RG3 changing directions, no complications


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has proceeded through his knee rehab with no reported complications, and this week brought another milestone.

According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, Griffin went through three straight days of cutting and changing directions, and had no setbacks.

It seems every step of his rehab has been documented, and no problems have been reported yet. He said earlier this month he wasn’t worried about any problems cropping up, but it’s one thing to say it and another to do it without complication.

Every indication is that he’s on track to complete his comeback in a timely fashion, which would help ease the mind of a coaching staff that doesn’t seem inclined to change their game-planning because of his condition.

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  1. Everyone should be happy. One of the most electric football players in the league looks to be coming back strong. I’m not a Vikings fan, but I pull for AD because it’s impossible not to. Robert is the same way. Any fan of the game has to appreciate the athletic artistry the young man is capable of.

    Here’s to hoping he continues his comeback and has a nice, long career!

    PS – He was hurt on pass plays, not running the read option. Why anyone would suggest the Redskins change their game plan is beyond me. They’ll change it for one thing: if defenses figure out how to stop it.

  2. Love this guy but fearful he is his own worst enemy. The goal SHOULD be to come back at 100% and not necessarily the first game. Kirk Cousins needs playing time so the Skins can get back a first round pick or two. Cousins is a winner andI believe many teams would be better if he was their QB rather than who they have.

  3. It kills me that because of all the ped using scumbags I hear a story like this and instead of thinking damn what a hard worker I’m now have to think damn that was really fast I wonder what he took. In this case I’d say he gets the benefit of the doubt but I really hate that the doubts there to begin with.

  4. They should change their game plan, and coach RGIII accordingly. When you run your quarterback that much, he gets hurt. Don’t run the option, keep him in the pocket until the pocket breaks down. (Or he sees 25 yards of daylight in front of him, then slide feet first.)

  5. RGOneKnee will shred the other knee and be out for the season by October. Redskins will be lucky to win 5 games. Oldest roster in the league and gimpiest quarterback. #BurgundyandGoldSubStandard

  6. Great to see RG3 continuing his remarkable recovery without any setbacks. I just pray that the Redskins don’t try to rush him back into game action too soon and possibly jeopardize this young man’s career.

  7. RG3 is gonna get exposed this year with that injury and those ancient WR’s they have are gonna fall apart for them as well… too bad, he was such a promising athlete….

  8. Here comes the hateful people to post something stupid!! If this was an article about any other athlete, people would be saying good luck kid, hope you have a speedy recovery, and hang in there. Since it is Robert, people seem to hate this kid for nooooo reason! It is really sad that people are so hateful. Hopefully he has another season to prove all you guys wrong. Good luck Rg3!! HTTR!!!

  9. Herandez does not deserve headlines anymore… He is what he is… Regardless of what one is one’s favorite team, a man died.. How this plays out is. I have no idea… I just think a ‘man has died’ is the focus…

  10. Good news! If you read between the lines the story says the field actually held up enough for someone to change direction on it. Progress.

  11. I look forward to the “rg3 successfully played Twister today with no complications” update.

  12. The greatest player in NFL history can’t be stopped. Best attitude, best leader, best leader, best arm, best character, best running ability

    LOL, u forgot, best custom made hoveround wheelchair out there (in which he will have to use every season and offseason due to him rehabbing some leg injury

  13. All players rehab perfectly, ahead of schedule … and will be back 100% … better than ever. Then the season starts and it all falls apart.

  14. From the relentless media/fan overhype of this poor kid you almost by default have to hate him. I am actually hoping that he gets exposed for the gimmick/fraud that he is this year so we can be done with it.

  15. RG3 will live to regret his minute by minute accounting of his rehab. Both McNabb and Warren Moon had it right.

    Of course he shunned their advise and even made McNabb sound like he was somehow jealous. Right now he’s eating up all the hype.

    When they start chipping away at his image, he’ll wish he had listened.

  16. I’ll LOVE coming back to some of these comments from RG3, Luck and Wilson haters AND lovers 12 games into the season and laugh at how WRONG they were with their “predictions”.

  17. If this young man continues to run the ball in the NFL, he will not last three years. He need to know when to either get down or throw the ball away. Players know you don’t go for running backs knees, you just don’t. With QB’s all is fair in trying to knock them out of a game. That is just the way it is. If a QB gets KTFO it will change a game while a running back can be replaced.

  18. Why is there so much hate out there for this guy? He is nothing but humble and polite in interviews. He’s a great person with a positive attitude, unlike many young players in the league. Stand up guy who fights for his team to the point that he will play on one leg to prove how much he will battle for his teammates. He needs to get smarter, no doubt about that, and I believe this injury will smarten him up very quickly. He is a proven leader and had one of the most amazing seasons of any rookie QB in NFL history. He’s incredibly fun to watch! If your QB doesn’t have the last name Brady, Rogers, P. Manning, Flacco, or Brees, you’d be a liar to say you wouldn’t want this guy starting for your team.

    As for the people talking about our “old” WRs, you need to get your facts straight. Our number 1 WR is Pierre Garçon is 26, Leonard Hankerson is 25, Josh Morgan is 26, Aldrick Robinson is 24, Desmond Briscoe is 23 and our only WR that would be considered old is Santana Moss at 34 who still had a great season last year. Our TE, Fred Davis, is only 27, Jordan Reed is 22 and Logan Paulsen is 26. Put that together with our 23 year old QB and 24 year old RB, we have one of the youngest offensive units in the entire NFL! Players like Donte Stallworth and Devery Henderson are older and probably won’t even make the roster. Outside of 2 players on our offensive line, not one starter is over the age of 27! Our average age of our starting QB, RB, WRs, and TEs, is 25.2! That is an amazingly youthful group to lead us into the future. Also, our older players on defense were great last year, ever hear of London Fletcher? 38 year old Pro Bowler? Voted 86th best player in the league!

    Either way, Rg3 is nothing but classy. He stays out of trouble, stays humble, works harder than any other player I’ve ever seen put on a Skins uniform and puts his team ahead of his own health. He didn’t get hurt trying to score some flashy touchdown, he got hurt trying to lead a game winning drive against the team that went on to win the Superbowl, and got Kirk Cousins within scoring range to help WIN that game! Can you haters let me know what it is about a hardworking, humble, passionate, and amazingly gifted player like Robert Griffin III there is to hate on so much? Why is there so much hate for him, but not Luck? I’m a Skins fan, but I loved watching Andrew Luck lead his team from a 2-14 record to an 11-5 record and a playoff birth. I love watching Adrian Peterson nearly shatter the all time rushing record. I love watching Peyton Manning come back from 3 neck surgeries to play at an MVP caliber season! I’m a football fan! Other than the success of the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants, I root for great players! That’s what being a football fan is all about!

    As for the people wishing injury on him, that is just a terrible reflection of your charachter! I wouldn’t wish injury on any player in the NFL! These guys work 365 days a year for one goal, to win a championship. Yea, they make a lot of money, but that doesn’t take away from their dedication to the game! Can you imagine how shattering a season ending injury is for these guys? It is devastating to say the very least! Having an injury like that is mentally and physically crippling to these guys, so to actually wish that upon any of these players, especially a guy like Rg3 who has inspired every single player in the NFL, is just disgusting! Why wish injury or harm on anyone? Don’t you realize what that says about yourself? When a team wins in the NFL, they take pride in knowing that they beat them at full strength! No decent player is wishing injury on these guys, if they were, every QB in the NFL would suffer a career ending injury in week 1, these players have nothing but respect for each other at the end of the day, we should do the exact same!

  19. If he is stupid enough to play the season opener, he is gonna get smashed by the Eagles and his season will be over before it starts.

    Eagles win by at least 6 TDs.

  20. Every step of his rehab has been reported here ad nauseum and I do mean ad nauseum. Shall we wait for Mr. Superhuman’s debut and see how he “actually” performs, before we have another RGIII clipped his toenails unassisted today, article?

  21. uhhh..@vikes1980..Garcon & Morgan starting..Moss trying to keep the third spot from Hankerson & Robinson..not seeing the “old weapons” you were talking about?? Guess u saw the Devery Henderson & Donate Stallworth signings & figured they were gonna be our immediate starters lol..and before u decide to talk..pick the rest of our horrible field out of your Ds teeth after that RGIII run in the LOSS the vikes took against US!!

  22. I love to watch this guy play, fans really get their $$$ worth when he’s on the field. But he won’t last 5 years if he goes at it like last year. It was sad to see him go down in the playoffs – he is so must fun to watch! And I’m a fan of the G-men.

  23. It will be so fun to pretend that his recovery is as doggone remarkable as Adrian Peterson’s. These kids today just heal so quickly! Truly fascinating stuff…

    Move along… Nothing to see here…

  24. As an Eagles fam with no disrespect… I think he’s coming back too soon. This man is the face of your franchise sit him and wait until he’s 100% ready

  25. Too bad…

    …for the rest of the league.

    It’s nice to have a genetically, athletically and intellectually superior player leading your team.


  26. A word on RG3, NFL players put this rookie quarterback ahead of Joe Flacco who was a Super Bowl winner and SB MVP. They got it wrong here!
    …Injuries may put an end to RG3’s days as a consistent starter because quarterbacks that frequently take off an run, really get banged up and miss large amounts of playing time.

  27. @skinsfaninphilly…. yeah he ran all over Minnesota LAST YEAR !!!!!!! he will be lucky to get out of the backfield now…..he’s been exposed… Garcon was a Manning product and injury prone and I don’t think Morgan has proven anything Yet….I’m just saying

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