Aaron Rodgers takes a shot at Gruden by taking a shot at Magic

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As a Monday Night Football analyst, former NFL head coach Jon Gruden has developed a reputation for offering nothing but positive commentary: This guy is great, that guy is great, every guy is great. Although Gruden has built a successful media career with that approach, he also takes some criticism for fans and members of the media who would prefer a color commentator who’s willing to speak with more candor when a player isn’t getting the job done.

And it turns out that at least one NFL player thinks Gruden goes overboard, too.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was entertainingly tweeting during Thursday night’s NBA Finals Game 7, and in one particular tweet, he critiqued ESPN basketball analyst Magic Johnson by saying that Johnson is too much like Gruden because he talks like “Everybody is the greatest everything.”

[tweet https://twitter.com/AaronRodgers12/status/347948582994857984%5D

I don’t watch enough of ESPN’s NBA coverage to know if Rodgers’ criticism of Johnson is valid, but I do agree with Rodgers that Gruden can be so relentlessly positive about every player that his analysis becomes pointless: When you call every player great it can serve to diminish the players who are truly great. Perhaps that’s why it took a truly great player to call Gruden out.

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  1. I wonder what Gruden and Magic Johnson would say about Aaron Hernandez. Is he the greatest murderer of all-time?

  2. Aaron you’re great and all, but you sound like such a bratty lil kid at times.

    Like your voice is one to judge?

    Magic is a legend, he deserves that right, he is nothing near to what Gruden is to NFL, so terrible comparison.

    Sounds salty must be a LeBron hater, clearly LeBron has a chance to go down as one of best ever, he is 28 with 2 rings, countless records and MVP’s …


  3. Eh Magic is different and worse than Gruden because he criticizes players and coaches often, he’s just heavily misinformed cause he refuses to look at any other context than how he views things from his playing career, even though that ended 2 decades ago. Dude literally just says the most obvious stuff ever, and if you don’t believe me, check his Twitter timeline.

  4. Needed to be said.
    Thank you Aaron.

    Hopefully mister tough guy will actually prove it in the future.

  5. Rodgers once ignored a cancer survivor looking for autographs and now he is taking shots of those who are/were afflicted with HIV. What a class act.

  6. this should have been another Hernandez
    arrest warrant story, I look like those stories, so exciting.

  7. He should’ve been more focused on why in the world Jalen Rose was hosting the halftime show of a Game 7 NBA final.

    Jalen Rose is the Emmitt Smith/Ronnie Lott of NBA Coverage.

  8. Precisely why I like Cris Collinsworth but I know many don’t. At least he says the truth. Sometimes a guy isn’t good or makes a terrible play. I can’t believe Gruden is still on MNF. You’d would’ve thought he’d have talked his way into a coaching job by now.

  9. Couldn’t agree more – Jon Gruden is at his best when he sits down and critiques the college QBs coming out that year. This is when the real Jon Gruden comes out and he will criticize. I wish he would carry that over into his announcing gig – he’d be a much better overall announcer.

    But Aaron Rodgers and anyone associated with the Packers shouldn’t complain too much about Jon, because the Packers are right up there for his favorites because of his histoy with them under Holmgren.

  10. It’s not valid , Gruden is great on MNF I like is schtick of positive positive positive. With Magic , your in the Finals with 3 sure fire HOF’s and 3 multiple All Stars. He’s the positive guy , Bill Simmons is the negative guy , Wilbon is the realist and Jalen runs the table. Go take a pisss break and grab a drink during the intermissions like everyone else and don’t listen.

  11. Well now we know who he’ll be criticizing first. “So how’s that 4th quarter comeback tally coming along there Erin? What have you got, like three now? Aww that’s cute.” What a douche. And a weird looking guy for a starting NFL quarterback, too.

  12. Magic Johnson is the absolute worst he overreacts after every game esp after game 1 he said the heat should be VERY worried then flip flopped more than a fish out of water after every game. Wish he would go back to hosting magic tonight….oh wait he can’t

  13. As a big time Viking fan I wish I could same something smart ass about Rodgers comment on Gruden but I’m stumped… I agree totally.

  14. Everyone lives in the moment (how else can you though?) and tries to evaluate what happened against the past. Everything is always “the greatest play, game, or season so far”. People really fail to put things in perspective. But congrats to the Heat and Spurs (yes I know this is PFT and not PBT)

  15. This guy Aaron Rodgers… this guy is unbelievable. He’s a fast typer, he’s witty, he throws out great princess bride quotes. There are not enough characters available in twitter to describe how phenomenal this guy is. This is the kind of guy you want behind your keyboard.

  16. It’ll get really complicated if Gruden retaliates by taking a shot at Rodgers for taking a shot at Gruden by taking a shot at Magic. Ironically, it could actually help Gruden’s image if he does so.

  17. Well JG is right. We all are beautiful people and we all are absolutely great. We are all so so wonderful. If more people would just tap into there Spirit Selves a little more then everyone could see what JG, Buddha and I see!!

  18. Actually, Magic calls it like it is. He gives credit where credit is due and criticizes players performances when they’re not playing up to their abilities. So I wouldn’t compare the two. Apples and oranges.

  19. I couldn’t agree more with Rodgers. Gruden, with his non-stop superlatives, is unbearable to listen-to renders his “analysis” all but worthless.

  20. I will bet you there are MANY of coach G.’s players who do NOT remember this being his approach when they were on his teams. He is clearly afraid to tell the truth, due to the fact he wants to be a hc in the league at some point. This is one of the traits that Howard Cosell constantly railed about when he took the former players, or the “Jockocracy,” to task during his days in the booth. He firmly believed that former footballers had a conflict of interest when it came to coverage of past mates and friends. He was correct in his assessment.

  21. @bantry1234,
    Since when should a man care to judge how another man looks? Sounds like you’re hiding something. Maybe you should come out of the closet.

  22. contra74 says:
    Jun 21, 2013 5:23 PM
    Rodgers once ignored a cancer survivor looking for autographs and now he is taking shots of those who are/were afflicted with HIV. What a class act.


    Vikings fans are just so classy.

    I’m glad to be a Packer fan.

  23. A) Those are the greatest players in the world Gruden is praising.

    B) I’ve heard plenty of disgust from Gruden. Remember the replacement refs, and the GB/SEA Monday night game?

    C) Magic is gross, and won’t listen to him. Way over-dramatic.

    D) Are there any good announcers left? Can’t really think of any.

  24. So what we’re saying here is that Aaron is pissy because when Gruden calls him great he really means he’s just like every other QB, – Great. When Aaron gets his chance in Gruden’s seat he can tell us Everybody playing now was never as good as he was. Despite his choking championship game opprotunities. But because he’s the biggest whiner and least accountable player in the NFL, that will be some teammates fault. Here’s something Gruden won’t say about pissy boy, Rodgers is the biggest prima donna in the League AND a douche.

  25. contra74 says:Jun 21, 2013 5:23 PM

    Rodgers once ignored a cancer survivor looking for autographs and now he is taking shots of those who are/were afflicted with HIV. What a class act.

    A-Rod had just got done signing autographs for the lady at the airport as the team was boarding their flight. He had literally signed an autograph for her minutes previously and she admitted that she was being greedy.

  26. If your playing in the NFL you have to be great at something. Not just good, because good doesn’t get you in NFL these days !!

  27. the nfl, nhl, mlb, and even the nba are the greatest leagues in the world, full of the greatest players on earth… so both gruden and magic are right… sure, some are better than others, just like there are agood number of qb’s better than rodgers….

  28. MJ will criticize just as much as praise.. see his comments on KOBE And the Lakers..Gruden is in love with the Mannings and Rodgers..never heard him say anything bad even on a bad play..Thats typically the case with NFLs national commentators so he’s e even par with the rest

  29. Rodgers will never come near the success Magic Johnson had in his sport.

    I wonder if he and Ryan Braun were in bed together when twittered that bit.

  30. You mean there is ANOTHER Aaron in this league besides Hernandez!!??

    ..And he is taking “shots” too ?!

    somebody get Goddell on the phone…we need 18 game schedules to keep these guys in line!

  31. “If your playing in the NFL you have to be great at something. Not just good, because good doesn’t get you in NFL these days !!”

    It does if the team sucks at drafting…check how many Raiders and Bears 1st round picks are still playing in the last 10 years, or the list of Jets QB’s over that span.

  32. So Gruden gets a little excited and emotional when talking about football players. That’s up to the GM who employs Gruden to figure out how to manage and get the most out of Gruden. Gruden doesn’t come prepackaged with a filter, and if you want to get the best value stuff and only the prime value stuff, then it’s on you to figure out how to work with him and filter through him to get his best goods. Just because Gruden’s football IQ is way beyond Rodgers’ level and Aaron can’t grasp the value that Gruden possesses, doesn’t mean that his cheap shots poking fun at him hold water or that they are funny. In this case it’s a weak shot against somebody that doesn’t deserve it.

    It’s probably just masking for something going on in Aaron’s life that he hasn’t perfectly been able to figure out how to handle, thus he takes a shot at Gruden to deflect the pain of his own issues. I hope Aaron spends more time practicing throwing passes and less time trying to be a writer, or funny as he is clearly not articulate nor a comedian.

    I don’t dispute that taking shots at Magic and Gruden somehow made Aaron feel better before he went to bed that night, so what does he care what anybody else thinks; this is his world and we all just live here.

  33. First let me say that Aaron Rodgers is my favorite player in the NFL. But I’m not a Packers fan whatsoever.

    But…the arrogance that I”m seeing from him is a turnoff. He’s talking about other guys who pump everyone up to much, but he’s talking like he’s done so much..an he hasn’t. Last I checked, he’s won one Super Bowl..like Trent Dilfer, like Mark Rypien, ….and I believe is tettering on a 500 playoff record. But he talks like he’s a multiple winner. Brady doesn’t even talk like that.

  34. Gruden needs to go back to coaching and get out of the booth. Then we’ll see how great everybody is on his team.

  35. Gruden on Hernandez: This guy, this is the type of guy that will shoot you in the face, then beat the crap out of his cell phone.

  36. Yeah Rodgers, he said you were great. Gruden just need to stop and be honest.

  37. Keep hating on Rodgers. Every fan, with the exception of maybe New England, Denver, and maybe New Orleans would be begging for their team to sign him if he was a free agent right now. But because he plays for the best franchise in the league, you show your jealousy and hatred.

  38. Gruden has a ring. & unfortunately ShAaron does too.
    Okay, packer trolls. A non-viking article for you bash. So, where’s the comments about “kiss the rings?”
    Aarongance at it’s best.

  39. Aaron, you’ll never be Brett Favre. No one will ever be as loved and lauded as Brett. And guess what, one day, you will be replaced, too. And more fans will remember Brett Favres name more than you. God I hate you.

  40. I like Aaron Rodgers and what he brings to our division. But isn’t this the same guy who reacted badly to a 60 Minutes segment for not showing the positive work he was doing for an organization? Frankly, I found the report entertaining and informative for showing his personal side and what drives him to be a successful quarterback as opposed to another fluff story, to which John Gruden goes overboard on. MDS, at least call Rodgers out on his hypocrisy instead of letting it go because he’s the Packers quarterback.

  41. Aaron Rodgers should get off of Chucky’s case. After all, it’s not like he said that the Pack looked great when they got abused by the 49ers during the playoffs or that they played well in 2011 when they got knocked off by the Giants.

  42. Gruden is to pro football what Dickie V is to college basketball. And I stopped watching college basketball largely because of Dickie V. He made it too painful. As long as I don’t watch MNF, I guess I should be OK.

  43. Anyone who watches football knows that all Rodgers does is throw the ball 5 yards and the WR do the rest and pad his stats. This guy is a baby , when does it stop? We didnt lose we beat our self , it was the refs fault etc etc.

  44. I don’t mind Magic since he critiques the hell out of some players, deservedly.

    Now what I do mind is how he openly petitions for Mike Brown to get tossed, and for Dwight Howard to get signed by the Lakers.

    Sure Brown is average at best, but the Dwight lobbying was ridiculous.

  45. If you have to take a shot at someone then you really are not that good yourself.

  46. I don’t watch the NBA (I can’t get into an 82 game season that lasts 11 out of 12 months where only last 2 minutes of the game really matter) but Rodgers is right about Gruden. He has nothing bad to say about anyone. I don’t expect him to bash a player but if they ain’t good or don’t belong in the NFL then say so. You can critique without being nasty or negative. According to Gruden everyone who plays in the NFL is great.

  47. “Toughen up,” cheese bay fans.
    My humor is not being exercised.
    Read this thread. More often than not, ShAaron is disliked, not respected, or criticized accordingly.

  48. Ok let me get this straight, its ok for all you people to talk garbage about other players, coaches and people that post comments on these articles but its not ok for someone who is an mvp, a super bowl mvp, and is better at football than everybody that posted a comment on here to say something about someone else. WoW I lost all my faith in people, it is ridiculous

  49. Aaron is genuinely a good guy probably to a fault but no one can knock what he does on the field so they try and attack his character. Look at the lame attacks not one of which is the truth. It must suck having the qb you do…the jealousy is palpable.

  50. Just because you are a good or great player or coach doesn’t make .you a great commentator.

    I gave up watching any of those talking heads long ago and change the channel whenever they aren’t showing actual sports.

  51. Rodgers is correct. John’s analysis is really no analysis. There’s kids cereal with less sugary sacharine sweetness than Gruden’s commentary. Everyone is the best at everything no matter how obvious it is that they aren’t.

    When Chucky was a coach you never saw him smile and he never said anything nice about the 5 QBs he always had on his roster because he could never decide which one to play. Now that he’s in the booth he turned into a Bob Marley song “Don’t worry, be happy” and somehow that passes for analysis?

    I’m not sure if the people who are calling Rodgers names are Gruden fans or just packer haters.

    Rodger’s isn’t being arrogant, I think angry people are just throwing out whatever words they think might make them sound intelligent. Rodgers never said he was better than anyone else, he’s just as sick as eveyrone else about hearing how everyone in the league is “the greatest”.

  52. Jealous is cheese bay drafting two Rb’s in the same draft hoping that one has a sliver of MVPeterson skill set.
    Word to the wise, you can’t develop a beast running game. Qb’s on the other hand are book oriented.

  53. UGH.

    I was enjoying this post and agreeing with you…. Then that last sentence slapped me across the face. I threw up in my mouth a little.

  54. contra74 says:
    Jun 21, 2013 5:23 PM
    Rodgers once ignored a cancer survivor looking for autographs and now he is taking shots of those who are/were afflicted with HIV. What a class act.

    Hey Contra74- You Douche bag. The reason A.Rodgers walked past the lady was because he had already signed something for her earlier.

    They interviewed the woman later and she said that he was more then generous. That OLD story is a myth. Things aren’t always what they seem.

    I am not sure who your favorite team or quarterback is, but you are probably a jealous Vikings fan.

    “And that’s what she is, the Queen of Refuse. So bow down to her if you want, bow to her. Bow to the Queen of Slime, the Queen of Filth, the Queen of Putrescence. Boo. Boo. Rubbish. Filth. Slime. Muck. Boo. Boo. Boo.” Her being whoever your qb is.

  55. Magic. “Dwayne Wade, you are the most selfless person on the face of this earth!”

  56. He’s right. Magic referred to Wade as the most unselfish person on the planet last night. Hey, Wade might be a good guy, but cmon.

  57. John Gruden once said during a Redskins preseason game that Mike Shanahan must be thrilled to have 2 great quarterbacks like Rex Grossman and John Beck on the roster…if that isn’t a “Come On Mannn” i don’t know what is.

  58. “Perhaps that’s why it took a truly great player to call Gruden out.”

    Perhaps the two have nothing to do with one another.

  59. I think Aaron is just great, really really great, oh man is he great and that guy chasing him he’s great too, what a pro’s pro, a real leader, it’s fun to be in camp with a guy who takes care of business like that…blah, blah, blah

    Gruden: I’m getting paid right?
    NBC: Yes Jon
    Gruden: That’s great, really really great!

  60. Rodgers is totally right in what he says. So why can’t he make those comments? You can tell most people agree with him by the large numbers of “thumbs up” votes. The folks criticizing him here are kinda pathetic and they really have to reach for ways to attack him, since Rodgers has obviously been a class act in his personal life as well as on the field.

  61. The packers are a horrible franchise. What a waste of a great DT in RAJI. They should change their names from the packers, I think a good name would be the sconi’s, or the wishwestillhadbretts, although that is kind of long and would be tough to merchandise. I know you all agree with me so Thanks!! and have a great weekend.

  62. the only person magic was going on about being the greatest was lebron, so rodgers must just be another lebron hater. he got the second championship that has eluded rodgers to this day, so i can see why he’s salty.

  63. Rodgers is absolutely right.

    IMO, ESPN has become a network of personalities without substance. They are supposedly “the world wide leader in sports”, but they spent too much time covering the NBA and very little time covering everything else. It was embarrassing. Every time I turned to ESPN or its sister station ESPN2, it seemed to be all NBA all the time.

  64. For a guy who’s as sensitive as anyone to criticism, its ironic how critical he is to those who give regular praise…or maybe Aaron Rodgers is just overly self-absorbed.

  65. Job well done Mr. Rodgers. Spot on! I must say , as a ravens fan , I love me some Flacco, but unlike” foolnodrool”and “nologicalvoice”, I can be objective in my fandom. ARod is my favorite and the best qb in the league. Hopefully Flacco will continue where he left off in the playoffs and take that title but he has a long way to go statistically speaking.

  66. Rodgers has been taking shots at EVERYBODY the past few years and gets away with it because his team is currently in favor by the national media, but at some point, this is all going to blow up in his face and everyone will start to acknowledge what a jerk he actually is.

  67. i agree to a certain point- but Magic has critiqued ALOT of people..gruden just ups anyone and everyone

    its kind of like someone dies- it seems like everyone gets a copy of a pre written speech ‘ he was the hardest workin guy ever, first in last out, kindest gentlest guy ever’ –
    eventually when an athlete dies its like yea yea yea..loses value

  68. “This guy Aaron Rodgers… this guy is unbelievable. He’s a fast typer, he’s witty, he throws out great princess bride quotes. There are not enough characters available in twitter to describe how phenomenal this guy is. This is the kind of guy you want behind your keyboard.”

    Die hard packer and Rodgers fan – liking this post, funny.

  69. FYI tokyosandblaster Packers have 13 championships 4 of them are Super Bowl Championships. Vikings have ZERO championships & are 0-4 in the Super Bowl. The only time the vikqueens dominate the Packers is in their dreams. The vikqueens aren’t dominant but they are Disfunctional.

  70. Assign Gruden to do a feature on Christian Ponder. If that doesn’t fix the problem, nothing will.

  71. First of all Aaron Rodgers sucks ,second of all magic is right lebron is the best player in basketball history and nobody is better then lebron

  72. On every play someone either on offense or defense does something very well. Why not point it out? If I want to here how bad everyone is I will read these posts all day

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