Putin offers to buy Kraft a new ring


At an economic forum in St. Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked about the Super Bowl ring that Patriots owner Robert Kraft said that Putin took from him, before saying he was joking, and that the Kremlin says Kraft gave him as a gift in 2005.

Putin says he does not remember meeting Kraft and remembers nothing about a ring, but he made an offer to try to assuage any hurt feelings all the same. Putin proposed having another ring made for Kraft on Putin’s dime if that will make Kraft feel better.

“If it is such a big treasure for Mr. Kraft and the team … I have a suggestion,” Putin said, via Tom Curran of CSN New England. “I will ask a jewelry firm to make a really good and big thing, so everyone will see it is a luxury piece, made of quality metal and with a stone, so this piece will be passed from generation to generation in the team whose interests are represented by Mr. Kraft. This would be the smartest solution partners can ever achieve while tackling such a complicated international problem.”

We’re all for avoiding international incidents, even if we’re fairly sure that Putin delivered that last line with more than a little sarcasm in his voice. The Russian leader also has to like that he’d hold onto the upper hand even after getting Kraft a new ring by going the complete lack of recollection route about something that obviously has stuck with the Patriots owner through the years.

113 responses to “Putin offers to buy Kraft a new ring

  1. “To show you how much power I have. I take your puny sentimental ring and show it off in my country and I make you bigger more expensive ring…just to show you that I can.”

  2. International political dilema going on right there. Trying to figure out which political dispute this will fall right under.

  3. Kraft and Putin should have a drinking game of shots to see who gets to keep the ring. My money is on Kraft.

  4. all of a sudden the Russians find out about Krafts boy Hernandez and now they want to send a new ring, no, we want the original ring or Hernandez is on the next flight to Russia Putin, you decide!

  5. The funny thing is Putin said he doesn’t remember meeting Kraft, oh really, isn’t
    this you in the picture, with the ring in
    your hand and you walking away with it!

    Kraft is such a BIG baby, now you now why
    you don’t take toys to school!

  6. I think the last thing on Kraft’s mind is the super bowl ring, as the cops raid his teams facilities for the gun hernandez dropped off on thursday.

  7. Geeze Bob Kraft tries to be funny and tells a tall story and it turns into an international incident. All thanks to the press in their desperation for content . Lol

  8. Kraft had this sort of response coming – bravo Putin, shame on you Kraft for making an issue so late.

    I love it “he doesn’t remember even meeting Kraft”…. lol

  9. there’s still another shoe to fall here! how much does anyone want to bet that Kraft has secretly recorded video of the whole incident.

  10. Nothing makes us commoners feel better then when a billionaire whiny baby is slapped back down to earth where the rest of us reside.

  11. Putin probably saw the ring as something he liked, had no idea who Kraft was, and just took it without a second thought. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t remember the incident – he probably does that so often it’s unremarkable.

  12. They could send Hernandez if they want. But I’m not sure where he’d get the gun. I would bet Putin has killed with his bare hands. I’d put my money one Putin on that one. Punks with guns aren’t always the same without the gun.

  13. “I will make your a really big and good ring that you can pass on from generation to generation to remind them of the time when I stole your ring, Do svidaniya”

  14. Shouldn’t he wait until he’s a champion. They lost in the Ice Bowl (in Afganistan); lost in the home in home series to all those “istans” that used to be part of Russia and he’s going to lose in the Arab Spring Bowl in Syria. Earn it first Vlad

  15. No way. Putin should keep the ring because apparently those things can kill people. The last thing the Patriots need right now is a weapon in team facilities.

  16. Thanks Putin! Here are the specs. On one side, a patriot snapping a football. On the other side, an NFL shield. Under the stone, barely visable, a fully functional camera.

  17. am i the only one who likes the pats more this offseason? it’s like when the chick that thinks she’s too hot to talk to you farts in gym.

  18. I would pass on that ring. Probably made of plutonium and has a secret compartment stuffed with ricin…double dose of incurable death…no thanks

  19. @ adkfootballfan says:

    Putin makes Obama look like an amateur…


    Ummm, Kim Jun Un makes Obama look like an amateur.

  20. ___________________________________
    TScheff says:
    Jun 21, 2013 11:56 AM
    Kraft: Thanks Vlad, but I’m kinda’ busy right now.

    How’s that for irony!

  21. “I would pass on that ring. Probably made of plutonium and has a secret compartment stuffed with ricin…double dose of incurable death…no thanks”

    The ring was tainted before Putin got it (Spy-gate)

  22. He’s just razzing you, Kraft. They don’t call him Razz Putin for nothing. 😐

    boooo!!! hisss!!

    About time for me to be hitting the ol’ dusty trail….

  23. Aww Bush’s little poodle biting back with those
    itty bitty teeth…. mark that up as his “shiny” spot amongst all of the beatdowns Russia has taken over the years…

  24. Ummm … how about just giving the actual ring back ? I say the Pats send Hernandez and his friends over to speak with Mr Putin …

  25. hey Pats fans, remember when you all had your comments and jokes about the Bills and Mario Williams’ situation with his fiance and the engagement ring…. This is funnier. What a train wreck the Pats are this off season. It’d be nice if it transfers to the field as well, doubt it though.

  26. So let me get this straight, Kraft tells Putin he can have it & Putin walks off w/ it before Kraft says he was joking. Then Kraft says the White House FORCED him to just go w/ “it was a gift” story to avoid an international incident. Now 8 years later, Kraft wants the ring back. There is something very peculiar about Krafts’ story. If his whole white house story were true, why didn’t he just have the White House replace it back in 2005? If you consider the American legal standards, Kraft just needs to suck it up to his own damn stupidity b/c he admitted he told Putin it was a gift & the statute of limitation expired long ago. None of this makes Putin a thief but it does make Kraft an Indian giver. Gotta love that Putin said he doesn’t even remember meeting Kraft & basically says he will by Kraft a bigger & better ring. That’s gotta hurt.
    But seriously, things like this happen when 2 corrupt people get together.

  27. Lots of ring talk in NE these days.

    Mostly of the “three ring” variety…..

  28. Kraft agrees and would like to offer Putin his 24 year old blonde skank for the night as thanks.

  29. wrenches2pipes says:
    Jun 21, 2013 12:02 PM
    Kraft and Putin should have a drinking game of shots to see who gets to keep the ring. My money is on Kraft.
    you’re going to pit an American vs a Russian is a drinking game and put money on the american!?! and they’re drinking hard liquor!?!?! Remind me to take any and all bets you’re willing to make…

  30. Putin should Personally hand the ring to Assad.
    While visiting the Russian Naval Base in Syria.

  31. and in other news….The New York Football Jets have hired Mr. Putin as a PR consultant…..

  32. I am totally against reality TV, but I would watch every episode if it was Putin, Belichek, Kraft, and Hernandez all living in the same house.

  33. Putin: Yeh, err, lost it or I already sold it so I can’t give it back.

    Kraft: Don’t worry, I am going to send one of my star players over to help you find it. Maybe you’ve heard or Aaron Hernandez.

    Kraft has been completely backing off, trying to be a good guy after travelling Dennis Rodman style for the Bush administration, and getting his ring stolen. Now Putin is being a jerk in Syria and in general and people asked Kraft “why did you even give him that ring” and he comes clean, admits that putin stole it but at Bush’s request he didn’t make a big deal of it.

    So how are these morons saying :
    Putin makes Obama look like an amateur…
    Ummm, Kim Jun Un makes Obama look like an amateur.

    When Kim and Putin totally punked Bush?

    Bob Kraft is a good guy and thanks to him, NewEngland has a football dynasty and teh NFL has labor peace.

    Despite all the hater glee, you know that the pats will have 11 or better wins, and win the AFC East, Guaranteed.

  34. @TScheff says:
    Jun 21, 2013 11:56 AM
    Kraft: Thanks Vlad, but I’m kinda’ busy right now.
    Apparently not busy enough to bring it up.

    I don’t care about Putin but sorry Pats fans, Vlad the impaler got Kraft this time. It’s a slam dunk.

  35. There’s no doubt it’s weird that the story is coming out now . I bet the Pats FO wishes they were still trying to figure out how to write an innocuous press release about Kraft’s story right now.

    Wrenches you aren’t a Pats fan. I can tell by all your comments. So why pretend? Fact of the matter is that Kraft used to be seen drinking at games and we would joke about it, sure. But he hasn’t done it in several years that we can see.

  36. This goes to show you how much most Americans hate the Pats. Vladimir Putin embarrasses the Patriots owner and suddenly Americans are thinking “maybe we were wrong about this Putin guy … he’s way cooler than we thought he was.”

  37. Poll question: Who has put the hurt on more people:

    1) Vladimir Putin or

    2) Aaron Hernandez

  38. ha ha ha it was melted down and sold already. Cashed out a few days after it was stolen. He remembers Kraft, he just can’t remember what he did with his money after he dismantled it.

  39. Short Bob the Faux Leatherfaced dwarf is becoming more ridiculous by the minute. The best thing he could do for his legacy would be to die soon, while he still has some shreds of dignity left.

  40. Whats wrong with stealing a ring from someone on a team who themselves stole it? i.e. Spygate. Karma Kraft. Now for Putin to go take the rings from the undeserving Saints!

  41. Vlad. The Impaler would make a good team owner….can you imagine him at the owner meetings…..” Dangerous ? I laugh in the face of Dangerous ! “

  42. Poetic Justice, this makes up for the Super Bowl ring that was given to the Patsies for 2001 due to the tuck game. The Pittsburgh Steelers or Oakland raiders should have had the ring in 2001, Brady fumbled away New Englands Super Bowl but was bailed out by the refs on a snowy day in Foxborough.

  43. Just buy him $100,000 rubles worth of Cracker Jacks and hope that the problems solves itself

  44. Will Putin add an asterisk to this new one, you know so it feels like the old one????

  45. The non-remembrance of Kraft by Putin makes you wonder how many items were actually “Donated” to the Kremlin from unsuspecting introduction’s throughout Putin’s rein?

  46. wrenches2pipes says:
    Jun 21, 2013 12:02 PM
    Kraft and Putin should have a drinking game of shots to see who gets to keep the ring. My money is on Kraft

    You are joking right?? The guy is Russian!!!

    I’m all in on Putin!!! If its vodka it won’t even be close!

  47. As an NFL owner, Kraft will somehow bill the taxpayers for the cost of the ring.

  48. not sure who’s telling lies, but this thing has become very entertaining between puttin and kraft.

  49. CKL Thanks for your comment. Are you suggesting that Bob Kraft is a closet drinker? I don’t think so. I have been a Patriot Football fan since 1962. My family and I have watched or listened to every game since the great and honorable Billy Sullivan and family established the team. Bob Kraft may own the team now and in the future, but I assure you and Kraft that he is a temporary guardian of the franchise and I will continue to be a fan of the Patriots. We as fans have every right to criticize the operation of the team. You can not silence me.

  50. Putin could buy the patriots and half the football league with that 270 billion deal he just did with China yesterday. A ring is nothing… Putin should throw in a happy meal at McDonald’s to go with that ring.

  51. Putin is basically say..If that makes the Baby feel better and stop whining, okay…I will Russians pay for another ring for him.

    Goodell bends over all time, so why should Putin be exempt?

    Hasn’t Putin ever heard of the Tuck Rule?
    You know bend over and give the Patriots what they want.

  52. Watch it, Vladimir. Kraft can send Aaron Hernandez over there. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

  53. This ring already has blood on it, ask your tight end. I destroyed it, and the video and turned it into the KGB broken. Sorry, I will build you new better one with no blood evidence.

    This is really the best story of the off season. Kraft looks like such an idiot/boob. He should have just kept his mouth shut. Loving it so much. Go Patriots!!

  54. Even though this seems a fairly small but humorous situation, Putin is a psycho and it would not be above him to send a WET team in to make Kraft vanish a la Jimmy Hoffa. Wonder if that might be how this ends.

  55. Kraft had the chance to speak up years ago right when Putin took the ring from him. Sorry but Bob just sounds like a whiney little b.
    Putin takes what he wants while Bob whines until the media takes up his cause. Putin owned him on this one.

  56. Putin is a Barbarian just like the countries he supports! (Syria & Iran). And this “childish” behavior is unacceptable for a president of Russia! It is silly nonsense that shows the International Community the type of person they are dealing with! I’m not talking just this incident with Kraft’s ring, but with Snowden and giving him amnesty down to talks with US president Obama on what to do about Syria’s conflict. How can you carry SERIOUS dialogue on important issues with A FOOL like this who takes nothing serious and discrespects leaders of other countries?!! I don’t know WHO he thinks he is impressing, but I am not impressed with is “Shinannigans” in the least bit! He just acts like a bad little school boy in a grown man’s body. SHAME ON PUTIN!

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