Adrian Peterson: No issues between Harvin and Vikings teammates


Before the Vikings traded wide receiver Percy Harvin to the Seahawks this offseason, there were several reports that Harvin had angered the team and some of his teammates with his behavior.

Included in that behavior were complaints about quarterback Christian Ponder and heated arguments with coach Leslie Frazier that left one veteran teammate to tell Tom Pelissero of that Harvin had become too much of a problem to keep around. Running back Adrian Peterson went a different route at the time, saying that he’d never trade a player with Harvin’s talent, but now agrees that it is better for the Vikings not to have Harvin on the roster since Harvin made it clear he didn’t want to be there.

Peterson also said that talk of a rift between the wideout and his teammates was blown out of proportion, however.

“Oh No. No issues at all,” Peterson said during an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Jim Miller and Bruce Murray. “I think there some personal things he was dealing with that I really don’t want to discuss, some personal things some personal things that he wanted to be taken care of and unfortunately it wasn’t happening in the way he wanted. It’s just kind of the business that we’re involved in. In this situation it didn’t work out for us or him.”

It’s also a situation that could wind up working out quite well for both Harvin and the Vikings. Harvin’s landed with a team built to make a run at a Super Bowl and the Vikings were able to move on from a disgruntled player while adding a pair of receivers — Greg Jennings and Cordarrelle Patterson — thanks in part to the cap space and draft picks they got from trading him.

That should make it easier for everyone to move on and stop trying to figure out why things didn’t ultimately work out for Harvin in Minnesota.

21 responses to “Adrian Peterson: No issues between Harvin and Vikings teammates

  1. Ok, Harvin is gone, lets move on. He’s in Seattle, we have Jennings and CP. Very good player while he was here, but he’s not anymore. The reasons why it went down are irrelevant.

  2. The vikings are a horrible franchise. What a waste of a great running back. They should change their names from the Vikings, I am of Norwegian heritage and am offended by it, I think a good name would be the Minnesota niceness, or the donthurtanybodiesfeelings, although that is kind of long and would be tough to merchandise. I know you all agree with me so Thanks!! and have a great weekend.

  3. As long as Cordarrelle doesn’t get, or cause, as many headaches as Percy did, I think these moves were positive…

    Plus, Cordarrelle has Greg Jennings as a veteran mentor. Percy had no one, really, unless you count Randy Moss for a few regrettable weeks…

  4. Percy’s a good player but I always thought he was a little overrated. He isn’t a #1 wide receiver and that was the Vikings’ biggest need. They did better without him than with him last season. Replacing Harvin with Jennings and Patterson is an upgrade in both the short and long term. And we still have a 3rd round pick coming next year. That’s why Rick Spielman is a magician.

  5. If you can’t read between the lines….he wanted more money. Those were the issues.

    Let the haters hate.

    Go Hawks!

  6. I liked Percy as a player and if he was unhappy at least he didn’t vent publicly like TO or Chad Johnson. This Viking fan wishes him and the Hawks all the best — except when he plays the purple.

  7. this is very telling if Peterson says Harvin was dealing with some things that made him unhappy. I think Peterson is starting realize how much better the Vikings are without harvins anger issues, on or off the field.

    He is exactly right. No way the Vikings trade Harvin with that kind of talent unless Harvin was really, really becoming a pain to have around.

    Have fun, Seattle. It’s only a matter of time.

  8. Not hard to connect the dots. Harvin, last offseason requested a trade because he felt “players couldn’t tell what their assignments were” and was frustrated with the breakdown of the playbook. Translation: harvin had difficulty switching from Bevells offensive playbook to Musgrave’s.
    So, his frustration was with the playbook….or Musgrave for designing it.
    Enter Seattle and back to Bevells offense. Harvin should be happy now.
    All sides should be happy now. Vikings were able to get Jennings, Rhodes, Patterson, an Offensive Guard named Travis Baca who may end up starting one day….and another 3rd round pick in 2014 for a guy that wasn’t happy being there. Win/Win….well ultimately I think the Vikings will come out ahead in this one.

  9. Brett made Harvin and a couple others look waaay better than they are. Good riddance to Percy!

  10. And here, all this time i thought harvin was the most dangerous player in the nfl like viking fans have been telling me. Turns out he was nothing.

  11. Harvin was a great player when he was here. He was missing time w/ medical issues, he clashed w/ coaches/management & didn’t want to be a Viking. He went from Favre to a past – his -prime McNabb & then a young Ponder. Frustration probably played a big part.
    If he doesn’t want to be here, this was the best solution for everyone.
    Speilman made an excellent trade by making Seattle think the 49ers wanted him, kind of like how he got Cleveland to jump up for Richardson. He may not bat 1.000 but he has made some great moves & Tokyo if you REALLY knew football you would see that.

  12. Seattle can have him and the headaches that come along with him… what is going to be interesting is how Seattle is gonna look when all these rookie contracts expire and they can’t sign all of them and they have to do it all over again….Harvin is a very gifted athlete and makes pays all the time, when he’s on the field, that’s the only problem..The Hawks have to win it all in the next year or 2 our it’s not gonna happen at all…good luck watching a complete debacle

  13. Percy wasn’t a problem until they traded for Moss. Although it will go down as one of the most bone headed trades (right up there with Hershel Walker, the Vikings seem to excel in at least one area of the NFL, boneheaded trades), Moss was able to show Percy how to act like a Diva. Apparently, Percy turned out to be a model student.

    Now Percy wasn’t wrong in his assessment that Ponder sucks and he wasn’t wrong to want to play for a real contender instead of a pretender, but acting like a horse’s behind to get your way shouldn’t be your first strategy.

  14. The Moss trade happened because Rice didn’t get himself fixed in time. That left Favre w/o one of his favorite targets & was the beginning of the downfall of the season.
    Now both Rice & Harvin are with Seattle. Both men of great talent but can also bring headaches. Good luck to you out west. I think Seattle still feels the need for revenge when the Vikes took Hutch from them. They even overpaid for Burleson too.

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