Vinatieri, Bruschi battling for last spot on Pats’ Mt. Rushmore

Getty Images

Later today, we’ll pull the sheet off the New England Mt. Rushmore.  Based on fan voting, three of the names are pretty much set in, well, stone.

The last spot features a race to the finish between kicker Adam Vinatieri and linebacker Tedy Bruschi.

Ordinarily, we’d scoff at putting a kicker on the mountain.  (See Kasay, John.)  But when a team wins three Super Bowls by a field goal each and the kicker in question played a pivotal role in one of the greatest postseason NFL games of all time, it’s time to consider making an exception.

Especially when the kicker was born and raised in South Dakota.

Find out who the winner is tonight on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk.