Tomlinson says Sanchez doesn’t trust himself on the field


One former teammate of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez says confidence is a major problem.

LaDainian Tomlinson, who played with Sanchez for two years in New York, says that Sanchez’s biggest issue is that he hesitates to make throws because he doesn’t believe in himself.

“Mark has to start to trust himself. Mark does a great job in the film room but when he comes out on the field, he doesn’t trust what he sees out there in terms of coverages and the timing with his receivers,” Tomlinson said, via the New York Post. “If he starts to trust himself and not hesitate in throwing the football, then he possibly could turn his career around. I think it’ll be tough at this point because rarely does a zebra change his stripes.”

Tomlinson said he doubts rookie quarterback Geno Smith will be ready to start in Week One, but that Sanchez will have a short leash if things go badly.

“Early on, we probably will see Sanchez take the snaps at the starting spot,” Tomlinson said. “But here’s the thing: in preseason, if Mark Sanchez doesn’t show the ability to improve from turning the football over and that race is close between the two, Geno Smith will be the starter.”

If Sanchez needs to build confidence, a former teammate speculating that he’ll lose his job probably won’t help.

23 responses to “Tomlinson says Sanchez doesn’t trust himself on the field

  1. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by LT’s insight… he’s been really good in his 2nd career in my opinion

  2. LT is the new Tiki…
    Throwing his former teammates ( both SD and NYJ) under the bus…
    There are 30 other teams out there that are glad LT only has two calves…and there was no more room for another team logo tatoo.

  3. Its constructive citicizim. He didnt say sanchez sux he was just saying if he trust his abilities then he could save a once promising career.

  4. How a man can change once he’s a part of the media. Instead of
    throwing Rivers and Sanchez under the bus why don’t you reevaluate yourself LT. I’m not taking anything away from his great career in the NFL but this guy just blows smoke now.

  5. this hack is D Mac 2.0, former player can’t be out of the spotlight so he bags on other players to stay in it. chump. and to think he was my favorite player to watch in his prime.

  6. And just to think, as a dolphins fan, seeing them make the afc championship game I truley thought they would eventually take the next step…….

  7. Or maybe he’s trying to give him the kick in the pants that he needs. Remember how Tiki did the same thing for Eli, albeit unintentionally.

  8. I trust LT a heck of a lot more than I trust the cowardly “unnamed Jets player” who has been whispering their criticism anonymously over the past couple of years..

  9. Saying that Sanchez doesn’t trust himself on the field isn’t really fair.

    Sanchez wears a Jets jersey and no one in a Jets jersey trusts Sanchez on the field.

  10. Sanchez has been “diagnosed” with all kinds of reasons as to why he sucks. Doesn’t matter which one is true. Bottom line is he sucks.

  11. ” Tomlinson says Sanchez doesn’t trust himself on the field “Well, he has a lot in common with every Jet fan, as they not only don’t trust him, but they don’t even want him on the team.

  12. LT is right. What’s with all these haters, he is giving some constructive criticism. Sanchez knows this is his last life line, if he doesn’t get it together his NFL career (at least as a starter) is over!!

  13. LT should know , his postseason efforts with the Chargers says it all. Oh wait, he sat on the sidelines with a hood over his head while his QB played on a torn ACL. NFL network is simply looking for someone and their on air talent is weak. What folks tend to forget is that Sanchez only played one season at USC and his skills are limited at best , JETS simply over reached and are paying the price for poor scouting.

  14. God is fed up with the Jets. He gave them a chance to be in His good graces by providing them Tebow when they had no decent QB. We saw how the Jets bungled that. So this time He sends Tebow to the Pats, but improves Tebow’s chances by scuttling their 2 starting TEs. Belichick isn’t know for listening to God, but maybe this time he will.

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