Latest Colts Mr. Irrelevant ready to move on

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At some point in the preseason, Colts quarterback Chandler Harnish might drop back, and find tight end Justice Cunningham with a pass.

That would be a lot of irrelevancy on one play,” Harnish told Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star. “And it would be us two proving a lot of people wrong.”

Harnish and Cunningham give the Colts the distinction of having the last two Mr. Irrelevants on their roster (the first time since the Raiders picked last in 2003 and 2004), and both try to balance the distinction of being drafted with the fun made at their expense.

Cunningham will be center stage in Newport Beach, Calif., this weekend for the event honoring the final player chosen in the NFL Draft. The indignity began early, when  the founder of the event announced his selection at Radio City Music Hall, but called him “Justice Hamilton.”

“I most definitely did hear it,” Cunningham said. “And I’ll remember it. . . .

“Right now, I’m a man trying to earn a job. The sooner I can get rid of that title, the better.”

He’ll need every bit of motivation. He’s fighting two other guys for the third tight end job with the Colts, and both have NFL experience.

Harnish is one of only four Mr. Irrelevants since 2000 still on an NFL roster, and only four (not including Harnish) have taken a snap in a regular season game.

Final picks such as eventual Pro Bowler Bill Kenney and kicker Ryan Succop went onto success, but the majority fade into, well, irrelevance when final cuts come in.

15 responses to “Latest Colts Mr. Irrelevant ready to move on

  1. how is a jags fan talking junk about any team? ya gotta be joking me? win something first, my friend!!!

  2. Indianapolis is the class franchise of the NFL. There is a reason they got the last pick dummies, it is because they are the best team. I know you are all jealous of the Colts and my brilliance but it is time to get over it and move on. The Colts irrelevant players would be starters and future hall of famers on any other team. A fact that all of you know is true. Hate On. Peace Out. Go Colts
    2014 Super Bowl Champions!

  3. Send the jags to LA, yal got issues, yr WR cant put the bottle down, yr QB cant throw downfield n accurate n yr owner looks like ron j. And u haven’t sniffed the playoffs in FOREVER! !!

  4. Don’t turn this into some argument about Baltimore missing their old football team. Yours might be moving soon gabbert. That piece of crap jags team will never win anything important. What I say now will be the last of what I say about the Colts move from 29 years ago. Baltimore wouldn’t pay for a new stadium so the colts moved somewhere that would, that simple, that’s it. One of the greatest days in indianapolis history so shut your trap, soon the franchise will have been in indy longer than in Baltimore and on that day I will have no problem reminding those who are disrespectful to the entire city of Indianapolis of that. The Ravens should rename themselves to the crybabies, reflects the football fans of the town and their now retired murderer linebacker.

  5. The Ravens should rename themselves to The Crybabies. It’ll reflect the immature Baltimore fans attitude and their now retired murderer linebacker.

  6. thegreatgabbert soon to be known as magnificentmanziel seems a little moody today. Living with a house full of women has taught me that PMS is no joke.

  7. If the last player drafted is “Mr. Irrelevant” why don’t we have an even stronger term for guys who weren’t drafted at all like Victor Cruz and Tony Romo??

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