Sam Bradford sees a “sense of speed” in Rams offense


Last year, Rams quarterback Sam Bradford didn’t have much in the way of weapons.  That’s something coach Jeff Fisher hasn’t been afraid to acknowledge.

And while Bradford never complained about the lack of a supporting case in 2012, he’s praising the tools he’ll have in 2013.

I’ve been waiting for this, just wanting to see this offense succeed and maybe do some things we haven’t been able to in the past,” Bradford told Nate Davis of USA Today.

“Defenses are going to have to choose who they pay attention to,” Bradford added.  “There’s just a sense of speed now, where in the past we might have had speed at one position but no true burners.”

The most significant arrivals are free-agent tight end Jared Cook and receiver Tavon Austin, a first-round pick for whom the Rams traded up to No. 8.  Holdovers Austin Pettis, Chris Givens, and Brian Quick are complemented by third-round rookie Stedman Bailey.  Throw in left tackle Jake Long, and Bradford should have more time to throw.

“We know what we’re capable of and what we did in our division last year,” Bradford said.  “If we play at our true potential, we’re not worried about those other teams getting the attention now.”

If they don’t play to their true potential, it will be much harder to blame Bradford’s supporting cast again.  At some point, the fingers will point at Bradford, who at some point will put the Rams in position to choose between paying him big money or moving on.

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  1. Bradford seems like such a likable guy, and I would like to see him succeed – but it’s going to be awfully difficult in that division for the next few years.

  2. So they get rid of their best offensive player in Steven Jackson. Their O-line is still terrible and draft DeSean 2.0 and they think they are great all of a sudden? They should have been 5-11 if it wasn’t for the 49ers handing them a tie and a win (terrible option and safety call).

  3. Rams are further behind the Hawks and Niners, last year they barely beat seattle at home on Rediculous Fgs and lost the other match up, they beat the niners but we’re overlooked which won’t happen this year.

    I love Bradford and the tavon pick, in maybe 2 seasons they along with that stout d line and great draft picks can be legitimate contenders. Sucks to be the top dog in the NFCW means your the NFCs best overall team(s).

    After developed they will be an thorn in anyone’s side, already are but just need an cpl more seasons to develop, I expect a solid 7-9 or 8-8. With some close games that could tip that over two either way.

    Do the damn thing rams, u and ur fans are on the way back to greatness. I as a Hawks fan know the true NFCW rivalry is with the Rams, as we all remember the battles of the 2000’s.

  4. Attention… attention….

    Calling all fantasy football players…

    Sam Bradford is now draftable. Let your drafts commence.

    The Commish

  5. True rivalry…the 49ers been going at it with the Rams their whole careers. They are both tied at 62-62 a piece. The better the rams and cards gets, the better the whole NFC West will get.

  6. LA in 2015. Can’t wait to get that team out of a joke football city full of non sellouts

  7. well as a ram fan ive tasted the bitter and the sweet since I started watching in 1963, believe it or not Bradford is younger than colin k at 25 and after Russell Wilson stayed 4 yrs in college he must be about 25 too. 3 stud qbs in the same division all 4 teams in nfcw are good on d cards may struggle if they cant score but the other 3 can win 10-6 if they have to or 35-28 if the rams join the party it should really be fun!! GO RAMS!!

  8. Bradford will be considered a top 7 QB in three years . Manning , Brady will be at the end of their careers and RG III will probably be limping around looking like Kirk Gibson rounding the bases with the Dodgers .

  9. pay him the big money? I am pretty sure what he is making now can’t be considered small change. as for blaming him for the rams failures before this year it;s kind of hard to show anything when you are on your back from being sacked do much or have no one to throw to.

  10. Didnt Sam Bradford win rookie of the year? He just needed to stay healthy with a solid o line and he will be a great franchise quarter back. Now he had weapons to through too and playing with the same oc for his 2nd year, he should be fine. NFC West use to be a joke when the Seahawks was winning the division. Now this division is strong and the 49ers are back to back NFC West champs. I can see the rams battling the Seahawks for 2nd and next year all 3 teams can battle for first.

  11. People say “no more excuses” but Bradford had plenty of valid reasons why his performance wasn’t stellar — in 2011 the Rams had the worst offensive line I’ve ever seen in the league (at least until the 2012 Cards), along with no #1 receivers (even labeling any of them as #2 is a stretch). The only playmaker back then was SJax, whom, by the way, people under-appreciate, because he had to fight for his yards against 8 men in the box. 2012 was better because Amendola is definitely a gamer, and the other receivers played better. Not coincidentally, Bradford’s numbers were up across-the-board. Now comes 2013, with plenty of playmakers. The Rams will do just fine, thank you. Looking forward to it.

  12. Bradford is going to start, like starting from scratch. He’s had time to verify his own abilities vs. the NFL. Now he knows his playbook better because he’s familiar with it in his second year with it. Now the new talent will be playing catch up. Fortunately, those being Bailey, Austin, Cook and Stacy will hurry to catch up with him. This will take at least till the nearly end of the season to get there. But, because of the talented new talent. They will certainly show many breakthroughs each of them. But the next year/s will certainly show significant improvement on their respective continuity. Bradford does have, from appearances so far. That he and Pettis have grown more together and Quick, Givens, Kendricks eventually will be much better together this year. This whole offense should be showing significant strides this year. They may or may not be ready for the playoffs this year. But, within the next 2,3 or 4 years. This offense will certainly become dangerously good. They may still be a couple of linemen away. Because of the injury history of this group. There could be some significant changes still to be done there, within the next year or two.
    But because of Bradford’s growth, this team will begin to see themselves asserting more of themselves. I certainly like Jeff’s approach to the committee in the running game. I hope he uses the same approach with that group too. There is too much talent to just start labeling players 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. They should all be given the opportunities to shine. Because at some point they all will given just the opportunities. The running game, will just make the passing game so much better. I really hope they keep the five backs together. They each are almost equally dynamic in they’re own right too.

  13. The Rams are running a modified West Coast Offense. Off. Coor. Schottenheimer used a RBBC when he ran this system with the Jets, and he will throw screen passes all day if he has to. RB Steven Jackson will not be missed that much – expect more passes to RBs in space and less ground-and-pound. People forget that Schotty had the #13 ranked offense 2 years in a row with the Jets, and that was with a below-average QB (Sanchez) and not that many weapons. The Rams will figure out how to immediately involve WR Tavon Austin and hybrid TE Jared Cook, who will make an immediate impact. Expect 2nd year WR Brian Quick to start producing in the red zone with his athletic skills and 6’4″ size. Draft picks RB Stacy and WR Bailey will also chip in, and the Rams speak highly of WR Austin Pettis’ ability to catch anything thrown to him (which he pretty much did last year). The defense will be even better in the 2nd year of Fisher’s defensive system – the fact that the offense will likely average an extra TD a game (or more) will help the ‘D’ quite a bit.

    The NFC West has become what the NFC East used to be. Expect the top 2-3 teams in the division to make the playoffs in 2013. The Rams have a legit shot at the playoffs this season, but it will be a dogfight with Seattle and San Fran for years to come.

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