Jaguars sign No. 2 overall pick Luke Joeckel


The second overall pick in the NFL draft has agreed to terms on his rookie contract.

The Jacksonville Jaguars announced on Saturday afternoon that Luke Joeckel, the offensive tackle from Texas A&M whom they drafted with the second pick in April, has signed. Joeckel is expected to start at right tackle as a rookie, and to eventually be a starting left tackle.

PFT has confirmed that the deal includes no offsets. Offset language is expected to be an issue with the third overall pick, Dion Jordan, as the Dolphins are expected to insist on offset language in Jordan’s contract.

Joeckel is the highest-drafted player to sign so far. Two other Top 10 picks, Ezekiel Ansah of the Lions and Tavon Austin of the Rams, have signed their rookie contracts.

25 responses to “Jaguars sign No. 2 overall pick Luke Joeckel

  1. Good. Now he will have the money to pay for the therapy he will need, to get over “falling” to the No. 2 overall pick.

  2. The teams need to insist on offset language. It is ridiculous that these players should expect to get paid by two teams simultaneously if they get cut. The Jags caved like the weak organization that it is. Not a Miami fan, but I’m behind them all the way on this issue.

  3. “God made left tackles (and quarterbacks)”, according to Bruce Arians. Now he (God, not Bruce) can retire to Florida and admire his masterpieces for the next 15 years.

  4. Stand your ground Miami!!! Stand your ground!!!

    A player being able to “double-dip” is a punk move.

  5. Inaccurate QB- check
    Drunk WR-check
    crying RB wanting new deal every year-check
    never reaching double digit wins-check
    most popular player a kicker-check

  6. “Inaccurate quarterback”.

    22 Gabbert – 58.3% last season
    23 Tannehill – 58.2
    24 Cassel – 58.1
    25 Vick – 58.1
    26 Newton – 57.7
    27 Weeden – 57.4
    28 Locker – 56.4
    29 Freeman – 54.8
    30 Sanchez – 54.3
    31 ANDREW LUCK – 54.1
    32 Henne – 53.9

  7. You know I really, really hope to see the Jags turn things around over the next couple years. I’d love to see Gus Bradley take them to the playoffs. Great coach and it would be cool to see them become a powerhouse in the AFC.

  8. Joeckel was only upset at falling to No. 2 because next to Jacksonville KC looks like the Baltimore Ravens. Enjoy those new video scoreboards, Jags, Maybe it’ll lure Mark Brunell out of retirement.

  9. This was the best player in the draft. I still think they ought to move Monroe to RT & put Luke on the blind side. Monroe is good, but not a superstar. Joekel is going to be excellent.

  10. Gabbert-58.3% and 95% of those were for 3 yards. They yield about what, 130 maybe 140 yards a game? With a loss…. Stats to be proud of!!! I know, hes the youngest QB out there, he just got his drivers license last week! I don’t care if our QB completes 5% of his throws so long as they’re touchdowns and we win.

  11. It will be so awesome when Gabbert is gone and we will not have to hear the excuses for that bust anymore.

    thegreatgabbert is touting Blaine’s one halfway decent stat – hey doofus did you see the # next to Blaine’s name you wrote? #22? his one decent stat is from dump passes and he still is in the bottom 3rd of NFL QB’s – AND THAT IS HIS BEST STAT!!! Last in yards per game, last in per attempt, less than 1 TD per game per start. Sad attempt at defending a QB.

  12. The Jags have a bright future I just moved here for school and am looking forward to watching them play. MJD needs to get his priorities straight but he’s a beast no denying that. Robinson looks like he’ll be fun to watch he can do a lot of things.

    Shorts, Ace Sanders, Backmon when he gets back, Lewis this offense has promise and next year they’ll be able to get a nice QB from a deep QB class. The defense looks like its improving and with Bradley coaching it up it could improve a lot look what he did in Seattle.

    The O-line looks solid with Luke anchoring it for the future. The Jags could definitely be something in a couple years. A lot if young talent.

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