Sam Huff retires as Redskins’ radio announcer

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Sam Huff, the former Giants and Redskins linebacker who parlayed a Hall of Fame playing career into a decades-long career as a broadcaster, is retiring from the Redskins’ radio booth.

“I’ve enjoyed every game that I played, coached and provided color commentary over the last 50 years with the Washington Redskins,” Huff said in a statement.

Huff entered the NFL as a third-round draft pick of the Giants in 1956 and played eight seasons in New York before joining the Redskins in 1964 and playing six more seasons in Washington. After retiring from playing, he spent one season working radio broadcasts for the Giants and then joined the Redskins’ radio team in 1975. He and his old teammate Sonny Jurgensen have worked together on the radio since 1981.

The Redskins’ playoff loss to Seattle was Huff’s 770th game as the team’s radio color commentator. The Redskins said they will honor Huff for his radio work at a game this season.

50 responses to “Sam Huff retires as Redskins’ radio announcer

  1. Glad we could give him a nice send off.


    Seattle Seahawks

    P.S.: Git rid of your racist team nickname or the Seahawks will continue to beat you in the playoffs like the last 3 times.

  2. Can’t blame the great Sam Huff for retiring. The Redskins will ccontinue to be pathetic for years to come, and he didn’t want to be a part of it. Ravens are best team in Maryland.

  3. Logicalvoicessays will still say he’s currently the best radio announcer there is…even in retirement.

  4. See, one does not simply retire from the Steeler Nation. It is a lifelong oath. It is only broken in death, and when you die you ascend with the legends. Wow.

  5. This is a great success story if for no other reason than here is a man who was able to stay in the sport long after his playing days were over, in a stable job.

    Now he’s leaving on his own terms. So congrats to him and I hope he enjoys retirement. A sailboat maybe or even a wave pounder, perhaps?

  6. Any true Redskins fan back in the day would have turned down the sound on the TV and listened to Sonny, Sam and Frank. That all changed when Frank was forced out. Now that Sam has retired (I wonder if he was forced), there’s not much reason to listen anymore (I love Sonny, but can not listen to Larry Michael).

    Thank you Sam for all the years you gave the Redskins as a player and in the booth. You’re back and forth with Sonny, for me, is classic radio.

    Kind of fitting that Sam called 770 games as his number was 70. HTTR

  7. “Decades-long career as a broadcaster” is a phrase that I never want to read in any future article about Warren Sapp.

  8. Good news for Redskins fans, I suppose….the Redskins have one of the WORST radio broadcast teams in the league. Larry Michael is an ok PBP guy, but the color commentary guys they’ve had are the worst.

    Addition by subtraction

  9. He’s been a class act throughout his career.
    I’ll miss him when listening to the Skins games

  10. It was clearly time to take the mic away from Mr.Huff… that being said, thank you sir, for being one of the most memorable and beloved Washingtonian figures. HAIL.

  11. First, Frank got the boot for no reason, now Sam is riding off into the sunset. Only Sonny remains. One more chapter closed in the history of a great radio trio, Sonny, Sam and Frank.

    Us Skins fans are not surprised by this news, Sam started losing a step in his broadcasting abilities 3 or so years ago, but it still sucks.

    Thank you Sam Huff.

  12. He was certainly a great player and announcer at one time but the last few years Sam has been brutal in the booth. I sometimes wondered if he even knew he was at a football game? Typical exhange:

    Larry M: “RG III runs to the 45. First down!”
    Sam H: “Boy that Joe Jacoby sure could play.”
    Sonny: “That first down run was brought to you by the Vion Corporation.”


  13. Who cares how he sounded on the radio. As a linebacker, he ranked as one of the best, along with Nitschke, Butkus and the other great LB’s of 1960’s.

    You young people who post don’t know squat about the roots of the NFL that made it the great game it is today.

  14. Sam always gave me good laughs. I will miss him. Now bring on Chris Cooley as his replacement.

  15. Loved Sam, but truth be told, he was losing a bit of velocity on his fastball. We all will do that as we age.

  16. Losers, try not to show your asses by making this about your stupidity! We fans of our team wish to honor our football heroes just like you do! So stick your stupid comments where the sun don’t shine, and act for a change, like you have some class!
    Sam, if you’re reading this, thanks for a ton of great memories! We’ll miss you!

  17. thesteelers says:
    Jun 21, 2013 6:40 PM
    See, one does not simply retire from the Steeler Nation. It is a lifelong oath. It is only broken in death, and when you die you ascend with the legends. Wow.


    Says Franco Harris and Rod Woodson. Wow, indeed.

  18. thesteelers says: Jun 21, 2013 6:39 PM

    Probably the biggest joke of them all.
    No that would be you. You’re even more annoying than logicalvoice, and that takes a special talent.

  19. “See, one does not simply retire from the Steeler Nation. It is a lifelong oath. It is only broken in death…”

    Usually by age 55 from health problems related to Steroid abuse

  20. I loved listening to Frank,Sonny and Sam in the 80’s and 90’s. You will be missed Sam in the boardcast booth

    As for the Seahawks fans who keep talking trash, stay quiet until you win 1 SB.

  21. Seemed like a nice guy but I couldn’t listen to him. He was awful! For all the people Danny Boy has cut Huff should’ve been the first. You don’t get checks for being nice. Now, if only “No S. Just Larry Michael” would follow in Huff’s footsteps. Give Riggo or Cooley a shot.

  22. Sam had great battles against Jim Brown . Got to see them both up close in NYC filming a commercial near my place. Sam lost most of the one on one battles, but Gmen won most of the games. He was tough SOB. No concussion lawsuit for Sam.Class act

  23. The last paragraph says he called his 770th game when the Redskins lost to Seattle. By my calculation, he broadcast 608 games since 1975, not including playoffs. This is based on a 16 game season, as well. Am I wrong here on my math?

  24. Those who think Sam “made something of himself in retirement” by broadcasting Redskins games obviously do not know that Sam worked for many years as an executive big shot with the Marriott Corporation, and did not need the radio gig for his primary income. He did it because he loved the game and the team, and we Redskins fans loved him, Sonny, and Frank Herzog.

    I love this team, but once again, am appalled at how Snyder has handled the departure of one of his employees. It has happened repeatedly with players, coaches, and even front office staff. Snyder and his minions has been trying to squeeze Sam out for years, and I am sure Sam just got tired of it.

  25. As others have politely noted, he had lost his fast ball (and curve and changeup) recently. It was never clear what game he was watching. But I’m sure he is a highly entertaining dinner speaker with his anecdotes. He was an over the top homer but during the Sonny, Frank and Sam years they made a good team.

    You could see this coming. He was not happy when the team cut back his broadcasting schedule last year and kept saying he did not think he needed to retire. My bet is Little Danny had one of his minions tell Sam because Danny cannot handle being the bad guy, even though he made the decision.

  26. Based on the losers who’ve posted negatively, I think PFT should rethink allowing comments. This crap is ridiculous!

    Sam Huff is a quality player, announcer and person! This group has been like family to those who followed them. Many people turned the radio on over the television broadcast.

    I know I did.

    Can there be any posts that moron-imbred “fans” would think to not post nasty crap?

    I hate the cowboys and have had fun posting some stuff. But this is ridiculous!

    Grow the F up!

  27. HTTR!
    As for the Seahawks fans who keep talking trash, stay quiet until you win 1 SB.

    The above statement needs repeating..

    1 SB loss. Take your meds and STHU.

  28. Sam Huff will always be a legend. It’s a little sad to see him go but he has really lost a few steps over the last 5 years. Last year he only worked home games. I don’t see Sunny staying too much longer either, we need some younger and more exciting commentators. I also will add I’m not a fan of Larry Michaels, nice guy but he’s a little over the top. The radio calls have not been the same in DC since it was Sunny, Sam, and Frank. Please don’t get me wrong, I will miss Sam Huff’s voice on Sundays.

  29. Remember when the Seahawks were down 14-0 versus RG3 and the Redskins? those Adderall junkies were getting scalped, good thing RG3 got hurt.

  30. With all due respect (and a hell of a lot of respect is due,) this is a few years overdue. Sam Huff is a football legend as a linebacker and the chemistry he had with Frank Herzog and Sonny Jurgensen made it a must to mute the TV and turn up the radio when watching REDSKINS games until Frank was dumped for the D-bag Larry Michael. But the last 5 years or so he had started to sound like the crazy grandpa who sits glued to his recliner shouting random nonsense. It was painful to be laughing AT him instead of with him. Happy Trails, Mr. Huff! Thanks for the memories. Now, I agree with other commenters on this: bring on Chris Cooley! Other suggestions that would be great? How bout Fred Smoot? B-Mitch? Darrell Green? LaVar? Straight Pockets Portis? Joe Bugel? Matt Bowen would be maybe not as entertaining as the other suggestions, but his scouting experience would lend to some very informative commentary. Wait, I’ve got it! It’s gotta be McNabb! Just kidding. Obviously.

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