Revis enjoying “real laid back” Bucs atmosphere


Darrelle Revis hasn’t been a Buccaneer long, but he’s come to realize one thing.

It’s not exactly like being a Jet.

Back home at his football camp in Aliquippa, Penn., Revis said the difference in environments is noticeable.

“Going to Tampa is great. I look at it as a new chapter in my football career,” Revis said, via the Beaver County Times. “The organization’s great. It’s real laid back down there. It’s not a lot of pressure as it is in New York.”

Even though he obviously played at a high level, he said the scrutiny was tough to deal with after growing up in the Pittsburgh area and playing his college football there.

“It can be tough. I got drafted as a junior and I didn’t know anything about New York or about the media, coming from being born here and going to the University of Pittsburgh. It’s a different market,” Revis said. “I accepted it. I just wanted to play football.

“The next thing you know you’re a celebrity, and it’s like, ‘OK … I just play football. You’ve got to be mature about it.”

There are some who might wonder about his application of that word, given the way he handle his contract situations. But he seems relaxed now, and once he’s recovered, that should be good news for the Bucs.

29 responses to “Revis enjoying “real laid back” Bucs atmosphere

  1. Great for Revis. He’s a good guy, like 99.9% of NFL players. Sorry to hijack…

    But the League MUST shut down these criminals or it will lose all credibility and be destroyed. Simpson killed his wife. Ray Lewis was involved in a murder. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who can read that Aaron Hernandez helped kill too.

    MURDER IS NOT RIGHT. Stalking and killing is not OK. What Rafael Septien did was not OK. If the NFL will not cooperate, it should be shut down, the league officials arrested for obstruction of justice. Truth is more important than profits. I will not live in a goddamn police state.

    If you cover up crimes, you are as guilty as the criminal.

  2. It’s laid back in Tampa until the opposing team tries to take a knee. Which happens at the end of most games the Bucs play.

    Of course, this should bode well for Revis’ stats. No need to throw downfield when you’re up by 25.

  3. Breaking: Greg Schiano called an emergency full-pads practice after reading Revis’ comments

  4. “The next thing you know you’re a celebrity, and it’s like, ‘OK … I just play football. You’ve got to be mature about it.”

    This coming from the same guy who would wear his own “Revis Island” sweatshirts out in public to promote himself. Yeah right… He loved the spot light, he ate it up (among eating up other things- he looks like he spent the last few months in an Entenmann’s factory).

  5. arrowmint says: Jun 21, 2013 1:52 PM

    MURDER IS NOT RIGHT. Stalking and killing is not OK.

    You’re showing a lot of courage, staking out such a controversial position.

  6. rcp29 says:
    Jun 21, 2013 1:53 PM
    Of course, this should bode well for Revis’ stats. No need to throw downfield when you’re up by 25.”

    So, how does that help his stats? Stats for CBs are measured by plays defended, batted balls, interceptions, etc. If they’re not throwing at all then there are no stats. Perhaps you meant any tackles he’ll make on runners.

  7. Its real laid back in Tampa, until of course the other team is in victory formation, and you try to take the opposing QB’s head off, in an act of sore losing.

  8. How often do you see NFL teams with a laid back atmosphere in the Super Bowl? Is that really what he should put out there?

  9. We’ll see how he enjoys that laid back atmosphere when brand “Revis” isn’t selling as good as it was in the NY spotlight.

  10. This coming from the guy who wanted a reality show starring himself and his Vanilla Ice hanger on buddy.

    That’s rich.

  11. Freeman didn’t “sleep” through his camp. He was simply running a little late the first day. Get your facts straight.

    This place seems to be a haven for haters.

    On topic, Revis is right. By laid back, he meant the media. Compared to NY they are laid back. Bad at their jobs but laid back.

    I bet Sanchez could play well for another team…say for the Chargers or such.

  12. I swear some of you don’t actually read the story just the headline. He is not saying that the Tampa Bay Bucs are laid back he is saying that the media presence in Tampa is laid back when compared to NY.

  13. Oh, he was surprised at his “celebrity” status because he was “just a football player”……and he handled it with maturity? This is big talking, blowhard Revis speaking, right?

  14. @qdog,

    Cam and Steve couldn’t even beat them last year with the worst secondary in football.

    I love all the doubters that really don’t know a thing about the Bucs other than what they hear from the national media. I hope to see you all back here in January and we’ll compare notes.

  15. Toes on the line. If you live in Tampa and listen to sports radio 98.7 the fan you’ll know what I mean.
    With that said,
    The Bucs are a terrible franchise and it is really hot at Raymond James Stadium. Why couldn’t they have put a roof on this building? Anyways, it”s pretty cool they have a pirate ship inside the stadium but the scoreboard is horrible. If you all would like to know what a real stadium should look like you ought to travel to Indianapolis. They are the class franchise of the NFL and will win the Super Bowl next year for sure. Awwww shucks, you guys know I am right so don’t be HTTR’s. Have a nice day and thanks for listening.

  16. Whatever they are giving him in his treatments is causing rapid hair loss. He looks like any given player on a Steelers team from the 70’s.

  17. Congrats bucks fans… You are going to enjoy watching your defense this year. Revis is going to be even better in a defense that doesn’t lean on his abilities to take one side of the field away.

  18. @ColtsWinColtsWin!! says:

    A couple hours ago you were bashing the Eagles and the Jets. Now TB is a terrible franchise too. Why not tell us how you really feel about the NFL?
    Oh and by the way, just a reminder (10-14-12)35-9 hahahahahahahahahaha

  19. This kid is such a punk. It’s laid back, no pressure??? Buddy you make 20mil a year & u don’t want pressure??? Wow. Wait till Ryan, Newton & Brees start lighting this kid up…CAN’T WAIT

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