Police search Providence strip club as part of Odin Lloyd murder investigation


The inquiry into the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd has taken an unexpected turn.

According to the Boston Herald, police searched a Providence, Rhode Island strip club on Friday with one of three new warrants that had been obtained.  Gerry DiSanto, owner of Club Desire, said he didn’t know what police were looking for.

“I’m not there every day,” DiSanto said.

The owner of another Providence strip club said Hernandez was a regular.

“A bunch would come in and Hernandez was a regular for a while,” Richard Shappy, owner of the Cadillac Lounge, told the Herald.  “I know [Tom] Brady never comes . . . but five, six of them would come in.”

It’s unknown which properties the other two search warrants target.

42 responses to “Police search Providence strip club as part of Odin Lloyd murder investigation

  1. If I owned a strip club, I’d be there everyday. You know, just making sure things are going okay. “Sorry honey, I have to go to work again. I know, it’s terrible being a small business owner, but someone has to do it.”

  2. He has an infant and spends his free time with his boys going around the East coast strip club tours. That defines his character.

  3. Overkill if you ask me. No pun intended.

    I don’t really see much that is newsworthy in most of these stories. At least not to me. This is the first related story I’ve even taken the time to comment in.

    I’d rather see more Rushmore stuff!

  4. I’m all for “innocent until proven guilty.” And we shouldn’t be the ones to judge, but that dude has “guilty” written all over his face.

  5. I never understood the whole strip club thing..Who in their right mind thinks that throwing away thousands of dollars to halfway decent looking girls that are only pretending to like you is a good time? It always amazes me. I am sorry but if you are even an average looking guy that makes millions a year you are just a plain loser if you have to go to a strip club to seek attention and affection.

  6. When Mrs Kraft was alive, these types didn’t make it onto the Pats roster.

    Every team needs someone at the top with morals that are above the dollar.

  7. The search warrant for the club might be for video evidence of others who associated with AH and his posse that night. I am surprised that it’s only today, days after the murder, they’re getting around to looking into the club.

  8. It’s time for the commissioner to outlaw strip clubs for all NFL players.

    I suggest Roger negotiate a deal with one of the Russian Bride services to hook up single players with hot Soviet babes.

    This way the ladies get a path to U.S. citizenship and the players get a woman for a whole lot less than they’d spend in the sleazy bars.

    And, who knows, love might even blossom… at least the guys would have a better chance of being loved than they’re going to have from the gals in strip bars, many of whom prefer women, anyway, according to a documentary I saw about strippers.

  9. bchapman2011 – I’m totally with you. I went to a strip club about 10 years ago in Reno as a part of the guy thing during my brother’s bachelor party. It wasn’t my bro’s idea, it was his new bro in law’s thing and he was treating. I didn’t last 30 mins. Mostly older guys ogling young hard bodies, slipping bills inside the g-string, dudes buying lap dances for each other. It was a total turn off. I left and walked 3 miles back to the hotel in the middle of winter.

  10. vikesfansteve says: Jun 22, 2013 10:38 AM

    He has an infant and spends his free time with his boys going around the East coast strip club tours. That defines his character.
    I’m a Pats fan and I agree. Just ridiculous.

    I’m glad to see there are men out there who don’t “get” strip clubs either. As a woman, I “get” porn, I “get” hookers, but strip clubs? Seems like the negatives of porn (no real interaction, supposedly) and hookers (paying for naked chicks) without any of the benefits (porn, privacy of surroundings, hookers, actually getting some, then being able to leave). Weird dynamic.

    Gronk=Yo Soy Fiesta
    AHern=Yo Soy Arresta ( I stole this, but it’s funny)

    Worst offseason ever as a Pats fan.

  11. brianincbus says:

    “If I owned a strip club, I’d be there everyday.”


    Oh what fun that would be. Daily stripper cat-fights, stealing crap from each other, ripping off the club. Coming in too drunk and stoned to work. Dealing with their loser boyfriends, loaning them money out of your wallet, paying for their kids’ daycare and babysitting bills (since neither “parent” is responsible enough to take care of the kids).

    Protecting the strippers from obsessed customers and x-boyfriends.

    Oh yeah – what fun! I’ll bet you would be going to work early every day!

  12. The police dept looks like a bunch if clowns!
    Come on now at least arrest Aaron on obstruction. An innocent man does not destroy cell phones and his own security system. Every day Aaron is free he covers more of his tracks. This case is insulting to the public. Arrest him now! You guys are jokes!

  13. Not to sound like I’m supporting Hernandez – because I’m NOT – but common sense tells us that whatever the police know about this, they’ve known since Tuesday …. and still Hernandez has not been arrested.

    What this tells me is that they haven’t got enough on him.

    Either they need to find a murder weapon, or one of the three – Hernandez or the other two “friends” – needs to roll on the others.

    That clearly hasn’t happened yet, and at this point it’s not likely going to.

    Hernandez may look guilty as hell for destroying his security system and cleaning the house, but right now it’s looking like the smartest move he could have made. The police don’t have a thing to hang this case on.

    Doesn’t make Hernandez innocent, just makes it harder to prove he’s guilty.

    Whatever was on his cellphone is likely still on record with his carrier, so that doesn’t seem to matter to the police, and apparently the cleaning crew didn’t find anything disturbing or their questioning would have led to an arrest.

    So as guilty as Hernandez looks, as long as the three of them sit tight and don’t talk, and the no further evidence surfaces, the police can put all the pressure they want on them, but no one is getting arrested for this murder.

    Doesn’t make him “Citizen of the Year”, but it does keep him out of jail, and prevents Gooddell from suspending him.

    Can’t suspend a guy simply because he was the last person to see a dead guy alive.

  14. Do they even know who the other two men are?

    The destroying of evidence is not obstruction but is aiding and abetting a crime

  15. A talented idiot athlete, a lot of money and his boys, mix it with a strip club.
    A very dangerous concoction. If you don’t agree, look up Vince Young and Adam Pacman Jones.
    When will these idiots realize there isn’t anyone or thing worth finding in these establishments.

  16. Never really understood the whole strip club fascination. In GB throwing back a few, dancing around pants-less and swapping sister stories is plenty good enough for me! And tokyosandblaster!

  17. Everybody seems to be missing the significance of this. This may mean the crime involved crossing state lines. Which means it can trigger a federal investigation, which could lead to federal charges, which could include *the death penalty*.

  18. Why does everyone keep saying AH destroyed his cell phone and survailance system? We don’t know that it could have been one of the other guys he was with. AH could be completely innocent. Why would a multi millionaire kill someone anyway? Usually it’s over money or women and dude doesn’t have an issue with either. Also so what he has cars rented out? He probably rents them out to family and friends, it doesn’t mean he rented one out to kill this guy. More facts need to come out until I think AH is guilty of anything except being around the wrong people at the wrong time.

  19. Why am I not surprised a strip club would factor into this story? Two important realities every elite athlete should recognize: nothing good ever happens after 2 AM and nothing good ever happens at a strip club.

  20. myosin10, its nice to see a voice of reason in these comment sections. Very well written with lots of great points.

    I wonder when our morals shifted from its better to let 100 guilty walk then to put an innocent person in jail to HANG THEM ALL, THEY”RE ALL GUILTY, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD.

    This is America folks. If you don’t like due process or the fifth amendment there is a giant country in asia that will set you up with a job making iphones.

  21. I am just guessing but my gut tells me it’s a drug deal gone bad and Hernandez was involved but not the shooter. Either way he is toast for this year anyway and possibly his career is over.

  22. The only take away for me…

    Any other team in the NFL, this guy would have been a marked man. Any slight infraction would have resulted in a penalty. Like Suggs, even though Suggs has done nothing compared to this, he does something – penalty.

    However, Hernandez..Oh they are just Patriots. They do there talking on the field. They should never be penalized to decide the outcome of a game.

    As a Ravens Fan, who sees the other side of the coin, I am sick of the Patriots.

  23. They’re sweating him by continuing to gather evidence and pressure him and his attorney to talk. They’re no rush. Either way, he’s done in the NFL and is probably looking at 5-15.

  24. The Link between Porn..Prostitution..And strip clubs is all the same..As men we all know LOTS of strippers get paid for SEX..either at the job or after work..and 90% of Porn Stars started off as strippers..and still do Dance at High End Clubs and Events…But serving a warrant at that place is beyond me.

  25. No way!? A professional athlete at a strip club!? I’ll get noose ready! On a serious note, Im pretty sure the last person I want to go to the strip club with is my girlfriend’s roided out tattooed brother who wigged out on poor little wes AND just shot his friend in the face. Just saying..

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