Sharp(e) disagreement on Broncos’ Mt. Rushmore

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Lately, Pro Football Talk on NBCSN and PFT Planet had been in consistent agreement regarding the Mt. Rushmores of multiple teams.

Key words:  Had been.

On Friday, the two sides differed when it comes to half of the Broncos Mt. Rushmore.

Sure, we agreed on John Elway.  And hard-hitting (just ask Christian Okoye) safety Steve Atwater.  But I went with Floyd Little and Tom Jackson, which the voters picked Terrell Davis and Shannon Sharpe.

Watch the segment, see the voting results, and complain in the comments below.

47 responses to “Sharp(e) disagreement on Broncos’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. Tom Jackson?

    He couldn’t hold randy gradishars jock strap. The argument for Terrell Davis is accomplishments.

    Led the league in rushing= check
    Led the league in touchdowns=check
    2000+ yard season= check (was benched 8 quarters that year)
    2 superbowls=check
    Super Bowl MVP (missing a full quarter due to migraines)=check
    7 of Terrell Davis playoff games he rushed over 100+ yards the other game he had 90 and a TD

    he is the main reason denver has 2 rings. To leave him out is hilarious esspecially for the likes of Tom Jackson who isn’t the best linebacker that’s ever played for the broncos.

  2. So this is just like how the government is run? The people voted on what they wanted, yet you didnt put it in there. Ok.

  3. You are an idiot for not having Davis on there. He was the reason they won those 2 Super Bowls. League MVP, Super Bowl MVP, rushing champion, one of the best postseason running backs ever.. I could go on and on.

  4. Must have at least one member of the Orange Crush on the mountain so Tom Jackson is a good choice. Football did exist before 1990 after all.

  5. John Elway is the biggest choke in Super Bowl history. He has no rings without Terrell Davis carrying him to 2 SB’s. leaving him off would have been a total joke.

  6. Its easy really…Elway, Sharpe, Atwater, T Davis.

    They won 2 super bowls

    end of conversation

  7. Even a Bucs fan like myself knows Tom Jackson over Terrell Davis is a complete joke. I had Floyd Little over Sharpe though, I know he put up big numbers in Denver but when I think of Sharpe nowadays I see him a Ravens uniform hoisting the Lombardi trophy.

  8. Lets make this simple…NO RINGS NO RUSHMORE… Wait… Then why does buffalo and Minnesota even have one…lol

  9. Good thing ‘ol Mushmouth Sharpe wasn’t judged on his ability to speak clearly in front of a camera.

  10. I don’t think Okoye was intimidated. He cleaned Atwater’s clock many times. Atwater only got one good hit.

  11. This is all a moot argument until we see if Peyton can 3peat with the Broncos on his way out. That would easily mean he deserves to be on a mountain and one that is in the Rockies.

    Maybe Irsay should trade a draft pick for Elway and try to steal a spot back in the distant long-term game. Irsay’s kids would have an opportunity set up to snag a revenge win for him from beyond the grave. Well everybody should have a legacy plan in place; just trying to craft one that might be a good fit here.

  12. Sharpe and Davis. I admit I’m biased- I was too young to enjoy Jackson and Gradishar in their prime- but I know what Sharpe and Davis brought this team along with Elway (and the greatly-underrated Ed McCaffrey), and that unreal offensive line.

  13. Floyd was good in his day, but Davis was the best offensive player in the league for 3 straight seasons. How many players can say that?

  14. Tom Jackson? I guess you guys forgot about Karl Mecklenburg. A little reminder, he had 3 more pro-bowls and 2 more 1st team all pro teams than Jackson had. He also has a legit shot at the HOF, the only way Jackson is getting in is by paying admission.

  15. Shannon Sharper had all his cousins in Atlanta get online and vote for him in an internet cafe…

    No one is more insecure, with endless self-promotion than Mr. Horse…

    The all time low in NFL studio discussion will be when Chris Berman moderates Mr. Horse, The Human DeBacle and his Dallas sidekick, MikeBHigh Boy and their spiritual advisor Neon DreamOn with onsight reporting of Keyshaun Johnson in HighSpeed Pursuit of Beiber who just stole his stash…

    The only MT Rushmore Mr. Horse belongs on is the NFL’s Overrated…

  16. Davis – 4 seasons puts you on the Mountain? Not much to pick from evidently.

  17. As a die hard Denver Bronco’s fan I have to say this, both those Mt Rushmore’s suck. Elway is an obvious one, but Little and Gradishar are the next two. That fourth spot is the hard one for me.

    Do we go with Davis, greatest running back in team history, Sharpe best tight end in NFL history, Rod Smith best undrafted player in NFL history, Shanny best coach in team history?

    I ultimately have to go with the hof best TE in history, Shannon Sharpe as my last choice, but it’s like picking children.

    Unrelated, despite him not being on my mountain, Rod Smith is my favorite Bronco and football player of all time.

  18. Pft is right. You whiny, know-nothing, fantasy lovers are wrong. News flash! There’s more to teams than the last 15 years. Try reading a book…remember those??? Pages of paper bound together.

  19. osiris33 says:
    Jun 21, 2013 8:30 PM
    John Elway is the biggest choke in Super Bowl history. He has no rings without Terrell Davis carrying him to 2 SB’s. leaving him off would have been a total joke.

    ===================================Trust me young one (you must be young if you dont remember Elway carrying the Broncos to 3 of the 5 Super Bowls he was a part of)…. Its true a lot of credit goes to Davis though… but make no mistake, Elway was absolutely one of the best QB’s to ever play the game. He could make positive yds when there were none to be had! Dont let numbers fool ya, he was certainly the best QB out of the 83 draft.

  20. The only argument to put Shannon Sharpe up there is that his face actually looks like a real bronco’s horseface. But it is, nonetheless, a valid argument.

  21. Tom Jackson was a fine linebacker, but no where near the one of the top four Broncos of all time. Heck, I’d even place fellow LB Randy Gradishar ahead of him.

    Hate to say it, but without his work on ESPN, I don’t think he’d be getting so much attention.

    Floyd Little and Haven Moses would deserve consideration ahead of TJ, along with Terrell Davis and Shannon Sharpe.

  22. Elway is the biggest joke in Superbowl history, How do you say that with a straight face? If Denver doesn’t have Elway as their
    Quarterback Denver never gets to any of those superbowls. Denver needed Davis to win the Superbowl but they don’t even get there without Elway. Denver made it to the Superbowl without Davis but with Elway. They didn’t win it until Davis came. You might not like Elway for whatever reason but Denver would never even had a chance to get to the Superbowl without him.

  23. Tom Jackson? Laughable.

    Give me Floyd Little any day and Gradishar too. Heck, Rod Smith was world class.

    And this perspective was from rooting against them all.

  24. Just a thought, but, you might want to include your HOFers (Sharpe) and your 2K Rushing champ/Super Bowl MVP (Davis) on your Mt. Rushmore.

  25. @pandapeep

    “Sharpe, best tight end in NFL history”

    Whoa there big fellow. Look down there at the floorboard and apply your foot firmly on the horizontal pedal that is directly adjacent to the vertical pedal. Sharpe was a heck of a receiver, but “best… in NFL history”? Not even Reed Richards can make that stretch.

  26. I’ m not a bronco fan but I remember those teams that Davis was on and he belongs on the broncos Mt. Rushmore I know some bronco fans feel he belongs in the H.O.F. I don’t agree with that but with no doubt he belongs on that mountian

  27. No Manning? If he coulda won a playoff game, he’d be on this list. Guess it’s Moore’s fault.

  28. I had to go with Randy Gradishar, how do ignore what that did, somehow even the hall of fame has. Maybe if he jumped up and pounded his chest like an ape when he made tackles people would realize how great he was, so much for putting your intensity into the way you play….

  29. yea, Tom Jackson is a little off… Drew Litton did a fan voter choice Mt Crushmore a couple years ago, it was Elway, Sharpe, Davis, Gradishar… thats probably as close as you can get it, Floyd Little and Gradishar could be swapped…

  30. Although they’re not as heralded, I was a big fan of Sammy Winder and the 3 Amigos (Ricky Nattiel, Mark Jackson and The Vance, Vance Johnson)…but my more realistic 4 would be John Elway, Terrell Davis, Karl Mecklenburg and Gary Zimmerman.

  31. Well, if the mountain is only big enough to accommodate 4 faces then it should be:

    John Elway

    Steve Atwater

    Terrell Davis

    Shannon Sharpe

    (although I would give Shannon a goofy look on his face for going to the Ravens for a few seasons)

    And I would find a mountain big enough to put Rod Smith and Ed Mccaffrey on it also.

  32. Atwater is the wildcard for me. Floyd Little saved the franchise. Elway is a no-brainer. It’s a toss-up between Gradishar and Jackson. Gradishar was the face, and Tom Jackson was the mouth of the Orange Crush.

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