Bruce Arians “worried” about rookie Ryan Swope’s concussions


Cardinals rookie receiver Ryan Swope has been held out of offseason work because he is still dealing with the effects of concussions he suffered in college, and coach Bruce Arians is concerned about that.

“Only guy I am worried about is Swope with his head,” Arians said when asked about his rookie class in a conversation with Ian Rapoport of, via the Cardinals’ website.

Arians said he was “very, very, very surprised” that Swope wasn’t cleared to participate in minicamp and Organized Team Activities, and he isn’t aware of anything Swope can do, other than hope his concussion symptoms go away with time.

“I’m not sure what he can do, I’m not sure what the doctors are going to do at this point,” Arians said. “I hope . . . because the kid is a great talent, and it would be a shame. But having Austin Collie last year going through this same thing, it’s scary.”

Swope, who had a good career at Texas A&M and a great workout at the Scouting Combine, fell to the sixth round of the NFL draft because he had four concussions in college.

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  1. Swope is an extremely talented player. I was hoping the Chargers would draft him.

    Since people are learning more and more about concussions, I am not surprised he dropped that far. Still, I hope things work out for him.

  2. And yet we have the Titus Young’s and Nick Fairley’s who have all the talent in the world and dont want to use it, and this guy is trying his best and just can’t catch a break

  3. I’m very, very, very surprised that a professional football team would take a flier (6th round) on a kid who suffered FOUR concussions in college and shows up for the combine with lingering symptoms.

    Have mercy. Send him for a brain scan, this sounds serious.

  4. It was a no-brainer (pun) that he reunite with Ryan Tannehill in Miami.
    But, this is the reason why IMO> Their staff knew him better than anyone else did. Luck to you Swope.

  5. Most teams paid attention to the Jahvid Best saga and passed on an undeniable talent like Swope. Most.

    I wish the young man well, but in this post-litigious NFL, where everyone is suing everyone else, the commissioner may never let his kid see the field.

  6. @prosportsWA, I agree with your overall point, but have to disagree with using Titus as an example. He obviously has mental issues that go beyond selfishness and laziness.

  7. I don’t see this kid lasting in the NFL. After you get concussed once, following concussions occur easier and the symptoms last longer.
    At this point I’d be surprised if he every sees the field during a regular season game.

  8. To add some clarity, try to remember that Swope passed the medical exams and tests at the Combine as well as telling everyone that he is ready to play football

  9. truths4all says: Jun 22, 2013 11:06 AM
    “To add some clarity, try to remember that Swope passed the medical exams and tests at the Combine as well as telling everyone that he is ready to play football”
    Thanks for the clarification.

    In my earlier comment I stated he showed up at the combine with lingering symptoms but, that was a presumption on my part because, logically, why would he check out ok at the combine but show up in AZ with persistent symptoms?…that are pronounced enough to keep him on the bench?

    Did these symptoms recur spontaneously after arriving for OTAs? That didn’t make sense to me. Seems like Bruce and Co. burned a pick on damaged goods.

  10. This is why he wasn’t reunited with his former coach & QB down in Miami. He would have been a nice addition to the Dolphins roster.

    I hope the kid can fully recover. I wish him the best, & I hope he’s able to share his talent in the NFL.

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