oh, and you shot a guy in the face in Feb.

    Come on down Aaron. And, bring your playbook.

  66. Wait the neighbors heard gunshots but no one called the police? You don’t live in the hood where that kind of thing gets ignored. #crappyneighbors

  67. This has all been orchestrated by Belichick to keep the Tebow media circus from happening. Classic coaching misdirection.

  68. Much love and blessings to the families of all parties involved, especially to the victims family whose life was taken so senselessly and incredibly carelessly..

  69. keylimelight says:
    Jun 21, 2013 12:03 AM
    What if…

    Hernandez and company are creating evidence to confound the investigation. For example:

    –firing shots near the house to create the idea that the death happened there,
    –crushing personal phones though they may have bought “burner” phones for that night,
    –having a cleaning company come just because it conspicuously casts suspicion.

    This apparent and brazen obstruction of justice may just be a bunch of red herring stuff to cloud the investigation.

    Just wondering out loud.
    And his prize for this would be? To go directly to jail?? I guess that is what a good “Boy” would do for his gang, posse, or whatever else you would call it. Yes- destroy any evidence that might might possibly clear me, and take my chances since I am feeling lucky, Loser.

  70. He needs a friendly ol’ local DA, just like Michael Vick had going for him, for a while, in Northern Virginia.

  71. Hernandez will soon be employing the Ray Lewis defense.

    6 month sentence for obstruction of justice followed by the mindless love of an entire city.

    God help us all.

  72. I know I am a gator fan, but I say the same thing after any player on any team gets in serious trouble..
    I will reserve judgment until the justice system runs its course.

  73. I think that the Patriot’s management should ban Hernandez from their facilities until this is straightened out. Guilty or innocent, this will be a bigger distraction than Tebow. I believe in due process of law, but it seems like Hernandez is involved whether he was the actual shooter or not.

  74. Its a shame they stop and frisk average people without probable cause when they are walkin down the street. Yet when its a rich person with all kinds of red flags and evidence against them, they put their kid gloves on.

  75. in other news, aaron hernandez applied a request to change his # from TE #81 to d.o.c.#8199532

  76. How long until Bob Kraft releases a statement saying Hernandez is being framed by the KGB in order to Shut him up about the Great Rooskie Ring Heist?

    Lesson here? Dont mess with Putin LOL

  77. Didn’t this clown ever watch Goodfella’s?

    You drive (out into the country) at least 50 miles away from, and you dig a hole.

    Not a mile and dump a body in plain sight- so you can race back home to play Madden!


  78. How the heck did ESPN, etc not know about Hernandez’s prior shooting? Even last night, if you weren’t watching during the 2 minutes they spent on Hernandez you would have no clue this is going on. If Tebow practices shirtless it’s frontpage news but potential murder and a shooting by a star Patriots player, not so much.

    I’ve seen fringe football players who transport drugs across state lines who get more headline ESPN news than this.

  79. Where does he come up with a “scrubber?” I can’t imagine that you just go to the Yellow Pages or 411. Patriots security department? A local Marsellus Wallace? Google search?

    Make room Rae Carruth.

  80. I live in Pennsylvania and I also heard the shots, I also saw Brady and Belichick running away from the house.

  81. Me Hernandez. Me angry. Me kill friend. Me smash surveillance system. Me smash cell phone. Nobody will think me guilty.

  82. Maybe, just maybe, someone else besides the three guys in the car shot Odin.

    Could have been a Costa Nostra revenge thing….

  83. People act like Hernandez is done cause of a murder charge. He’s a football player with millions of dollars. He’s likely facing 2-3 months max and up for early release for good behavior after serving 3 days!

  84. All I want to know is what went on for the half hour he was at Foxboro yesterday – I would love to have been a fly on the wall for that one.

  85. “The problem is that the fluid hasn’t been flowing in a positive direction for the player.”

    It’s only a problem for exactly one (1) person. And that one (1) person is completely in charge of his own life. I couldn’t care less if it’s not “flowing in a positive direction for the player”. He’s a freaking football player.

  86. Aaron, you poor thing. Ya know, if you went to Notre Dame and got that religious education instead of Gator Industries, you’d be a real man now.

    Doesn’t anyone explain to these kids that this place we are on is all temporary? They will be held accountable???? Morality ain’t a trend folks, it is absolute.

    Kinda feels like Roma:

    “Had every Roman father been teaching his sons righteousness instead of war, and every mother making a home for her children; had all parents assembled their children in their homes instead of the circuses and public baths; had they taught them chastity and honor and integrity and cleanness; would Rome still be a world power? Certainly it was not the barbarians from the north but the insidious moral termites within that destroyed the Roman world empire…. “

  87. Man, I’m sorry but this is bs. I’m from Massachusetts, and if people heard they’d be the first ones running to their phones calling the cops. Not just sitting there not doing anything about it. And the fact this report came from Fox News, like really? Are we supposed to believe it. Aaron is a complete idiot but Fox News? They’re on a different level.

  88. Kid is not smart considering the evidence being
    collected, but I will tell you this, If I was there
    and didn’t shoot anyone, I’m calling the cops.
    Let the cops figure it out, to think you can get away with a murder in a very complicated situation and then the cops want to talk and you
    are not cooperating, well this is what you get.

    Why do I think that the ladies are somehow wrapped up in this.

    oh boy!

  89. What in the world makes these guys believe (not think – no) that they are going to get away with murder?
    An obviosly dumb dude like Hernandez, who has the skills to make millions, should just hire a reputable personal coach (or is it a butler?) to tell him what to do every minute of every day.

  90. Them’s some mean streets in that part of North Attleboro. I’d imagine those neighbor’s hear gunshots regularly.

  91. Hernandez: “Yo they caught me, what should I do?’

    “Just say it wasn’t you” – Shaggy.

    If only he was as good at getting away with murder as Urban Meyer is with getting away with recruiting violations.

  92. All the police have to do is call the NSA for his phone records and the FBI for drone video footage of his house at the time of the shooting. That should give them all of the evidence they need.

  93. You hear gunshots and don’t call the police??? What’s up with that??
    A cleaning crew is called in on Monday??? What for?? Alarm system destroyed and cell phone broken?? What is right with any of this???
    Hernandez had bad friends at Uof Florida, obviously hasn’t changed much since those days.

  94. Whats more important is a cell phone, Hard Drive and person were destroyed in the process. hope he had Apple care.

  95. Not exactly the perfect crime, was it? At this rate, they’ll soon find video of him pulling the trigger.

  96. The guy shot was his wife’s sister’s husband. Seems like it would be odd for them to be fighting in theory.

  97. The dumbazz doesn’t even seem to realize that unless he burned them to a smoldering crisp, data can often be recovered from hard drives and sold state memory.

  98. He certainly looks in trouble but I think it is important to let the American justice system run its course. In other words he has not been convicted of anything at this point.

  99. He should set aside some extra quality time with that special female in his life. He is most likely gonna be without that opportunity for a long long time. What a fool this guy is. Had it ALL!

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