Reports about Hernandez background piling up

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With more and more reports about Aaron Hernandez’s potential involvement in a murder investigation, the stories about his previous brushes with the law are only building.

And with everyone looking, anything he’s done is bound to come out.

Sports Illustrated mentioned that several NFL teams were concerned about potential gang related activity by some of Hernandez’s associates prior to the draft. That talk, even if it never advanced beyond rumors, likely contributed to his draft stock falling as much or more than reported failed drug tests in college.

Now, there’s another report that he was connected to a shooting in Florida while he was in college, though no charges were filed.

According to Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel, Hernandez and three other Gators players were questioned about a shooting the night after a 2007 game. He refused to comment on it while he was a student.

That report also notes a juvenile arrest for an altercation at campus hangout called The Swamp, for which he received deferred prosecution.

Neither of those incidents necessarily have anything to do with his current situation.

But they add brushstrokes to the portrait of a player that’s looking much different than it looked a week ago.

145 responses to “Reports about Hernandez background piling up

  1. Innocent until proven guilty would be more legitimate if people “proven guilty” were actually guilty. A lot of innocent people behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit but were “proven guilty” for.

  2. This guy probably got away with 2 shootings (although he’s getting sued for one). Looks like its finally caught up with him. Goodbye Aaron, we hardly knew ye.

  3. Man, to see how this guy treats his “friends”… I surely wouldn’t want to be his enemy. He definitely has a mean streak that extends off the football field… The question still remains, is he a murderer?

  4. Did’nt he say that since he has been in NE that he has “Changed to the New England Patriots way”. Bob Kraft is a good man. Way to kill someone and let everyone down idiot.

  5. Way to do your homework NE. Wow. Gang affiliation, shootings and previous arrests? Wheels are finally coming off in Patriot-land.

  6. So the patriots go from having by far the best 1-2 tight end combo in the league to one out with surgery and one going to jail…

  7. There was a reason the Patriots “stole” Gronk and Hernandez in the draft. One had glaring injury red flags(particularly with his back) and the other had glaring character red flags.

    None of this is a surprise for anyone who follows the draft. Pats were playing with fire and finally got burned.

  8. Men come forward with pertinent information when needed. Cowards keep quiet. If you have info Hernandez, SPEAK IT!!!

  9. So they might lose Hernandez and Gronkowski is a physical wreck…bad news for the Pats as those two guys are the bulk of their offensive skill players. It’s real, real thin after that and sorry, Tebow isn’t going to miraculously become a top TE in the NFL just like that. Pats fans should be very concerned from a football standpoint, without those two players they have a serious problem.

  10. Bill saw this coming. That’s why he stole Ballard away from the Giants and signed all those other TE’s last year. He probably shot Gronk in the arm.

  11. Belichick: hey urban, what can you tell me about this aaron hernandez kid?

    Meyer: he’s a terrific guy. Ray lewis was his mentor. Learned leadership skills and other stuff from him. Can’t go wrong.

    Belichick: great. We’ll take him if he’s there in the 4th.

  12. This is why when you get your first NFL check, you buy a home away from where you went to college or grew up. And build a big fence to keep your idiot home boys away from you, your family and ruining your career. Mr Hernandez…so you know why prison is called the slammer?

  13. Who could be that stupid? That 1990’s gangsta lifestyle always pays off in the end – right? He will feel right at home in the “yard” at prison.

  14. This is why he’s not a Washington Redskin. #Weproduceoutstandingcitizensandwinners
    Like Dexter Manley, Timmy Smith, and your lovely Mayor Marion Barry. OUTSTANDING!

  15. Watch out. Percy Harvin is friends with this dude, and Harvin doesn’t exactly have a clean reputation. Dead spin reported that they have evidence of Harvin threatening somebody on a cell phone message.

  16. Hernandez is innocent until proven guilty, nope, the jury trolls here have already convicted him, good job guys, if we amend our constitution to allow PFT trolls to convict and sentence we would be living in a fricken paradise!!!

  17. I’m just guessing here… so if he wasn’t a Florida Gator, he wouldn’t have received deferred prosecution back in 2007? This is almost an incredibly shocking development.

  18. “Logicalvoices” – Please stop speaking for all Redskins fans. It is embarrassing to the rest of us.

    Besides the Skins currently have a guy on the roster who killed a guy while driving under the influence and previously had Albert Haynesworth who couldn’t stay out of legal trouble.

    Just zip it!!

  19. By the time this is over, “BB” will wish he hadn’t stiffed Welker on a new contract.

  20. Can anyone explain the situation of the guy suing for being shot in the face? I mean, isn’t that attempted murder? When i think of suing someone i think about the guy that hit my car and didnt pay not someone shooting me in the face

  21. I would compare this to the Ray Lewis situation. But most Patriots fans think the NFL was invented in 2001, so I don’t think they would understand.

  22. Lol i like the Patriots fans still hoping that this is all a “misunderstanding.” Must have coincidentally decided to destroy his cell phone and surveillance footage the same day a dead body was found next to a rental car in his name. I’m sure he’s really a stand up guy

  23. ” Percy Harvin is friends with this dude”

    He is? He’s lucky he still has a bullet-free face.

  24. The model franchise meesed up?? what? although the NFL is loaded with arrest and bad people on every team… I mean every team.

  25. Strange that Kraft claims that Putin stole his Super Bowl ring, Putin says he could kill someone with that ring, Hernandez failed to get a ring, and the guy dating Hernandez’ girlfriend’s sister is executed. You know the usual suspects. Obama, Tebow, Sanchez. Round em up.

  26. So, even the Mighty Patriots are not immune from drafting and harboring bad guys. Turns out, no teams have cornered the market on these kind of characters. Imagine that?

  27. Newsflash! Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown has been quoted about the ongoing murder case involving Aaron Hernandez.

    Mr. Brown stated: “The Cincinnati Bengals could sure use a guy like Aaron Hernandez”.

    And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  28. Think the whole “Patriot Way” comment has already begun to be a dead horse. Yeah because the patriot way promotes murder and anything else you can come up with. How about this, Let’s stop mixing the patriot way into one individuals bad decisions

  29. The silence from Ampats is deafening. I miss his press releases on this site concerning all things Patriot. He hasn’t insulted me [a Pat’s fan] or the Jets all week. He must be busy.

  30. His lawyer said he did not know this guy and was not in the country at the time of his death…

  31. This is as much of the patriots fault as fat people blaming forks for being fat. I’m a saints fan and I can say that is a stand up organization Aaron’s problem does not outweigh the entire body of work thy organization has displayed

  32. “Neither of those incidents necessarily have anything to do with his current situation.”

    Oh but they do! He’s been getting away with near murder since he was a child. All of those incidents molded him into a person who believes he can get away with anything.

  33. something tells me Shanae and Shanaya Jenkins
    is behind all this, woman ain’t nuttin but trouble.

  34. This is exactly like the Ray Lewis and Michael Vick situations. Those guys were hanging out with the wrong crowd, their ‘homies’, and had trouble getting away from their troubled friends. Yet both were given a second chance. Sounds like the same situation here.

    Patriots should have had a tighter leash on Hernandez just like the Falcons should have with Vick and the Ravens with Ray Lewis.

    But saying how this is the Patriot Way is a joke. Nothing like this has happened before in Pats history yet it seems to be an ongoing daily occurrence with many other NFL teams out there.

  35. I hope the interview goes something like this..
    “So, Aaron, why did you kill him?”
    “Coach and Tom wanted him rubbed out so I did it.”
    “Mr. Kraft said that’s what they pay me for… that and touchdowns”

  36. And on the next episode of “Playmakers”……..

    So tell me again why the NFL stomped on that show because they thought it put the Shield in a bad light?

    Seems the NFL can do bad all by itself.

  37. He’s in a fix if he gets arrested, iven if he didn’t pull the trigger, he won’t give up his gangster buddies. If he did, he’d have to worry about getting whacked humself.

  38. that nyjets fan who followed him for two blocks while harassing him is probably praising jesus and crappin his pants at the same time for his near brush with death.

  39. crimepedrankings says:
    Jun 20, 2013 3:04 PM
    Nice knowing you, Aaron.

    wow this board ridiculous. 56 thumbs up. I would suggest it really wasn’t very nice knowing Aaron.

  40. I know not whether he’s guilty or innocent. What I do know for a fact is, when the extremely wealthy are involved, there is no justice (see 95% of all case involving “upper tier” sports players, doctors and lawyers). I am not the judge of him, not will I ever be, however, since he is so well off, my guess is that his true status for week 1 just went from probable to questionable (no pun intended). If this were me, or any other poor working class shlub, the cell door would’ve locked behind me Tuesday evening (when the story broke first).

    My heart goes out to the victim and his family, no parent should ever have to bury a child. I hope that, for their sales, the real truth comes out and justices is bestowed upon those responsible, and that it happens swiftly, lets not drag this crap out.

  41. “Odin and his goddamn habit of singing along with every song on the playlist. Guy has the worst voice ever. If I told him once, I told him a hundred times….”.

  42. Remember when the Pats used to win Super Bowls with a bunch of classy hard nosed type guys ? (* and filming other teams walk throughs)

  43. if. you think Hernandez is innocent in this your crazy. I’m not say he killed him himself but he definitely was involved . you have your house professionally clean ,destroy your phone and security system. come on

  44. Attention “wanna be beat writers”, why don’t you let the justice system run its course before you kick this guy off the team and put him in jail. Last I heard, he was still NOT charged with a crime. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.


  45. the hand and throat tattoos
    along with the gully slang talk wasn’t a dead give away??

  46. Urban Meyer ran a renegade program at Florida with his special group who were allowed to get away with anything like assaulting coaches (Percy), shooting people (Hernandez), rape, not going to class (the whole team), etc.

    Good luck to the student body in Columbus, Ohio. Buy some pepper spray.

  47. ColtsWinColtsWin!! says:
    Jun 20, 2013 3:17 PM
    Hernandez is innocent until proven guilty, nope, the jury trolls here have already convicted him, good job guys, if we amend our constitution to allow PFT trolls to convict and sentence we would be living in a fricken paradise!!!

    Innocent until proven guilty is strictly a legal issue. That is not a standard when it comes to public opinion (nor should it). Casey Anthony was “innocent” (not proven guilty, so legally she was innocent), but I bet you wouldn’t have her babysit your kids. Would you want OJ dating your daughter?

    But, I really like your username!!

  48. Aaron is bout to go to prison and Gronk will be out of the league due to addiction to surgery, bye bye Pats TE passing game. I bet Tom is furiousssss

  49. blingslade says:
    Jun 20, 2013 3:28 PM
    Newsflash! Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown has been quoted about the ongoing murder case involving Aaron Hernandez.

    Mr. Brown stated: “The Cincinnati Bengals could sure use a guy like Aaron Hernandez”.

    And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

    The Bengals jokes are lame really lame…my team doesnt lead the team in arrest and Pacman is definitely not looking at attemtped murder or conspiracy to cover up evidence…Weak sauce dude weak sauce…Come up with something way better than that… and I hope your team is on our schedule this year so we can SMACK you and watch you get even more bitter… Like Marco said in Taken… “good luck”

  50. Wow, all this is putting Belicheat’s cheating in prespective. I know, I know, thumbs down from Pats fans who believe they won those Super Bowls fairly.

  51. If this is the crowd he runs with there is no way he’s not financing drug trafficking. He look like a sociopath.

    Cut him the second he’s arrested.

    – A Pats Fan

  52. “kokomike says:

    Strange that Kraft claims that Putin stole his Super Bowl ring, Putin says he could kill someone with that ring,

    You ever heard of a thing called a “tall story” ? That’s why the pr people described it as an “amusing anecdote”.

    People used to tell such stories all the time especially if they were funny. Unfortunately we find ourselves living in a ridiculous zero tolerance, zero brainpower society where every tiniest hiccup can be described as some sort of massive problem by the press.

  53. Can we take Aaron Hernandez off of NFL’s top 100 and give Jimmy Graham the respect he deserves now?!?! HTTR!

  54. Hey, Hernandez. Welcome to life under a microscope! Because of this murder mess you got yourself into, every reporter from TMZ to Peter King will be examining your entire life. Looking under every rock to see what other slime ball sh#% you’ve been up to. I am waiting to hear from Hernandez’s 3rd grade teacher about the time he stabbed a classmate with a pencil. I wonder if Kraft is wishing he’d paid Weller what he’s worth? The Pat’s high powered offense is probably gonna look pretty anemic…no Weller. No Hernandez. A gimpy Gronk. But don’t worry, Pat’s fans…your team signed Timmy T and Danny Amendola!

  55. Fortunately, the Patriots have the ultimate media distraction.

    Hernandez? Hernandez? Did you know he played with Tim Tebow at Florida? What’s that? What did Timmy have for breakfast this morning…..

  56. Not a surprise. It starts at the top with a cheating head coach, lying owner…they’ll overlook and do anything to win.

  57. If no charges are field, as determined by law enforcement PROFESSIONALS, what why the blatant attempt to draw a straight line to to the current incident, why don’t you jump pump your brakes and wait for facts, I know that isn’t as fun as jumping to conclusions but it is what rational people do.

  58. jeez if this guy got shot i cant imagine what could of happened to eli had hernandez lost to eli TWICE in the sb.

    watch your back eli- you keep beating the pats in superbowls and theyll spy on your pratice or you might get shot..or maybe youll get shot and theyll get it on camera?..

    ..but then goodell would seize the evidence destroy it give them a slap on the wrist- then fist the saints in the following years to come!

    get stallworths lawyer! but not ochos!!

  59. The NFL has never had a problem letting murderers finish their careers. Hell in some cases they even canonize them. Whatever brings more eyes to the TV.

  60. Figures another Bengal is in trouble…wait he’s not a Bengal? I thought only Bengals got in trouble, at least that’s how posters here act.

    Next we will hear how Gronk’s injuries were really gunshot wounds.

  61. NFL in this case clearly means Not For Long !! Dude is a dope. A new daughter and 35 million reasons to walk the straight and narrow. As a Pats fan I say if he was involved dump his azz, but it seems we have possibly seen the last of this dude on a football field. As evidence mounts I’m sure he can feel the walls closing in…….what a waste of huge talent. Just another story of the HOOD destroying yet another talent.

  62. Just amazes me the decision making process of some of these guys. Millions of dollars at stake and they just seem to be ho hum about it and treat life like they’re the only ones on the planet. I myself am only a middle class citizen and am grateful for that (god knows its worst for a lot of others) and even I think about the consequences of my actions for obvious reasons. I guess some guys just don’t get it…

  63. I have absolutely no idea on what’s going on in this scenario however it doesn’t look good. Hernandez is looking like a contract killer more and more.

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