NFL will present Deacon Jones Award to sacks leader

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The man who created the sack will be remembered with an award in his name to the NFL’s sack leader.

Deacon Jones, the Hall of Fame defensive end who’s credited with coining the term “sack” to mean tackling a passer behind the line of scrimmage, will be honored by the league by the creation of the Deacon Jones Award, which will go to the player who leads the league in sacks each year.

Although Jones played before sacks were an official statistic, historians say he would own or be near the records for most sacks in a season and most sacks in a career. Jones was not only one of the best pass rushers in the history of the sport but also the man who started referring to tackling the quarterback as “sacking” him, saying that he liked using the term that’s often used to describe the pillaging of a conquered city.

Jones, who played 17 seasons and was a member of the NFL’s All-Time Team, died on June 3 at the age of 74.

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  1. Awesome! If I had anything negative to say it would be that they should have done it a long time ago. Great player, Great man! God rest your soul Deacon Jones!

  2. In the Old Testament, the English word “sackcloth” is used to translate the Hebrew word (pronounced) sawk, which is curiously (but not coincidentally) similar to the English word sack. The Hebrew word means mesh; burlap is a prime example of such a coarsely-woven material. In the New Testament, sackcloth is used to translate the Greek word (pronounced) sak-kos, which is derived from the Old Testament Hebrew word sawk.

    ~ Tim Tebow

  3. Hope the award looks like Deacon in his playing days. What an awesome idea. The M.V.P award should be called the Jim Brown award. How bout the Joe Montana for best Quarterback.

  4. Like stated already this is the first piece of good news ive heard from nfl offices since Goodell was named Commish. Wow, someone there actually has a human brain that enjoys the sport of football. There might be hope.

  5. Not only was he one of the best pass rushers of all time but he also coined the term,can’t think of a better man to have it named after,classy move NFL

  6. When I saw this I thought “Great, finally something we can all agree on”, and then I read the comments… Certain people’s pettiness and blind obsession for their own team will never cease to amaze me…

  7. well since Greg Hardy is getting 50 sacks this year, ya might as well go ahead and give it to him. Might even have to to rename this award.

  8. Thank you! I was waiting for someone to ask this question. Just like these posthumous HOF inductions…why? Honor these men while they’re alive to enjoy it.

  9. Can’t wait for the 1st trophy to be presented to Elvis Dumervil and T Sizzle as co winners.

    These guys are goinng to wreak havoc on opposing QB’s.

    Can’t wait !!!

  10. Such a breath of fresh air to have a feel good Viking story…instead of all the crap coming from Foxboro all the time.

    He played for the rams but nice try go learn your history before you comment. I agree with the couple of commenters that said they shoulda done this while he was still alive. Its a great honor that he won’t get to enjoy but either way he deserved it.

  11. Why is it we have to wait for a person to die to name an award after them? It’s stupid not to acknowledge a person’s achievement to their face while they are breathing.

  12. I am sure it would open up a can of worms but I personally would like to see the NFL give him his do by adding up his sack totals . Its to bad he had to pass away for him to be given this award. Better late then never.

  13. “And now, presenting the winner of 2013 Deacon Jones award…Clay Matthews III !!!”

    That does roll out quite nicely.

  14. Jones was a great player, and had likely the two greatest seasons ever to be played by a pass rusher.. but this reward should not be named after him. The utter lack of respect he showed to current great pass rushers always turned me off of this guy, and the way he got sacks, by slapping people in the head, should not be admired or emulated.. all said and done deacon Jones was a badass from another age, when defensive players could get away with stuff they can’t get away with now. He deserves to be honored, but this reward should be named after a guy who had more sacks than deacon, was a better role model and person, and who actually showed respect to the current generation of greats.. it should be the Reggie White award.

  15. Jones played by the rules. Offensive lineman can dive at your knees, you can slap them in the head. If there was no head slap allowed he still would have been great. Don’t disrespect the man because he played by the rules that were in place when he played.

  16. Once again he NFL gets it WRONG! After he dies they name an award after him? Why not 20-30 years ago? I guess when you kill someone you get the Ray Lewis or Aaron Hernandez award!

  17. I think it’s a cool idea and why not. But the NFL needs to drop the NFL Honors idea. Nice try but it’s a dog and pony show. It’s never going to be appointment television. And yet it’s promoted like it is. Just announce the award winners during the Super Bowl pregame or something.

  18. “It’s a passing league” we hear over and over. Good they’re recognizing Defense…and doing it in the name of the best.

  19. Anyone who actually saw Deacon Jones play can appreciate the fact that the NFL is naming this award for him. He and Merlin Olson really put the “fearsome” into the Fearsome Foursome. It really is too bad that they didn’t keep statistics for QB sacks in those days because he would still hold all of the records.

    To those who complain that he used the “head slap”: he played by the rules of the game as they were–as did the offensive players who took out many a defensive lineman’s knees with cut blocks and chop blocks in an era when a serious knee injury often was a career ender. The rules weren’t as protective as they are today and the game was a lot more vicious. Deacon Jones played within the rules as they were and was incredibly dominant as a player.

    As for anyone who objects to his political stances: if you never lived as a black person in the Jim Crow South and witnessed the violence that was visited on those who were trying to register to vote and be treated with simple human dignity, you’re in no position to judge those views. Deacon Jones lived in the Jim Crow South and was subjected to that hatred. If that made him angry and he objected to it, that was his right. You may not like that, but I suspect that you would have liked being a black man in the Jim Crow South a whole lot more. Besides which, this award is being named after Deacon Jones for what he did on the field, not his politics or political views off-the-field.

  20. Why is it they always wait until someone dies to name a award after them …Just don’t get it. You think they would do it while they are alive so they can get some satisfaction out of it…SMH

  21. I watched Deacon play with the Rams and I have also watched the first recipient of the Deacon Jones award,Clay Matthews play for the Packers.this award is not just given to anybody with a big name (like an MLB all star team selection)the player has to go out and earn it and Clay will do that.

  22. Excellent move by the NFL to honor one of the greatest players of all time. I loved watching Deacon Jones play and he was one of the main reasons I was a Rams fan back in the 60’s and 70’s.

  23. Growing up in the 70s, I wished my name was Deacon because of Deacon Jones. I wanted my friends to call me Deacon, but alas they just called me Steve.

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