Seahawks quietly extended John Schneider through 2016


The partnership between coach Pete Carroll and General Manager John Schneider has served the Seahawks well through its first three years, so it’s no big surprise that the team wants to prolong the status quo a little while longer.

Mike Sando of reports that the Seahawks have extended Schneider’s contract through the 2016 season. It isn’t something that just happened, either. According to Sando, the team reached agreement on an extension with Schneider more than a year ago, but did it without much fanfare and, as a result, it didn’t garner any attention at the time.

Since coming to Seattle, Schneider has drafted essential pieces like quarterback Russell Wilson, tackle Russell Okung, safety Earl Thomas and cornerback Richard Sherman while swinging fruitful trades for running back Marshawn Lynch and defensive end Chris Clemons. The team hopes this year’s trade for wide receiver Percy Harvin is another winner and that their season extends beyond the Divisional Round of the playoffs in 2013.

Carroll’s contract runs through 2014 and it would be equally unsurprising if the team decides to extend him along with Schneider.

27 responses to “Seahawks quietly extended John Schneider through 2016

  1. Look up “class” in the dictionary and picture of GM John Schneider should be in it.

  2. Doesn’t have the long track record that other top GMs have, however I don’t think anyone can argue a better 3 year stretch in the NFL. Hope he doesn’t ever leave for the Packers gig after TT.

    PS – your adderall jokes are all hilarious and not at all overplayed.

  3. John is a true up and comer as a GM, him and Carroll have transformed this team into a competitive beast! Happy to hear about the extension, when it is all said and done I believe he will go down as the best GM in Hawks history…GO HAWKS!

  4. Yep. Best in the NFL and you can bet he’s getting paid like it too. Hope he stays in Seattle for a good long time. He and Carroll will win multiple championships together

  5. Man this recent PED situation for the Seahawks has sure given all you classless haters with sorry a** teams an excuse to blurt your ignorance out to the world hasn’t it??? Really gonna be fun to watch my hawks win for the next decade while all you idiots are forced to watch and recognize!!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!’

  6. I like the Seahawks, but does anyone else find the idea of Pete Carroll winning a Super Bowl kind of strange? I mean after all he went through at USC, I think of him more as a college coach than an NFL one

  7. so is it in his contract that he gets to drive all the time, or will he let Tom Wopat behind the wheel once in awhile?

  8. 1 winning season and now all this yap about “We’re gonna win the next two superbowls” …


    Remember when people were calling M.Night the new Steven Spielberg/Martin Scorsese ?

  9. mrpresident2 says:
    Jun 21, 2013 4:08 PM
    I like the Seahawks, but does anyone else find the idea of Pete Carroll winning a Super Bowl kind of strange? I mean after all he went through at USC, I think of him more as a college coach than an NFL one


    same thing could be said about Jim Harbaugh

  10. The only people to whom these adderall jokes are old and played out are Seahawks fans who are embarrassed that they have a team full of cheaters.
    The rest of us still think they’re perfectly funny.

  11. There haven’t been as many adderall jokes as there were adderall suspensions for the Seahawks.

    Until those are even – they’re still funny.

  12. I’m a Ram’s fan and Schneider has done a wonderful job assembling this team. With that being said I have very impressed with what Les Snead has done for us in the short time he has been here. Between him,Schneider, and Baalke this division is going to be loaded for years to come.

  13. As a Seahawk fan, I love all the adderall jokes and the “cheating” comments. It means you’re winning enough to evoke jealousy from other teams’ fans. That’s really the best you can hope for as an NFL fan.

    It was much worse for a long time, when to most fans the Seahawks were either totally irrelevant or just mocked for being terrible. Those were painful years. Almost as bad as being a Mariners fan. Actually, not even close, but you get the point.

  14. The people making adderal jokes also listen to ice ice baby on walkman and wear hammer pants. They get points however for being able to use the internet!

  15. Schmitty hit it right on the head…I love the job JS has done since coming. 3 years look expectational and that was one of the worst rosters you could imagine thanks to Ruskell. People always talk about NFC West and its 49ers/Seahawks but if anyone was paying attention they would see the Rams had a scary defense and were a LT and playmakers away from taking that next step and it looks like they did that. In the end I think NFC West comes down to Seattle/St. Louis. Lets hope this draft produces some more late round talent. Word is our 7th round pick may be our new RT.

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